The Observer, is Separate from Your Body, Mind and Heart

the observer

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When you observe your breath, there is something within you, that simply observes without any movement. If you stay with your breath, for the longest time without distraction, you come closer and closer to the observer.

The observer is separate from the mind, body, and heart and you can observe the entire world along with yourself through the eyes of an observer. When you observe life through observer, you see the world without the filter of your mind.

With the mind, you look at the things with the past experience, accumulated impressions and all sorts of different types of emotions attached to the situation. You cannot see the things, as it is with the mind and senses. You have to rise above the mind, to have a clear perspective about life.

Your life grows and develops with the perspective, you carry into your mind. For everything, you see in the world, you carry a certain type of perspective and more or less your actions too depends upon that perspective.

With the observer, you observe life, without any thoughts or emotions, or impressions or experience of the past. You hold no idea of the other person or the idea of oneself, about the other person. All things remain with the mind. All that you see with the observer, is a clear perspective towards life.

“When you observe the world, from the state of observer, you don’t feel the sensation inside. You experience the emptiness within your mind and heart.”

The Mind

Imagine yourself to enter into the situation of your life, looking through the eyes of observer. The situation includes several other people, and each one carries his own idea about the situation.

As an observer, you don’t have your own idea, but you only have the purpose of the situation into your mind. Once you look into the situation, you can read everyone’s mind,  as each one carry their thoughts with the intention, about the situation.

With the observer, you view the same situation, with complete detachment. So your perspective on the whole situation, remains to serve the purpose of the situation, considering everyone’s perspective, and with it, the purpose of the moment gets served with ease, with the observer.

When you don’t carry an idea for the situation, or remain detached with the situation, no blue print of the situation remains, on your mind.

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To experience the observer within the body is the state of mind, where you rise above the body, mind, and heart. The experience of the observer begins when you connect with yourself. It’s an internal process of life.

To discover the observer, within oneself, is the longing of all the sages of the world, and the highest experience that any human can ever have for himself. Once you figure out the observer within you, you simply expand your experience with the observer and share your whole perspective, through the eyes of an observer.

Everyone knows that life never works, the way we think. The mind doesn’t know, how to stick to the same situation for the longest time and as the mind is also not aware of the natural process of life.

If the things don’t work, it’s easier for the mind to drop one thing and jump to another, and this calls for the failure. You need the mind to stick to something if you need to produce something out of it.

With the observer, you follow the natural process of life. With the observer, its easier to stick to one thing, as you follow the natural laws of manifestation. To dream and imagine things, with complete awareness of oneself is a different thing, while simply carried away by your mind is another.

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The more you plan for your future, the more you slip away from yourself, if you don’t make choice consciously. You have to stay connected with yourself. You have to be the driver of your life.

The more you develop control over your body, and mind, the more you develop control over your life. You need to know, how to make good use of your body for the actions and day to day effort. You need to know, the best way to express yourself through the heart and to make good use of your mind.

The nature of the mind is to think thoughts. Give mind anything to think over, and it will recall all the past memories, about the situation or event. If you hold the expectation for the future, with the situation or person, the mind will start to create future imagination around it.

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Say for e.g. you fall in love with someone, and in the moment you are thinking about that person. In no time, your mind will bring all the memories of the past, of that person, and if you think yourself with him or her in the future, the mind will take you in the future, with the beautiful imagination of the future.

That’s the only reason, people love to fall in love, as they love the hallucination created by their own mind. The mind is a great deceiver if it’s not in control. The moment you switch away from the mind, you will be taken away from the moment. Remember you are not deceived by any other person in this world, except your mind.

The reality is always different than what you see in the imagination. Imagine about anything, and it will make you feel good. When you feel good, you run after to possess those things into your life.

If somehow, you can make those things part of your life, you will be cheated by the reality, as what you have imagined in your mind about the person or the thing, can never be exactly the way you have imagined.

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The things you possess doesn’t have its own emotions, and your emotions too, with the possession of things, change with the time. It doesn’t last forever. The nature of mind and heart is to flow. It cannot hold itself with one thing forever.

You cannot understand anyone unless you understand yourself thoroughly. Once you understand yourself, it becomes easier to understand others, and this will only happen when you connect with yourself and understand your own mind.

Life projects you outside, your internal state. If you come across the person who is upset, from within and start fighting with you for no reason, you will not understand his internal state of mind, but you will only see what that person has done to you, and you will figure out the reason to get back to him.

When you are satisfied with yourself, then you will not bother to fight, but you will work your way out to console him if the other person is important to you. We perceive, what we carry inside, and nothing more than that. Unless you spend separate time to evaluate and analyze each and every situation of your life, its hard to create any different perspective on life.

“People are hardly upset with others, rather they are simply upset with themselves.”

Out of My Mind

To understand the inner mechanism of life, it’s very important to understand different situations and events of one’s own life. The process to realize the observer begins from observing one’s own breath. The mind needs something, and breathe is the door way to connect you from inside.

Next, to breathe, the second thing you observe inside, is the sensation. The sensation, you experience all over the body. When your attention with the breath and the sensation moves deeper, you experience different types of sensation, at different parts of the body.

At the sexual region, you feel sensuous, and when the attention with the sensation moves to the stomach region, you feel fear and insecurity. As you rise higher, with the attention and sensation, to the heart, you experience all the different types of emotions.

Everything that you experience inside, is through sensation.

The attention to the specific part gives rise to the specific sensation.

With the attention on the mind, slowly thoughts and images seize to exist and the sensation, with the breath, becomes one with the attentive part of the mind. This is the no-mind state.

Beyond the no-mind state, you experience the subtle body, which gets unlocked, from the bottom of the spine. The subtle body carries the spiritual energy, that rise higher to give you the out-of-body experience.

“When the spiritual energy rise higher to the area of pineal gland or third-eye chakra, you experience the observer, completely detached from the body, mind, heart and sensation.”

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The spiritual energy gets one with the observer, to experience the bliss. The mind gets open up with the out-of-body experience. With the closed mind, the perspective towards life remains narrow, but with the open mind, you carry a wisdom eye to penetrate deep into the situation or people to understand the pattern.

It requires strict training to keep the mind focused on oneself, as when you bring your mind to yourself, you have nothing left to think over. You know all the rubbish of the entire world, but when it comes to yourself, your mind has nothing to think over, and it craves to jump outside, to pick something else from the outside life to think over.

The best way to begin the process, to reach the state of the observer, is, to begin with, the breath and slowly move inside. The more you explore inside, the more you will come closer to yourself. The deeper you move inside, the better, you serve your outside world.

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