The Path of Spirit to the Soul


Once the realization happens of the spirit and soul in the body, all the effort lies of the spirit, in being one with the soul. This is the state, which is called the state of samadhi in the east. Samadhi is a state, where the spirit is free from all the experiences and impressions of life, and only experience the bliss with the soul.

To experience the bliss is to vibrate at a higher level. Unless the mind realizes the spirit and soul, in the body, or something which is beyond the mind, it is natural for the mind, to get caught up in the activities of the world, and form all the different dreams and desires to keep up with life.

The time it realizes, something bigger or higher than itself, all the attention and energy of the mind, gets involved in knowing the truth of it. The mind is all about an individual personality. Your personal identity is nothing but the mind. When you recognize something within you, that is more important than your personal identity, you are more interested to know it.

The experience of spirit and soul is the experience beyond mind, and once the realization happens, all the attention and energy gets diverted in knowing the spirit and soul.

The realization of spirit and soul happens together. The mind has a longing of the physical world, as the mind is directly connected with the sense organs of the body, that pulls him outward. The longing of the spirit is to free itself, from the mind and sense organ, and experience the bliss, by being one with the soul.

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The process with the brain, heart, and body is possible with the energy of the spirit and vibrations of the soul, and when you meet the higher energy and vibrations in the form of spirit and soul, life at the level of brain, heart, and body seems meager.

The part of the mind creates imagination, dreams, and desires. Later the same imagination turns into thoughts, feelings, and emotions and you go out in the world, for its physical manifestation. Even to manifest your imagination in the physical form, you need energy.

When you directly get in touch with the energy, you are less interested in the physical manifestation, but you use the energy to experience the bliss.

“To experience the bliss, is to experience the vibrational space into the body. The path of realization of the spirit and soul moves vertical and not horizontal. Mind likes to expand and explore outside, while the spirit likes to travel inside vertically, to become one with the source.”

God’s Message to the World: You’ve Got Me All Wrong

The path of spirit towards the soul is all about attention. The only purpose at the moment remains for the spirit, is to keep all the attention on the soul, and not allow anything in between as a hindrance.

The journey of the spirit towards the soul includes many upsides down, vertically. The soul resides at a higher vibration, while the spirit is made up of energy.

When the attention of the spirit lies on the soul, the energy of the spirit increases, and it moves towards the soul, but the time, the attention moves away from the soul, the mind comes in between, and the energy begins to slips away. The mind consumes more energy than physical action.

It takes a whole lifetime, for the spirit to become one with the soul. Any action with the mind, heart, and body consumes energy. To move towards the soul, the spirit needs a huge amount of energy to rise higher. The journey towards the soul is vertical. It’s like climbing the mountain.

The only problem is when the level of energy gets reduced or the attention slips away from the soul, the spirit again falls back and move back into the physical world. The journey towards the soul has to travel all over again.

“The personal and professional life is possible after the realization of soul, as the journey of soul, is an inner journey and even while going through the daily tasks of life, you can keep up, with your path of self realization.”

The Mustard Seed: The Revolutionary Teachings of Jesus

All the unwanted things that don’t serve you, on your path gets drop after the realization, and all the moments of life are utilized, in the presence of spirit and soul.

With the self-realization, you receive the third eye, that can look into the natural principles of life and can see the past, present, and future of any situation, things or people and your every action come out of highest wisdom, that makes your life smooth and easier, after self-realization. Only understanding is a key to all the problems of the world.

It’s not necessary that holding onto the things is a wisdom, but sometimes you have to let go, the things for which you don’t find any solution at the moment, and to let go, too comes out of wisdom.

The action that comes out of mind, always have a personal interest and the mind never considers longevity while making choice or taking decisions with life.

The path of spirit and soul is a path of wisdom and bliss, and you experience life every moment, savoring the beauty of life. It may take the hard effort to realize the spirit and soul, in the body, but once its is realized, you experience god and its light in everything. The life is complete, only after self-realization. You cannot live something to its fullest unless you know the rules of it.

Only after the self-realization, the natural principles of life is revealed to you, that means the game of life, is revealed to you, and unless you know the game of life, you cannot play the game of life, by giving everything to life.

Destiny, Freedom, and the Soul

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