The Life (Mind) is a Progressive Reality



The life is a progressive reality. The life expands with the expansion of mind. Whatever you put your attention upon, either the things, situation or people, you develop the knowing within your own mind and expand your reaction, respond or your thoughts in the outside world.

The mind and the outside world is directly connected to each other. The mind is an all-knowing entity, and whatever you think or imagine with the mind, you can realize it into your life.

The nature of mind can best be understood with the science and its experimentation.

“Whenever the scientist, try to experiment on an object, it’s not the object that reveals the information, but when you put your mind on any object or subject, the mind itself creates a space within, and reveals the information to you.”

This happens when you put all your attention on one object or thing. It’s not that the outside thing reveals its details, but your mind is connected with everything that exists on earth, and when you direct the mind on the thing, the mind reveals the information and not an object.

The life evolves not outside, but into your own mind. In the outside world, you simply see and experience different expressions of the individual’s mind. The life evolves on the individual as well as collective level. The nature of mind is to grow, expand and evolve.

The mind grows and evolves with different experiences of life. No matter where you utilize your mind, you have to learn and understand life, out of an experience.

Many times, you may find one person’s understanding better than the other. It’s because one person’s mind is more open to the life’s experiences than other. It may happen, that two person comes across the similar situation, and one person takes responsibility and accountability for the situation, while the other simply ignores and choose to run away from the situation, out of his own fear.

You grow and evolve with the choices and decisions of life. If you accept and embrace life with open heart and with the open mind, you learn out of every experience of life, & grow and evolve quickly with life. Some people understand things quickly, because of their openness to life.

If you are never open to new experiences of life, you never learn and grow, but you simply repeat the same circle  of life.

“The life expands when your mind expands and the mind expands when you are open to face different experiences of life.”

“The German philosopher, Fried-rich Nietzsche, rightly said, ” That which doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger.”

People unconsciously repeat the same experiences of life and learn nothing new out of it. The mind needs some pressure, for it to expands. The stress and tension with the mind, and feelings of pain and suffering with the heart is the nature’s way to expand the heart and mind for the people who live their life, unconsciously.

When the mind expands, it develops the space within, to experience life with a better perception. The expansion of the mind and heart is what the process of evolution is all about. The life or mind is progressive or is of ever-expanding nature.

The process of life begins with the need-based desires and further as the needs and desires expand, the mind serves the human, to manifest the physical reality.

In the outside world, whatever you think or imagine, already exists in the form of five elements, earth, water, air, fire, and space. Anything that manifests in the physical form, consist of this five elements. The mind too is made up of this five elements, and thus the mind and the outside life are inter-connected.

“Whenever you imagine or think to create something, you construct the things into your mind and create the step by step process, into your own mind, before it turns out to be a reality, in the outside world.”

The physical manifestation of the world, that we experience now, is created by the people who walked this earth and created life, to serve their needs and desires. As the human evolved with their mind, the life in the outside world improved and got better.

The people like you has manifested the physical creation, on this earth. There is no failure or success with life. It’s just that with the chaotic mind, sometimes it’s difficult to connect the right dots into the mind.

With the silent mind, you can manifest anything on this earth, as it becomes easier for you to connect the right dots into the mind. All the solution of life exists in you. All you need to do is to know how to connect the right dots.

You can create or manifest anything you want out of life. It’s just that your mind should be capable enough to imagine things and consistent enough to hold onto those things.

It’s good to expand with life, as life with the mind is progressive, but with it, you also need to know your roots. Life origins and expands from you. Anytime you get lost with the chaotic mind, you don’t have to look outside, but you can simply hold your mind, to yourself, and you simply connect yourself, back to your roots.

The life is not only about the evolution, but there is a process called involution, where you rise above the mind and experience the inner source of life. There is a source of life (mind ) that exists in you.

The mind with the expansion in the outside world gives you a different experience of the outside world. When  the same mind is directed inside, it also serve’s the purpose of self-realization. The self-realization is to experience life (mind ) beyond individual identity.

You have space within you, which is the source of life, and where all the identification with the mind, heart, and body ends. This space allows you to have an experience, to be one with the source. The empty space within you is from where life pulsates and once the circle of life gets over, you get one with it.

The life (mind) grows within and outside with the experience and understanding of life, and the time you create an intent, to move beyond the physical reality of life, you realize the deeper world of pure energy and vibrations.

With the self-realization or connecting with the higher world, the process of life gets clear. As the order of life that pulsates in you, on a micro-level, the same order of life, in the outside world exists on a macro-level.

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