The Nature of Mind

nature of mind

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The nature of mind. In the east, the part of the mind is called Mann (the part of the mind that forms pictures). The mind understands things, creates a logical query, reasoning, evaluate, analyze, contemplate the situations, experiences or events of life, everything through pictures.

If this part of your mind is closed, or not open, it becomes hard for you to understand life, because unless your mind can create a clear picture of anything, it’s not possible for the rest of the functions of creation to take place.

The life on the existence begins with the picture. You only go after the things, for which you can create a picture in your mind. If the picture is not clear, you don’t create necessary energy or emotions to act upon and complete the process of its manifestation.

Either self-realization or physical manifestation, building the self-image or achieving dreams or desires of life, everything is possible through the part of the mind, that forms images. Your success, failure, rise or downfall, everything depends upon the images of your mind.

Now, can you change the images of your mind? yes, you can change the images of your mind. The quality of the formation, of the images of your mind, depends upon the quality of your energy in the moment. The inner flow of energy decides the quality of your image and the image decides the thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions out of it.

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Remember the action is never a problem with life. The problem is the imbalance between the mind, heart, and body in the moment. If the mind, heart, and body are properly synchronized, it becomes easier to go through the process of life.

You simply float with the natural process of life, if you know how to synchronize with your mind, heart, and body.

The action never comes alive, without your thoughts and images of the mind, and feelings and emotions of the heart.

The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure

If the mind, heart, and body are not synchronized, that means your mind and heart says something else, and you simply act, out of your long-lived desire, reside deep somewhere in your mind.

Unless you learn the process to synchronize your mind, heart, and body and your every action become the part of it, you can never come one to one with the natural process of life.

Whenever you get into the situation, or event of life, and if it doesn’t go well, the mind begins to analyze and evaluate the situation and try to improve the situation, but never bother to look into the source, which is inside. Your actions don’t come from outside, but inside.

It may happen that, there was already chaos going on, inside of you, and when you get into the situation, the situation was already perfect, but your inner chaos reflects on the situation, and you make a mess out of a perfect situation.

If you don’t feel good inside, that means the image or picture you carry into the mind, is not good. Your thoughts, feelings, emotions, perception, impressions, and your personal image too depends upon the image of the mind.

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 If you don’t carry the healthy image of yours, in the moment, you most likely to feel low. Now, the point is, if you don’t feel good about yourself, or you don’t have any better image in your mind, the mind cannot create a better image, unless you give some better image, to your mind to think for.

The images come to the mind, through your life’s impressions and experience. Whatever the experience and impression you give to your mind, the same reflect in your life, in one or the other form, and mind you with life, each and every experience and impressions of life counts, and you cannot take any moment of your life for granted.

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If you are not aware of the images of your mind, your mind will most likely to create the images from the past, and if your past is not healthy, or even if it’s healthy, you cannot create your future, out of the past. For the future, you need something fresh, creative, something that never occurred before. Only then you are motivated to move forward, and make it a part of your life. Nobody can be thrilled and excited by creating the same life again and again.

Awareness in the moment, allows you to expand your imagination and look into the future. The imaginative mind, not only reflect the image from the past but also show, what lies ahead in the future. If you have the perfect image of the future, in your mind, it becomes easier to drive the rest of the mind, along with the heart and body, in that direction.

You cannot drag with life, at any moment. If the things are not going your way, you can always move aside and make right amendments with yourself.

Things, situation, people, events, impressions and experiences of life, are not alive, but as a person, you have the power to fill life into them. If you keep the outside world, as a benchmark, you forget to make right amendments with yourself, and remember the correction with life, always happens inside.

If you go on correcting outside world, without making any changes with yourself, you simply lengthen the process of life, without reaching to real understanding.

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Either its the image of God, your personal identity, your past, present and future everything comes down to the image of your mind. To act, you need an image. To think about yourself, you need an image. Your personal image about yourself make or break your life, and the image you carry, about the world, allows you to either move forward to create the life of your dreams or fall back with life.

You always have the power to change the direction of your mind. The mind is most useful when it can be directed in a right direction. If the mind directs you, you go through ups and downs of life, but when you consciously direct your mind, you can make anything out of your life.

The mind cannot remain empty. The natural process of mind is to form images and think thoughts out of the past impressions and experiences of life. The mind is like a running television, whereby, some or the other image always pass through mind. Each day you go through many situations of life, some are good and some are not so good.

“If you are aware about the television of your mind, and its impact on your life, you make sure to choose the right situation, events and experiences with your daily life, and the situation, events and experience that’s not in your hand, you give your best response to them, in the moment.”

The Practice of Being Aware, Right Now, Every Day

If you can stay aware, in all different situations of your daily life, you make most out of each experience and impressions of your daily life, and this serves you to strengthen your subtle world and you feel empowered every moment.

Your life revolves all the time, into your mind. Whatever you experience or accumulate impressions, turns into the thoughts and images of your mind. If your experiences of life are not good, it gets into your future, if you don’t consciously make an amendment to it.

In any moment of time, you have the power to change the direction of life, by changing the direction of mind. With better and higher choices with life, you lift your life and the life around you.

The Nature and Power of the Mind

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