The Natural Flow of Life takes you towards the Knowing



Knowing is to know, out of the experience. To become one with an experience. No difference remains, between the knower and the known. That is the path of knowing.

When it comes to life, lots of queries arise, in relation to life. At no moment of time, we can completely grasp the life. The understanding with the mind remains so narrow, while the experience of life is so huge, that it seems impossible to comprehend life, as a whole.

Whatever you experience life, in the outside world, is human’s creation with his mind, by making the use of the elements of nature. Whatever that comes out of mind can be understood by the mind. Be it the craft, science, technology, situation, events, creativity, innovation, anything that you wish to understand, can be understood, by your mind, if you put the necessary attention to it.

A life that comes out of the mind can be understood by the mind, but if you try to understand the elements of nature, then you have to rise above the mind. The mind has its limitations, and not all the queries of life can be resolved, at the level of mind.

More importantly, when you realize life, beyond mind, you understand what are the relevant queries of existence, and the queries, that are simply the puzzles of the mind and has to be completely dropped from the mind. Knowing is the state of mind, where life gets clear to you. You don’t receive all the answers from life, but you realize the natural process of life.

To run a house or an organization, you need a process, so that you can run the things smoothly. In the same way, life as a whole too follows its own process, to manifest, run and rejuvenate everything on the existence. To figure out that knowing in you is to connect with that process.

With the state of knowing, no query remains of the mind, but whatever you need to know in the moment, you have the answer within.

Knowing Beyond Logic

The whole process of life is to take you towards the state of knowing, by different experiences of life.

If you wish to create or manifest with the mind, you have to experiment, with all the different ways to reach the conclusion. An experiment is a process, through which every individual has to go through before he reaches the stage of experience. Anything that you create or innovate, at the level of mind, comes out of the experiment.

Mind goes through an experiment, while the state of knowing, directly takes you into an experience.

All the creativity, innovation, art, design, technology, was possible, only because of the experiment. You can never know, what exists in the future unless you experiment in the present moment.

Life, as a whole is no way, works according to the mind. All your thinking and imagination is part of an experience, that you have experienced in the past. Your mind is incapable of thinking anything new. It simply experiments with whatever you have experienced in the past and brings it to you in the present moment.

The quality of your thoughts and imagination from the past depends on upon the quality of energy, that flows within your body in the moment.

Let say, early morning, if you try to put your mind on something, you can create a quality image as well as quality thoughts for the future. But still, your thoughts and imagination always come out of the experience from the past.

With the high energy, early in the morning, allows you to think clearly from the past, but these don’t mean, you can see the future. All the images of the mind come from the past. The mind cannot think anything else, except its experience and impressions from the past.

If the inner energy is higher, the mind can pick the best of the experiences from the past and can show you, the better path for the future, but remember all the images for the future life comes from the past.

Energy Leadership

With life, no future already exists in advance, and we simply expand our past into the future. The quality of our thinking may differ, according to the energy, that we hold in the present moment. This can be very well experienced, once you realize the state of knowing, and simply slip backward, behind the mind, to observe everything, that goes within the mind.

Life is no way, bound to your mind, but when you experience life, beyond mind, and reach to the state of knowing, you don’t try to comprehend life, according to your mind, but you allow the life to unfold in its own way, with the total acceptance.

The state of knowing is to experience life, by becoming one with the natural order of life. In general, you experience life, with the mind and the experience that mind creates, with its perception. Life is about the experience, and it’s only the experience, that takes your life forward, be it on the spiritual path, or with science.

To move towards the knowing is not to receive all the answers of life, but as you proceed on the path of knowing, all the unnecessary queries, begin to drop from life.

You don’t ponder your mind, about why life exists and how the sky is spread over, and how the earth has been created, and how the ocean has been formed and how you exists and how the elements of life exist?

When you move towards the path of knowing, all that remains important to you is the present moment. All the concern of life remains for the present moment. Life itself doesn’t bother to think, why it exists, but it simply follows its process.

The natural order of life is not the thinking or imagination, but your presence in the moment.

Practicing Presence in Every Moment of Your Life

The biggest problems with the humans are, not that they don’t have the solutions for their problems, but the biggest problem is, that they create a problem out of nothing. Actually, there is no problem on the existence, and everything moves swiftly in order. Our role is to align ourself with the order and experience the bliss of life. We all are worried for unnecessary things, and almost all the problems of life are actually the problem of our mind.

You don’t create life, out of thinking or imagination, but you create life, out of spontaneity. With thinking and imagination, you simply repeat the process of life, in one way or the other.

With the knowing, you drop, all the repetitive process of life, and only do, and live with that, which is, essential.

Look at your daily life, and see how you spend your each day, and evaluate it, as a seer. You will realize, that very less part of your day, is utilized in some useful work, while most of the time, is spend, in pondering over the past and the future. Unless you can keep yourself present in the moment, you cannot become one with life, and there is no way, to keep your mind in the present unless you experience life beyond mind. You can certainly create a space within you, to experience the present moment.

The present moment is not something, that you are experiencing in this moment, while reading this blog, but are you, aware of the mind, that is reading this blog?

If you can remain aware of your awareness, that is the present state of mind. The mind is never really present in the moment, as its very nature is to keep rolling. The mind likes to think and keep on thinking and likes to wander in the past and the future. The process of thinking, takes place, out of the inner flowing energy. When the energy is flowing all the time, then how can you expect the mind, to remain still?

The state of knowing is not the state of action, but the state of mind, where life happens. This doesn’t mean, you don’t act. You do things but without any effort. Life flows effortlessly, through you.

Remember, each individual has its own path, either it’s a sage or a passenger, and you are obliged to walk on your path. If your path is clear to your mind, you remain with the knowing and mind simply move forward with the path, and with the knowing, you stay aware, throughout the path. On the path of knowing, no query remains of life, but you simply float with life.

When the situation, event or people, are viewed, as per the process of life, you can direct anything with the heightened awareness, in the right direction. With the state of knowing, you don’t give direction to life with the mind, but naturally, you are directed to the right situation, right people and right thing, that serves the purpose of the moment.

When you move with the mind, you separate yourself from the flow of life. The mind wants to accomplish everything in the moment, while the state of knowing, deeply remain satisfied in the moment, and all it cares about, is to serve the moment and allow the life to unfold its own way.

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