The Magic of the Mind


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The mind is magical. Before you experience the magic of the mind, you need to know the mind.

We are familiar with the thinking, imagination, logic, reasoning, judgment, appreciation, condemnation and many other qualities of the mind, but we are not familiar with the mind, in which everything takes place.

You have to know, understand and connect with that space of the mind, where the process of life happens. You don’t have to work separately with different qualities of your mind, but all you need to do is, understand the nature of your mind and mold it according to the need of the moment.

The mind is a plain sheet of paper. Nothing exists in the mind. Whatever you put into your mind, your mind begins to move in that direction.

The Mind: a beautiful servant, a dangerous master 

Say for e.g., many people face the problem of negative thinking and they go on fighting with their mind, to throw the negative thoughts and bring the positive ones, but that’s not the way the mind works.

In the moment, your mind can hold only one thing.

If your mind thinks negative thoughts, that means you have something negative image in your mind.

Now, if you wish to change that image, what you do, you only think to remove negative thoughts, but what you give to your mind, again the same negative thoughts.

See your mind will always hold some image, and if the negative image is already there and if you wish to remove the negative image, you have to give some positive image to the mind.

You have to consciously hold onto the positive image, only then you can replace your negative thinking with the positive ones.

If you are fighting with negative thought patterns, depression, stress, pain, relationship problems, or emotional imbalance, don’t try to fight with it, rather replace it with, how you wish your life has to be.

Moving forward, you need to understand what happens when you replace your negative image of your mind with the positive image. When you bring the positive image to your mind, it takes time for your mind to adjust to the positive image. Imagination leads to Creation

Your mind doesn’t work alone, but it’s also your spirit that works along with the mind.

What is the spirit in you?

The spirit is a subtle thread, that adjusts itself according to the images of the mind. Imagine the spirit adjusting itself, according to the shape and size of the physical body. The same spirit also adjusts itself, according to the desires of the mind, and later works through the physical body to manifest the thoughts and desires in the physical reality.

When you give a positive image to the mind, it takes time for the spirit to adjust according to the positive image of the mind.

If you don’t consciously direct your mind with the positive image, your mind may pick anything from your daily experiences and impressions of life, and you go through negative thinking, depression, or stress in your life.

You have to understand how your mind works. Only when you understand the nature of your mind, you can guide it in the direction of your choice. The Nature of Mind

That’s the only reason, your mind needs training and practice.

If you wish to overcome any of your negative thought patterns or the state of depression, you have to train your mind with the positive images.

Your dreams and desires of life get fulfilled if you train your mind in advance. You have to go on working on your dreams and desires with the positive actions, so that your mind and spirit get acquainted with it, and serves you to manifest your dreams into reality.

The life has a natural process, out of which the subtle thoughts manifest into physical reality.

You consciously think or dream about your desires and start taking positive actions towards it. Once you consciously move towards your desires with the actions, slowly your mind and spirit get acquainted with it and begins to support with your desires.

You are not your mind, body, or spirit, but you are the one entity i.e. the mixture of the source, spirit, mind, and body. When everything comes together, the identity of a person forms in the mind, but when everything gets separated, your identity too gets lost with the separation.

Once you recognize this truth for you, you can consciously work through your mind and create anything out of it. Your mind only controls your body till you recognize yourself with the false identity, i.e. your body or with the things of the mind.

How to know your mind or work with the mind?

The mind can be known or understand only with the mind.

Mind is your Business

How to understand mind with the mind?

The mind can understand something when you put your mind to it, either its subject or object of the outside world.

When you take the same attention of the mind inward and direct it towards the mind itself, your mind begins to reveal the truth about the mind.

Now, this is the magic of the mind.

Meditation is a wonderful technique to know and understands your mind.

What you do in meditation to know your mind?

You sit with yourself, close your eyes, and take the attention of the mind inward. Then observe. To observe your mind needs patience. With the mind, you learn to observe your own mind.

It’s an art to understanding your own mind by taking the attention of the mind inward. The magic of the mind can be experienced when you experience your mind as a whole.

When the mind is divided, life appears to be divided. Life is not divided but the mind is divided within. You can experience your mind as a whole when you direct the attention of your mind towards your own mind.

It’s only when the mind meets the mind, the magic of life is experienced.

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