The Life Wisdom follows, with the Natural Laws of Life



The laws of life are the way, the things take place. For everything, there is a process on the existence. No part of life happens without process. Everything that happens in the universe, carries its cause with it.

To connect with the laws of life is to live with the cause and embrace its effect whole-heartedly.The result is an effect, and the action is the cause. To know and connect with the laws of life, is to live with the cause. Once the mind is focused on the

The result of an action is an effect, and the action is the cause. To know and connect with the laws of life, is to live with the cause. Once the mind is focused on the cause, then you are less interested in the result of it, as result is bound to come with the cause.

The more you dive into the action, the more you get better with it. Once you connect with the laws of life, the life wisdom follows.The life is happening in each and every corner of this earth, and the laws of life are part of nature and the part of you. No matter where you are placed in life, you can connect with the laws of life, and then you see the natural movement of wisdom flows through you.

The best lessons that life can ever teach you, is to live life out of understanding and not with the beliefs or the impressions or experiences of the past.

Whatever you do with your life, make sure you understand it well, no matter how much time it takes. Once you understand the things and go ahead in your life, you close all the door for falling back.

The next thing you can pick from the laws of life is the attitude of learning. Be open to learn from others. The life is a process of learning, where you can learn from the experiences of others. When you pick the best experiences of others, it’s easier for you to grow with life.

Learning happens anywhere and every moment. Learning is the signs in the existence, to take you forward with life. You have to pick the signs and apply into your life to make it an experience of your life.

Look for the experience, that serves you to grow and evolve with the body, mind, and heart. Every experience of life should serve you. Once you get to the right things in life, make it a part of your everyday process, and improve with it.

Life also teaches you to explore. You may be doing any type of work, but be more creative with it. Try different ways to do the things. Explore different possibilities. The same situation of your life can have multiple perceptions to look from. Don’t accept the road routine. Break the patterns of your mind every day, and try something new. Push yourself and touch the impossible limits.

With life, patience is the key. Your inner system knows patience. Anything on this earth, needs time to take place. You have to have patience, to allow the things to happen. Don’t hurry up with life, but allow the process to get completed. If you break the process, you don’t receive the result of your desire.

Love is another law of life, that does wonder with the things that you touch. You need to have love in your heart before you move out in the world. Then whatever you touch gets better, and remember everything on this earth, knows the language of love. If one thing, that connects everything that exists on this earth, is love.

Touch every aspect of your life with love, and the result out of it will be beyond your imagination.

With love also comes the sense of surrender. When you are surrendered to life, you can pick the happening of events around you, and the perception of the people who are connected to you.

When you live with your own idea of life, you miss understanding the other side of life, i.e. the life of people that surrounds you. Even you wish to understand different perspective about others, you have to leave your own perspective behind to get to the perspective of others.

Life follows the process of evolution, whereby experiencing the different situations of life, you grow and evolve with life. You also have a choice and will-power to make a choice with your experiences and situations, so that you can take the process of evolution in your hands.

What you carry inside of you, brings different situations and experiences according to your capacity to handle them. When you face them with courage, you are thrown into higher challenges of life, so that you can grow and evolve with it.

The people who make complete use of the choice and will-power, purposely take responsibility towards life, so that they can grow and get better with life. The life evolves with the body, mind, and heart.

When the body, mind, and heart grows, you get clarity towards life and develop better perspective towards life.

The people who live life out of choice considers accountable to himself with every events, situation, and people they face into their life, and they make sure to get best out of them. They don’t push the world outside, but they work on themselves to get better so that they can rise above the situations, people, and experiences of life and get the best out of them.

“The Great souls take complete accountability of their inner as well as outside Life.”

The last lesson that you can pick from the life, is to lose the identity of the self. The sense of self is good to lift oneself up, both in the outside as well as inside life, but the sense of “I” can anytime turn into a disaster for yourself, if you don’t know how to handle it.

The sense of “I” or ego lies at the top position of the mind. You can detach yourself from everything, from the outside world or from your inner world, but you still carry the sense of “I”. “I” is the identity, that gives you the realization that you exists.

There is a higher reality, that exists within you, which is realized once you transcend your “I” into the higher self. The sense of “I” holds you on this earth, but when you transcend your “I” into your higher self, you connect with the vast existence and become a part of it.

Till the “I” exists within you, you can anytime slip back to your body, mind, and heart, and can get caught up in the midst of life’ situation, but once you rise higher to the self, no part of your mind and heart can ever deceive you.

With the higher self, you connect yourself with the present moment and all the wisdom and bliss flows through you. When your mind is in the present moment, your presence itself allows the things to happen.

Lao Tzu says,” Tao don’t do anything, but doesn’t leave anything undone.”

Tao is your higher self. The wisdom eye, that is present in every one of us. To the sages, it’s highly active, while with the average man even if it guides him, it’s not possible for him to pick the signs

The higher self is a guide within all of us. If there is something in the outside world, that exists for your progress, the inner guide takes you to the place, or gives you a hint from within, and then its entirely upon you, of how to go about it.

When you look into your day, there is not really much happening in your life. You go on repeating the same process of life. Its only when you connect from within, you can see and experience life with clarity.

Then you start to pick the things from life. In a day, you go through many situations and experiences of life, but the right one’s placed to lift your life can be picked by connecting from within.

Your inner world guides you, with what is important for you, and what are the things that need to be left behind.

When you start living life following the signs from within, you become more sure about your life, and you directly connect with the inner guide, that not only protects you but also show you the way of life.

Life is beautiful. But you have to be prepared to leave your sense of identity behind and allow the process of life to happen through you.

You understand, learn, explore, grow and evolve with life and come to the point within you, from which the life takes place.This place within you connects you with the laws of life. You lose the sense of self, and the process of life happens through you, to serve everything and everyone around you, like a flowing river quenching the thirst of the fellow travelers.

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