The path of Mindfulness for the Responsive Life

The path of mindfulness for the responsive life

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Your whole life is full of reaction. All the situations, people, and events in your life are present to you and you have the limited choice to choose from. You always have the option to pick from, what’s available to you at the moment.

Although you want something else, but life has been designed in such a way, that you only have to pick that which is in-front of you.

The path of mindfulness is for breaking the chain of repetitive cycle of life. You don’t repeat the same process rather you break the repetitive cycle to allow yourself to experience something different.

The process of mindfulness serves you to realize the life beyond the surface level of the mind. When you look at yourself, all is visible to you is the body. If you close your eyes, you notice the movement of breath, sensation, feelings, emotions, thoughts, and imagination in your mind.

When you surpass the surface layer of the mind with the inner attention, you experience the emptiness of the mind. If you can hold yourself with this emptiness of your mind, you can activate the spirit (kundalini energy) in the body.

This spirit can help you to realize the source in the body, which is the abode of the spirit and the mind. The spirit and mind works together in the body.

The experience of the spirit and source is possible with the path of mindfulness. By practicing mindfulness with everyday life, also helps you to understand the intrinsic nature of your mind. It’s only with the realization of the source; you understand how the source, spirit, mind, and body functions from within. Your perception shifts towards life.

You view life with altogether a different perspective. Life appears magical to you with the realization of the source. Life only appears monotonous when you live and repeat the same circle of life in your mind.

You have to make an effort to know life beyond the mind. Only then the truth of life can be experienced.

A Life Beyond the Personal Self

All your sensation and movement of breath is possible because of the spirit working with the main nerves of the physical body. The inward and outward movement of the breath is possible because of the spirit.

Our understanding towards life remains limited to the individual life. We have no clue of how life functions within us. We also don’t have the understanding of our mind. This makes us more reactive in the moment. We couldn’t respond rather we react to every situation of our life. Our reaction too depends on our past.

We spend most our life unconsciously. At no time we remain connected to this moment. This separates us from the actual reality of life.

Life is happening at this moment.

If we are not present at this moment, with our body and mind, certainly we are traveling somewhere else, and this keeps us away from the actual reality that is happening here and now.

I Am Here Now: A Creative Mindfulness Guide and Journal

We are dancing somewhere in the past or the future. The distance we have to cover is from the past and the future to this moment. The practice of mindfulness serves us to cover that distance to bring us to this moment. No matter where you are, the only priority of yours has to be present in the moment. It’s the present moment that can become the guiding force for you.

Most of the time, we are experiencing the consequence of our past actions in the moment. That’s the reason; everyone is running away from the present moment. The present moment appears dangerous as it shows our reality. When you bring your mind to the moment, the truth appears in its natural form to us. All our past and future coincide into this moment. Thus we keep on running from this moment.

When you are away from this moment, you just cannot be responsive in this moment. The present situation can never appear clearly to you. You only see the present situation from your past experiences. This creates deception in the moment. This is what you call the dual state of mind, where you are physically present in the moment but mentally you are somewhere else.

The physical situation will bring something to you, but you already have something else going on in your mind.

The practice of mindfulness keeps you in the moment. You don’t remain lost in the activities of your mind; rather you stay conscious of everything that happens around you in the moment.

To remain lost in the mind is an easy thing, but to keep your awareness in the moment all the time requires practice. It doesn’t matter either you are doing something or not, but you stay aware in the moment.

The practice of mindfulness doesn’t require you to act all the time, but even without any action you remain aware of the moment. With the practice of mindfulness, the action is less important and your attention is more important. The attention is the key at the moment.

The Miracle of Mindfulness

The chain of reaction follows from birth. The child attracts life around him, out of the energy and vibrations it carries with him. In the universe, the laws of attraction work with the energy. It’s the inner energy that attracts the similar energy from the environment and surroundings.

From the birth, the child starts to attract life for himself. The bondage of karma is formed way beyond the birth. As the child grows it starts attracting the similar life that he carries within him.

Here the chain of karma is formed, and to break this chain becomes extremely difficult. The practice of mindfulness serves you to break the monotonous path and create a new life for you.

When you live an unconscious life, life is just happening to you and you are nowhere aware of the life that is happening to you. So there is no possibility remain for change. Staying aware in the moment brings your awareness to the things which were previously missing from your attention. You start experiencing same life but with bigger perception and more clarity.

True change in life can only come when your perception expands in the moment. Before you bring the change to your life, it’s necessary that you see things in the moment with clarity. Practicing mindfulness is a path, that not only connects you to this moment, but it also creates space in you, so that you come closer to the source.

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