The Mysticism about Soul and Spirit


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The soul and spirit.

How do they differentiate?

The soul is a steady identity located at a point of third eye chakra while the spirit is the subtle body that holds thoughts & emotions, and spread around the physical body and can be experienced in the form of sensation.

The sensation is part of the spirit. You only experience sensation till you have the spirit in the body.

Till the time, an individual identifies himself with the personality created by the thoughts, emotions or physical body, the concept of spirit and soul, feels meaningless to him. We can talk about God in multiple ways and imagine him in various forms, but unless we realize the soul, it’s difficult to comprehend God at the level of mind.

The spirit exists in a human body and allows different functions like thoughts, imagination, feelings, emotions, perception and sensory experience. The time we free ourself from all the chattering’s of mind and emotional burden, the spirit takes a form of a small dot & gets released from the body, and , and this is when we realize the soul in a physical body, at the location of a third eye.

The time we experience ourself beyond the chattering’s of the mind and the emotional burden of the heart, we realize the process of life, that allows the life to happen at the level of brain, heart, and body.

Once we realize the spirit in a body, we can figure out a way to free ourselves from all the thoughts and emotions, we have gathered through our senses, with our daily activities of the day.

With the realization of the soul, the mind gets focused in the soul, and then, whatever the person wish to know about this world or the other world, the mind puts all his attention to that thing, and slowly the mind will start providing all the information about that thing.

Our mind is a wonderful tool, if we can focus it in a right direction and get the best out of it.

If we keep it loose, it takes no time to rule the body through emotions and senses. Mind controls the body through emotions and senses.

Each thought creates feelings and emotions in the body; be it positive or negative.

In the outside world, whatever we focus upon, starts to expand, and in the inside world, we put our focus; we can get to the roots of the things. The main key is to focus the mind.

Everything has its vibrations and frequency on this earth. Our thoughts vibrate, our feelings and emotions vibrate, and we create our world out of vibrations. It may be possible that you live in the most chaotic situation, but if you vibrate on a higher frequency, the chaotic situation at a lower vibration, cannot bog you down.

All the situations and circumstances we face in our life, happens for our emotional, physical and intellectual growth, and we take an initiative to take care of our self, and push our self through the process of evolution, we can make our progress faster. Gautama Buddha, Mahavira and many sages our fine example, who have evolved before the stipulated time, and shared their wisdom with the world.

At the level of soul, the mind receives thoughts from the higher realm, so it gets easier and natural for the sages to communicate with people, without any prior preparation.

Everyone is born at a different level of the evolution process, and we all are growing to reach to the same destination, sooner or later.

After Enlightenment, Buddha summed his experience nicely,” When you realize how perfect everything is, you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky. “~ Buddha

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