The Mystery behind the Karma or Action



The karma is not limited to your action, but your inner feelings, thoughts, and energy too include in your karma. With your karma, you create your life. With the karma, you even attract similar life to you.

The process of karma gets initiated from the skin deep. Whatever you live or experience in the external world or inside, is just the surface reality. The one and only truth about karma are, that you are solely responsible for whatever you create knowingly or unknowingly with your life.

If you don’t know how you create your karma, then the same karma becomes the curse for you and if you knowingly create your karma, even the karma or action that seems like a curse from outside may turn out to be a boon for you.

Whatever you give out, you attract to your life. When you evaluate your life, you only see the effort, but miss to see the thoughts and emotions behind it. If you can see the subtle thoughts and emotions, then you miss reading the movement of energy behind it.

The karma only at the level of body and mind can be deceptive. Unless you work your way out to move beyond the surface reality of the mind, it seems impossible to realize the mystery behind the karma.

Life is only a mystery at the level of mind. Once you realize the way to slip into the no-mind state, slowly all the mysteries of life can be revealed to you.

With the mind and body, the karma forms a chain inside. This chain of karma goes on repeating within you and you experience your life on the basis of that. With the inward attention, you can realize this chain of karma. Once you realize the chain of karma, you can easily rise above it, and change the direction of your life as and when needed.

When it comes to the external world, we perceive life with the division. With everything, we have our personal choice. When it comes to the body, we have our choice of food, when it comes to the heart, we have the choice, to whom we should love and to whom we can keep the distance. With the mind too, we have the choice to think good about our loved one’s and think negative about the people, who does bad to us.

When it comes to the external world we live with the division. But at the same time, what’s important to know is, when it comes to the inner world of the mind, heart, and body, no matter what you think, feel or consume from outside, the inner world doesn’t bifurcate.

Say for e.g., If you eat food out of your choice, and if it’s not healthy, then your inner system will retaliate and you have to pay the price in the form of a disease.

The individual person may have the choice in the outside world, but when the things go inside, the inner world doesn’t have a choice and it takes everything as equal. If the thing goes according to the functions of the inner system, it will serve and if the things don’t go, according to the functions of the inner system, it will simply resist.

The same applies to your heart. You may make a choice in the outside world to whom you should love and to whom you can ignore, but when the feelings and emotions get formed inside, it doesn’t bifurcate inside. If you feel bad outside for the stranger, the bad feelings will be stored inside, irrespective of whom you create your feelings or emotions.

The physical body only knows the food and doesn’t see the taste out of it, and the same applies to the heart. The heart only knows how to forms feelings and emotions, and doesn’t bifurcate between friends and foe. It’s always the individual mind that divides life out of his experience.

Your subtle world doesn’t bifurcate between your friends and foe, but it simply collects the data of your heart. If you feel good, it stores good feeling and if you feel bad it stores bad feeling.

Even the mind functions the same way. If you think negative thoughts or positive thoughts, the subtle world will only collect the data and the data will remain store in you.

You may think that you can think evil about the person, who cheated you, but your subtle world, will not see against whom you have formed the evil thoughts. It will simply collect the data, that you have thought in your mind.

The life as a whole doesn’t see either you think good about your loved ones or the stranger. The life as a whole simply register your feelings and send the same feelings back to you. All the division of the external world is only experienced by an individual mind and this becomes the cause of your suffering. The more you create division with life, the more you call for the pain, stress, and suffering.

The life on earth brings more happiness than sadness to the people. The happiness gives you the fulfillment of life, while sadness connects you to your true self. With happiness you expand, with sadness, you touch your deeper aspect of life.

With the sadness, it’s obvious to look for the meaning of life, as your whole body cries out of pain, and you need to know the reason behind your suffering.

The mystery of karma or action is well understood, when you move inward. The process of evolution works, if you live inside out. When you live inside out, you expand outside, as per your inner capacity. You don’t do things, that doesn’t go well with your inner world. This makes you more aware of life.

God, soul, spirit, laws of life can only be understood, when you dive deep in yourself. To unlock the mystery of life, its necessary to connect with your inner world. The mystery of life unveils only for those, who are willing to strive till the end.


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