The Life of an Observer.


It may seem hard to digest this truth of life without personal experience, but you have an observer inside of you, call it God, Allah, pure Consciousness, or name it by Jesus, Muhammad, Krishna, Buddha, out of your choice of religion or spiritual path.

The source of life exists beyond mind. The role of a mind is to expand an idea into an entire life.

You join the life from the middle, and whatever your situations or circumstances of your life presents to you, out of experience and impressions of your surroundings, it turns into a full-fledged beliefs, and later on, you create life out of it, by adding and subtracting the experiences, as you move on with life.

The nature of mind is to think thoughts and the life grow, expand and get better and sometimes worse, out of that one thought or idea of the mind.

Whenever you expand in any direction of your life, its possible because of that one thought of the mind, and later on the heart and body follows.

The mind runs thoughts around the situations and events of your life, while the heart creates emotions out of the thoughts and imagination of the mind, sometimes good and sometimes not so good.

The quality of your thoughts and emotions depends upon the quality of the images and thoughts of your mind. If your thoughts and images of the mind are good, it serves you with the better quality of thoughts and emotions.

The expanded imagination plays a huge role in the quality of your thoughts and emotions. It all depends upon what kind of impressions and experiences you allow your mind to put in, and rest of your life, follows out of it.

Give your mind the best impressions and experiences from life, as much as possible, no matter what your present life situations reflects, and your mind, heart and body will begin to respond out of it.

What you put inside, is the cause and it takes sometime, to turn into an effect, but you notice the effect onto your life, if you choose to stay with it. Nothing exits on this earth without cause. The only magic with life is to connect with the cause and once you know the cause or source of life, the effect follows, out of natural laws.

“The observer that exists inside of you, is the source of life. The observer lives beyond the mind, and is the source of inner pull of energy, that allows the functions of mind, heart and body.”

The life doesn’t ends at the level of mind, and there is much beyond mind, for every human being to explore and realize. Beyond mind, there is a world of an energy and vibrations.

The power to the thoughts and emotions comes out of the inner pull of energy. When you recognize the inner energy, which is known by different religions and spirituality by different names, you become one with the natural process of life.

The right action at the right time, can be easily recognize, once you become one with the inner pull of energy. When you connect with the inner pull of energy, you don’t simply act, out of thoughts or desire, but you allow the sufficient energy to accumulate, so that you add power to your actions.

Its hard to predict the exact effect out of any action, unless you go on repeatedly practice the same process again and again, but when you connect with the inner pull of energy, it makes you sure enough about the right moment, when the action needs to be initiated.

The observer is part of the space within the mind, through which you can observe your inner energy, sensation and movement of your mind, heart and body into different situations and experiences of life.

To be with the observer, you have to get one with the inner energy, and consciously increase the energy level, so that you can experience the observer within the body.

This is possible when you connect with the inner world of breathe and sensation, and make them the ladder, to reach to the inner world of feelings, emotions, thoughts and images of the mind.

In the normal life, you rely more on your thoughts, emotions and actions, while with the observer, you trust only the inner level of energy for your different form of expressions.

With the observer, you have an option to look into your mind and remain absolute detached with it. With the observer the activities of the mind, heart and body doesn’t over power you, at any point of time and thus, you always remain in control of yourself.

The observer sees the solutions for every problems of life, but not necessarily act, but wait for the response from life. Life here means people, situations, events or different experiences. The observer is part of an existence, and thus trust the process of life, more than anything else.

The life follows the natural process and nothing can ever take-place out of the process. If you think, you can manage to take few actions out of the process, in the circle of life, life again brings you back to the same natural process of life.

You can choose to move away from the process of life, but again and again you have to come back to the same natural process of life.

“The natural process of life begins with the observer, i.e. vibrations and moves to the inner pull of energy. The inner pull of energy allows the process of mind, heart and body to take place, and the quality of inner energy in the moment, allows the quality of thoughts & emotions and the same, turns into an expression in different forms.”

The life’s lesson teaches you to look beyond your present situations and events of life, if it doesn’t appear, the way you imagine into your mind. When you make an attempt to create life, that takes you higher with the experiences of life, slowly your inner energy level rise higher, to attract the higher experiences of life, leaving all the past impressions and experiences of life behind.

You can only change your present situations or circumstances of life, if you consciously choose every event and situation of life, and your intent remains with every step of life, to rise higher than the present condition.

The life at any stage, is capable enough to take you, where you belong, and the time you realize the observer within, you come to the source of life, from where the process of life initiates. There is no experience remains, for you to experience beyond an observer.

With the observer, the life is experience from the point of source and nothing is left beyond the observer to understand, and every step of life, comes out of the natural process of life.

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