The Magic of the Present Moment


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What is the present Moment?

The present moment is the moment that is ever present all the time. It’s eternal.

When your mind is free from all your thinking and imagination, you experience the present moment. The present moment can only experience with the pure state of mind.

When your mind is already filled with your own past and future, you cannot experience the magic of this moment.

This moment is eternal. This moment is complete in itself. This moment doesn’t need anything for its satisfaction, but the present moment is deeply contented and one with life.

The mind has been trained to move outward for everything and cannot just observe the natural flow of life in this moment.

For everything, the mind knows how to act. The mind doesn’t know how to stay with the flow of life and allow the life to unfold on its own.

The mind doesnt make any effort to know the things that he is unaware of. It only moves in the direction that it’s already familiar with, and i.e. past.

A Guide to The Present Moment

With the present moment, you don’t need planning and scheduling with life, but your presence in the moment is sufficient enough to fulfill all your responsibilities and obligations of the moment.

With the presence in the moment, you just know what you need in this moment. With the presence in the moment, you don’t exist but life as a whole exists, and you live life as a part of the whole.

Life is fresh every moment. Life as a whole doesn’t need your thoughts and imagination to take life forward, but life as a whole is sufficient enough to get the things done from you, as and when required.

The confidence with the present moment can be grown by experiencing life in the present moment. You have to stay present in the moment, to grow your presence in the moment.

The present moment is ever present, but you miss this moment again and again, by getting caught up in the thoughts and imagination of your mind.

Keep your thinking and imagination aside for a moment, and try to be at this moment.

See what you need at this moment to fill yourself up. Does this moment hold any problem of life?

If you don’t have any problem then for what you are looking for the solution.

The problem only exists in the mind and so does the solution. If you rise above the thought patterns of your mind, you not only rise above the problems, but even the solutions for your problems get drop from your mind.

The mind wants to be prepared for everything. The mind doesn’t want to take any chance with life. The nature of mind is such that it cannot trust life.

When you rise above the nature of the mind, you experience the mind that can directly look into itself.

The process of inward attention is to just move towards your mind. It’s only when you can look into your own mind, you can experience the present moment. Otherwise, the mind is capable of deceiving you in many ways.

When we see the outside world, we not only see what exists outside, but we see the physical world along with the subtle experiences and impressions that we hold inside of us, of the physical world.

These subtle experiences and impressions of the mind don’t give us the clarity of the physical world. We not only miss to see the physical world in its natural form, but we also miss to see the truth behind the subtle experiences, impressions, situations, or events that we face in the outside world.

The experience of life is only possible because of the mind. The mind experiences the outside life with the physical body and its senses.

It’s the mind that experiences life through the instrument of a body and its senses. When you direct your attention inward to the mind, you can notice the different types of thoughts, feelings, emotions, experiences, and impressions that you hold within your mind.

When you already have lot many personal things inside of you, it becomes next to impossible to see the truth behind the outside situation.

The truth of life or the truth of the present moment can only be experienced, if you are ready to drop everything that you have accumulated inside, in the form of thoughts, feelings, emotions, experience or impressions.

Your mind has to be absolutely empty before you can see the true reality of life. It’s only the empty mind that can see the truth behind everything.

The mind that is filled with your past and future will only reflect your own life into different situations, events, experiences or impressions of life.

A Minute of Margin: Restoring Balance to Busy Lives

The life in the moment is neither good nor bad, but it’s neutral. The present moment doesn’t have a color of its own, but you are the one who adds color to different moments of life.

There is nothing wrong in holding one’s perspective towards life, but the truth has to be clear to the person. You have to be absolutely clear inside, that the truth of life has nothing to do with what you add to life.

All your thoughts, feelings, emotions, experiences, situations, events, impressions, relationships, personal life or professional life are nothing but the colors that you have add to life.

It has nothing to do with the truth of life. It’s an individual color that the person has added onto life to make the outside life more meaningful and sustainable.

The absolute truth of life in you is plain and simple. No part of your mind can hold the absolute truth. It’s only when you absolutely empty your mind and doesn’t relate yourself with anything either of the physical world or in the subtle world, the truth reflects in the emptiness of your mind.

The absolute truth of life exists beyond the emptiness of the mind. It exists in you. With the emptiness of the mind, the absolute truth or the source of life reflects in the mind. When the source of life reflects in the mind, you direct all your energy to move towards the source. You experience the source of life by merging into the source.

When the mind thinks thoughts and forms desires of the outside world, the life energy directs outside for the manifestation of those desires, but if you drop all desires of your mind and direct your attention inward, all your life energy shifts inward to take you towards the source.

Mindfulness: How to Be in The Present Moment Everywhere in Your Everyday Life
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