The Mind holds Ever-Transcending Nature


You can accept life with what’s going now, and consider to be the fate of your life, or raise a doubt or query on your existence. Acceptance towards, what is, without understanding, is a sheer sign of ignorance. This doesn’t mean you understand something, but this simply means, you don’t want to make real efforts to know life.

Life is effortless, but for those, who passed on through all the queries, intuition, imagination and all different aspects of the mind, with understanding. Life moves freely through the people, who has made themselves, one with the source of energy that serves the mind, heart, and body.

Certainly, the life is effortless, but to reach to the higher state, where life happened through you, without your interference, needs a real effort. It needs the transcendence of the whole mind.

You don’t remain, but simply life remains to speak through you. You transcend yourself, to become one with life. Below this point, if you understand anything of life, you simply live in ignorance.

When you really develop the knowing towards life, life starts to talk to you. Till the time you exist with the personal identity, ignorance exists in you. Only when you learn to drop yourself, real understanding and wisdom flow from upward.

People has misunderstood, Gautama Buddha’s state of nothingness to a certain extent, and simply made it a purpose of their life.

With mind the time comes, when you experience the state with no thought or imagination. This is the experience of no-mind state. This no-mind state, is absolutely empty, and you find no wisdom or bliss into this state, but you are again thrown back to  your mundane life.

The real transcendence of mind happens when you don’t remain as a doer, but life still happens through you. You don’t transcend the mind, but you open the gate, from where  the mind absorbs the understanding and wisdom for life.

The state of nothingness is way beyond the understanding of mind. It’s the space, where all the individual identity ceases to exist, and what remains is pure energy and vibrations. You cannot relate anything to you, other than the energy and vibrations, which is the natural source of life. The source of life flows from within.

If you really wish to transcend your life for the better, it’s not necessary that you may understand, all at once, but simply put the right effort in a right direction, so that you can take one step higher, than your present state of life.

The transcendence with life happens, when you stop believing things, be it either god, inner life or the life that exists on earth.

“Learn to raise the query on everything, no matter how so irrelevant it seems like, for the outside world, but if it’s important to you, it holds the power to transcend your life, from the deepest core.”

You cannot grow with your understanding unless you learn to raise the right query with life. The bigger the query, the bigger will be your understanding of life.

The transcendence with the mind simply is to raise the standard of life from within.

“To grow with life,  stop accepting what you know, and dive into the real experience of life. Your different situation, events and people you face, are the real experience of life.”

Life is constantly flowing within you, and everything that you experience outside gives you a glimpse of your inner state. Connect with the inner life. It has the power to place you at a right place, at a right time.

“Right query with life serves you, but most people are simply lost in the query, without understanding the real importance of it. Philosophers are lost in the query and don’t know, how to move further with it. The purpose of the query is, to create a further path for life, and not to act as a hindrance, for future growth.”

If the query of the mind, stops you to act, that means it’s not a right form of query. The right query of life motivates and inspires you to move further with life, and not only that, it also brings solutions to all the problems of your life.

The life is an ever-expanding nature, and with the mind, you simply hold different possibilities with life. Once you learn, how to raise the right query, you also learn to pick the right solution with life.

“There is no future, already waiting for you, in advance, but the step of the moment, you take in the present, decides your future life. It’s all about the constant flow of energy, at the moment that creates your future.”

The right query, creates the path for the future, through intuition. To connect with the intuition is to connect with life. Intuition further creates the way for imagination. The way to the imagination is through intuition.

The right part of the mind or  imaginative mind is directly connected with the universe, and when you ask the right query, it brings to you, the solution from the universe, through the imaginative mind.

If you don’t have access to the imaginative mind, as you are yet to explore that part of the mind, the imaginative mind, talks to you, through intuition. You simply knows in the moment, what to choose, or in which way to go, with the intuition.

All the dreams and desire’s of life, manifest into your imagination. Anything that you can imagine into your mind, can become the reality of your life. The only thing you have to be careful about is its consequences.

For life, there is nothing as good or bad, but simply everything has its cause and effect. The power of imagination is open to you, and you can do, whatever you want with it, but be careful with what you choose. Life will offer you everything with its consequence.

You cannot choose simply the cause of life, the effect comes along with it. If the cause is right, or the dreams and desires are right, you can simply relax with the effect or the consequences of  it.

Moving along, the life doesn’t end with the imagination. It’s true that the power of imagination, serves you to manifest life and add beauty to life, but there is a deeper aspect of life, that lies beyond the power of imagination.

There is life exists, beyond the rational and imaginative mind, which is the world of energy and vibrations. The source that serves the process of transcendence, with the mind, is the world of energy and vibrations. The level of energy and vibrations of the subtle body decides your current state of evolution.

The life transcends with the intensity, you carry in the moment.

“The thoughts, images and the emotions itself, doesn’t manifest life, but the intensity with which you use the power of your mind, heart and body.”

The mind holds ever-transcending nature, and at no point in time, you think to reach, at the end of life with the mind. Life is a continuous process and doesn’t end with enlightenment, i.e. the realization beyond mind, but still, you hold the immense possibility to dive deeper into life.

There is always an immense possibility with life, but you need to know, how to create a thirst in you, to look for it.

Life is all about the experience, and whatever the highest human experience possible for one man, it’s possible for others. You are no different from Krishna, Buddha, Christ or Lao Tzu. They were ready to go through the process of life, and have transcended their awareness of the world into pure consciousness, from where life flows.

You too hold the similar possibility for yourself, if you initiate the process, to understand life. Life will never come to you unless you create the right desire for it.

The mind, heart and body and anything into it, you hold in the moment, is solely your creation, and it is too waiting for you, to change and transcend it, for the better.

Every day when you step up, on the life’s path, it changes the position of stars of your life. The time you change the direction of life towards the understanding, you transcend your present reality for the better.

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