The Power of Silence

The Power of Silence

This post was most recently updated on May 14th, 2020

Have you seen the drop falling from the tap?

Howsoever slow it is, it holds the power to fill the bucket. If you practice silence in your everyday life, each day you can fill yourself with the silence. This silence is very useful to experience peace in your life.

The power of silence is experience in the midst of chaos. The calm mind is the most powerful thing. You can create anything that you desire out of the calm mind. The calm mind is the most powerful tool that you can have. The power of silence can slowly shift your world. It’s your peace that creates peace in your environment.

Usually, we look for the peace in the world, but when we fill ourselves with the peace, we hold the power to create peace around us.

Peace is not something that is only available outside, but you also hold the power to create peace within you. To experience peace, it’s necessary you experience detachment from inside.

More you hold onto things, more you let go your inner peace. The peace is a state of mind. It doesn’t come for free. You have to practice it, to experience for yourself. You have to learn the art of letting it go.

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The power of silence is magical. It acts as vibrations. It changes the world around you. The peace in you grows out of meditation. It grows slowly in you. As your practice grows, you experience the growth of peace in you.

We usually remain lost in words, and thus forget to embrace silence. We are at the stage of life, where words mean more than silence. It requires real intelligence to realize that silence speaks louder than words. If you can’t express something in words, it can be far more expressed through silence.

Whenever you speak, there is silence in between words. You speak through silence. We are so caught up in words that we forget to read silence in between words.

Silence: The Power of Quiet in a World Full of Noise

This is the magic of silence. Words come out of silence. It requires little awareness to experience silence in the moment.

The mind is always in a hurry. It wants to jump from one moment to another. Even you will find space in between two moments. One moment comes after another, but there is a space. This space is a space of silence. You have to have an eye to experience space of silence.

Silence is not void; rather silence is full of energy, bliss and wisdom. You have to get into the silence to experience the bliss of life. With the deep silence in you, the perception of life is different. You experience the same life with different perception.

 When you only speak, you don’t experience silence. You miss the truth. The truth exists in the silence. Your words should come out of your inner silence. It’s the silence that fills the power in words.

The one, who knows to read the silence, reads the truth. The words are not that much important. The silence is important out of which those words emerge. The quality of words depends on the inner silence. If you are filled with deep silence, your expression of words will be different. If you are filled with chaos inside, your expressions will be different.

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You have to fill yourself with deep peace, to experience the deeper truth of life. The more you move deeper within, the more clarity you receive of the outside world. The stronger the tree, the more deep you find its roots.

Listening is an art. Listening is possible through silence. When the chattering goes on into your mind, it becomes impossible to listen to the other person. At the same time, when you listen attentively, you can also experience the silence between words.

The silence is powerful. The silence is blissful. The silence is the path to the ultimate freedom. The silence is the language of the soul. If you miss silence in your life, you miss the food for your soul. To fill yourself with inner power, it’s necessary you fill yourself with the silence.

Everyone likes to talk, but very few who choose to listen or adore silence. The silence holds all the answers of life. It’s the silence that creates path in the midst of chaos.

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