The Path of Surrender to Life

The Path of Surrender to Life

Life has many paths and every person has the liberty to go by his or her own path. The path of surrender too is one of the paths of life.

If I say to you, that life simply happens, without your efforts, will you believe or you consider to be an absurd idea altogether?

Now, to get to the truth of it, you have to walk on the path of surrender. You have to absolutely surrender yourself to the ways of life, and then see how life happens on its own.

It doesn’t require your efforts rather all it requires is your presence at the moment. Your presence is enough to take your life forward.

The path of surrender doesn’t suggest you surrender yourself to the outside force, but it also suggests that you surrender yourself to the inside force.

Life has a force that works both on the outside as well as inside world. When you wake up, the life force that exists in you starts its proceedings. Slowly you notice the flow of thoughts, feelings, and sensation in the body, and soon your body gets warm up for the action.

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You can do a little experiment with yourself.

Try to get up one hour early than your usual time, and then simply be with yourself. Don’t do anything, but surrender yourself to everything that goes inside of you. When you wake up early, at-least you will not be in a hurry to reach somewhere else. Close your eyes and try to read all the movements that go within your body.

You will observe the force that will constantly pull you outward and force you to take some action. For that one hour, your role will remain to observe everything that goes inside your body, including the life force, your thoughts, feelings, and sensation.

If you don’t give up to the inner force, slowly you will notice that the life force starts moving in an opposite direction, i.e. inward.

One thing that can be a disruptor while observing your internal life is your daily habits and rituals.

We all are so accustomed to our daily habits and rituals that we forget that we all our conscious souls, and life has to be meant to happen our ways, and not according to some unconscious instructions given by our mind.

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If you don’t give up to your daily habits or rituals, you can observe the internal process of life, for the very long time, and you can understand the inner force, that makes you think, feel, sense and act in a certain way out of the repetitive cycle that has been formed inside.

Life is all about the moment. More and more you learn to observe life, more you will connect with the life of the moment. Life is not about some beliefs or ideas that you hold in your mind; rather life is all about the things shaping up at the moment. When you connect with the life of the moment, you put the entire mind thing behind, and directly participate in the life that is happening in this moment.

We all have this individual identity in our mind that directs our life. For every person, his individual identity is everything. It cannot trust any other understanding other than what he receives from the memories of his mind.

On the path of surrender, you have to trust life more than yourself. The life as a whole is huge and follows its own process. An individual intelligence is much smaller than the grand intelligence that is working to keep the whole life together. When you trust life as a whole more than your individual understanding, you become part of the whole.

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It’s only the individual identity that separates every person from the life that happens as a whole.

The path of surrender shows you what is essential. Usually, when you follow your daily routine, you will notice that you would like to try your hands on everything. This is not the way of life. If you spend your energy on everything, you will not have enough energy for the things that matter the most in your life.

The path of surrender wants you to indulge on the things that are essential. If you only work on the necessary things, not only you do more than required, but you also have more time to enjoy different aspects of life.

Your daily life is all about how do you gather the energy and how do you spend that energy. By working on essential, you remain careful with the energy you spend, at the same time, when you become cautious with your food habits, you also become aware of the life energy that you gather within your body.

Not all type of food produces life energy within the body. If you are in a habit of filling your stomach with everything, not only you starve with the life energy, but you will also spend the gathered energy within the body for digesting the unnecessary food.

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So, it’s better you make a conscious choice with your food habit, and stay careful with what you put into your body. What enters your body becomes the life energy for you to experience life.

If your choice with the food habit is right, knowingly or unknowingly you will make right choices with your experiences of life, and if your choice with the food habit is not right, then you face the consequences by going through unpleasant experiences of life.

Once in a while, it’s good to have an empty stomach to enhance our perception towards life.

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We are in a stage of life, where we give more values to things and less to life as a whole. These separate us from the actual life that is happening in the moment. The path of surrender is to accept and embrace life of the moment so that we can develop necessary understanding out of it.

When our mind is constantly occupied by the things of the world, we don’t leave any space in our mind to experience life of the moment. We have never known the joy of life that exists by living in the moment. Our happiness and joy remain limited to the toys and the things of the world.

We are unaware of the natural happiness that can be received, just by connecting with the life that is happening in the moment. The path of surrender is to take us beyond the happening of the material world and allow us to experience life which is far bigger and better than we can comprehend with our limited understanding of our mind.

No way I suggest that the material world is less important or doesn’t hold its importance, but all I want to say here is, there is some higher life exists that includes all of the physical manifestation and also gives you far more satisfaction and contentment with life without running around things.

All you need to do from your end is observe the very process of life and surrender yourself to the ways of life.

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