The Nature of Giving, Attracts the Abundance in Life


Everyone is looking to have something from life, either from loved one’s, professional life or from the life itself. There is only one law that works with life, and that law asks you to give, till the point where the vessel gets filled and starts over-flowing. If you expect from life before giving yourself enough, then its always early to ask from life.

The natural law of life never fails. You see yourself just another physical body but that’s not the case. You are more than your physical body. You are the spirit, made up of thoughts, emotions, energy and the experiences and impressions out of it.

Your expectations from the outside world fail to stand its ground because you don’t know the process of giving. Either it’s your relationships or your work, you always expect more than you give to life and thus your expectations fail with life. You not only have to give, but you have to give to the point where it overflows, and you receive out of the natural process of life.

” In life if anyone fails, than the failure is only in the giving, not in receiving. Life always offers you more than you deserve, but its you who fail to share, what you have with life.”

There is a beautiful quote by Jesus, ” The one who have more, more will be given to them, and the one’s those who have less, than that even less will be taken from them.”

This quote is in context to Love. When you hold little love within yourself, it’s bound to slip away in the different situations of life.

The inner laws of life are different. It only increases by giving. If you have love, give, if you have kindness, compassion, wisdom, joy, happiness share with others, and you will find it grows. You only grow with inner life by giving.

” When your intent is clear, you can never slip back with life.”

Your expectations towards life should be measured not by what you receive, but what you give, and you never fall short of your expectations. When you give, something within you expands.

This expansion from within, allows you to give more to life, and the life laws are simple, the more you give, the more you receive.

The existence has abundance, and if your intent is to fill others spirit with love, your spirit grows ten times more with love.

It’s easy to love the people, who show love and compassion towards you, but it asks for the real effort to love the person, who holds grudges against you.

When it comes to the mind and heart, it comes down to preparation. You have to prepare yourself in advance, to bring out the love from within, towards the person who doesn’t like you, or for some reason, you have to keep up the relationship. Love is not a Miracle, but an inner state that needs to be Achieved.

You cannot jump into the situation and just by the thoughts, love will not flow from your heart, but you have to plan yourself in advance and give your mind and heart all the reasons, to bring love into your life.

The people don’t like each other because they don’t hold love into their heart. It’s less to do with others and more to do with oneself. When your heart is filled with love and joy, it’s not possible to hate even your enemy.

It’s impossible to dislike someone if your heart is overflowing with joy and bliss. Now imagine the other person, whom you like but the other person is unable to respond in a similar way. It’s because he doesn’t hold enough love in his heart and the only way to fill his heart with love is to give him as much as you can, and the day will arise when he will respond to your love.This law of love works with all the relationship.

In a relationship, if one person is ready to hold onto his stand, then with his sincere and honest effort, he can bring the necessary love into the relationship.

When it comes to any situation of life, have an intention to add onto it, and not asking what’s in it for me. If you have the intention is to add to everything you come across, you allow your inner world to expand, and as your inner world expands, you give more to life and then even if the life showers the abundance on you, your nature remains to give.

“The nature of giving, allows you to grow and evolve with the process of evolution.”

It’s the quality of the highest stature and holds the power to change your environment and circumstances of your life. It doesn’t come naturally to the person, but you have to work towards it.

If you hold the grudges towards others, you only ask for the worse into your relationship. The life flows inside out, and you have to work on your inner self, to bring that love from within.

If you spend time on others, it’s impossible to bring that love outside, but when your focus is inside to bring love from within, then you remove all the dirt from your heart so that your love can flow from within. It will not happen by itself, but you have to work towards it.

Make your intention bigger than your world, where you live in. Connect with the existence, and expand your heart to the world, so that you can embrace the world into it. It’s possible if you live with the open heart.

You go on correcting yourself from within, and your heart, again and again, turn into sour and again and again you work on it, to bring the love out of it, and the time will come where no harsh feelings stay in your heart, and the only thing that flows through it is the purest form of love.

Life is a celebration, and you have to rise above the sorrowful life, to attain that perception towards life. When you live below the heart, there is only tension, stress, pain and suffering but when you rise above your heart, you cannot stop yourself from loving to the person, who even stand against you all the time.

When you take the responsibility of yourself, your life situation, the people and experiences of life, you move in the direction of creating your own life. The time you live inside out, you drop everything that comes from outside, except what’s going on inside you.

Than you fulfill all your desire’s of life and you don’t run away from the fear and insecurity of life, but you remain firm to your position.The transcends from the lower to higher self is possible only with the total acceptance.

If you have ignored something today, it will come back in the future. There is no way for you to run from life. If not this birth than another birth.

There is one way to overcome your life’s situation and i.e. to face it, so that next time when you come across such situation, you walk with your head high, as you have already risen above those situations from your life forever.

There are two things that serve the process of evolution, heart, and mind. The heart stands for love & bliss and mind stands for wisdom. This two things can serve you to transcend your life. Be honest with yourself, and look into your heart and mind.

See what you carry inside of you. You will see your life inside your mind and heart. You only act and receive, what you carry inside of you.

“It doesn’t matter towards whom you carry, your thoughts and feelings. It originates and subsides in you. If it goods, it does good to you, if its bad it does bad to you. Its that simple.”

God is smart enough to create the best system within you. No one can see what you carry inside, but the god has made us in such a way, that whatever we think or feel about yourself or others, first it creates impression within, and then turns into an action to form experiences out of it.

If the impressions are healthy and positive, the experiences will be healthy and positive, and both will get stored within you. Be careful with what you hold inside of you, as it reflects, as it is, in your outside world.

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