The Path of Surrender

path of surrender

The path of surrender. Whatever I do, & how so ever I try to secure myself, I am always insecure. The time, I surrender myself to the cosmic plan, peace flows through my heart, & something whistles through my ear, & confirms that everything will be alright.

Surrender is love. Surrender is acceptance. It’s an act of courage. Surrender is trust. Surrender is faith. Faith that, I am guided. Faith that I am loved. Its the faith that tells you that you are not alone. Surrender develops faith. Faith in the creator. Faith in the existence.

The existence is a mystery, and the mystery has its own way to unfold. We can only follow the cosmic plan, & only then we can have a real peace in our heart.

We are in the womb of existence. The existence is the mother. The mother always takes care of his child. He nourishes, cares for it, & when the time comes leaves it to grow & evolve by himself. Mother sometimes, allows his child to fall, but when the child gets bruised, she comes back to take care of his child.

The existence shows us the path. There are always signs available to lead us further on the path.

If we keep on walking, there will always be something to take us forward. We only get stuck, if we feel stuck in the middle of the path.

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Nobody stays in the same place forever. The existence knows how to serve the individual.

When we are grateful to the existence, we see more & frequent reasons to smile. It’s not that few people are happier than others, it’s just that they cherish simple pleasures more than others.

When I choose to be grateful for everything in life, I see possibilities in every situation, & more of the opportunities, fall on my path.

In the walks of life, we meet many people, who turn the situation of adversity into opportunity, & some even miss the simple chance of life. It depends upon the perception, we carry on towards life.

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Some people have the ability to find out the humor in the more adverse situations of life, & some people spoil the most beautiful evening of their life.

When we are aware in the moment, we look for more gifts & blessings in life. Blessings in whatever form that comes our way. Whatever comes to us, we are grateful. We feel that it’s from the lord. This helps us to develop a relationship with God.

The more beautiful relationship, healthier as a person, we will be.

To have faith & trust in God, one should learn to surrender on the path of unknown. God can only be available, where it cannot be found. If we all know the path or the place, then everybody would have found him.

To realize the soul, you have to travel the path of unknown. The path of unknown can be walked upon, either through surrender and acceptance or with the idea to explore.

Warrior of the Light

The true meaning of life is only revealed on the path of unknown. We can have all the adventure & excitement on the path of unknown. The real life is revealed on this path.

It doesn’t matter, where we belong to, or which field, we choose to work, but it’s all about the adventurous heart. The one, who likes excitement, & thrill, can bring excitement, out of any path.

The Passion is in our heart, & not outside. We bring passion to life. When we love, what we do, we cherish every moment of our life. When we know, how to bring that passion each day in our life, & what helps us to bring that passion, in us, then we create real life in the outside world, for the world to see.

The path of surrender doesn’t allow me to escape from the responsibilities of life. I fulfill all my responsibility, but with the state of surrender, on the path.

When I surrender, to my higher self, I create the space for him to flow through me. I don’t know, how to survive in this huge existence, so I surrender myself to the mother (existence), & asks him, each time to guide me on the path of life.

When we trust the existence, the existence, always takes care of us, & then we don’t need anybody to say, what we have to do with our lives, & how our future, going to be like.

The trust in existence comes from the heart. The person should know his heart. The heart knows the language of the soul. The soul is part of the existence. When we listen to the heart, we understand, when the existence, communicates with us.

“You come from the abyss, & you go back to the abyss. In this short period of time, ego wants to take credit for everything.”

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I only fall on the pit, when I walk out of Ego. It’s difficult to see things, as it is when the person is too much concern about himself.

We only see outside, what we want us to see, & if we only care about our self, our eyes get blind, & we only look for things that satisfy our desires.

To broaden our horizon in life, we should learn to look beyond our self. A small act for others matters. Our heart feels great when we share small things with others. When we do something good, for others, our heart dances with joy. This is all no coincidence of life. They hold a deep meaning in life.

When you know, the true cravings of your heart, it will be impossible to live the selfish life on this earth.

Then you will not need any sage, to tell you to share & live for the joy of others, but out of your heart, you will be compelled to live the life, that will bring more joy to the life of others.

Everyone start his life with the dreams & desire for himself, but sooner or later, he comes across the life, where he realizes that thinking about himself, there is no way to go, & there is no fulfillment of life. At this time, life takes you turn, & then, turning the wheel of dharma (Gautama Buddha) takes place in peoples Life.

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