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When you observe life closely, moment by moment you will notice that the life is moving all the time. These create problems sometimes when you don’t understand the nature of life.

Many people create goals in their lives or take a firm decision, but as life is moving swiftly, whatever you have decided in the past, becomes hard to achieve in the present moment.

You have to keep adjusting yourself to life. This doesn’t mean you don’t create goals in your life, rather all it means is, you keep yourself flexible with life.

Don’t try to mold life according to your ways, rather stay open to get adjusted to the ways of life. Stay flexible with life. When life is moving all the time, you just cannot stay rigid and firm in the moment. That will break you sooner or later.

Every moment of your life, you have to be flexible. If the things go according to your plans or not, you have to be flexible. Even if the people or situations go against your desired plan, still you have to maintain your flexibility, so that you can make the necessary changes, as the things proceed further.

Life is beautiful if you know how to flow with it. You also have the life energy inside of you, which is constantly moving within the body. The life energy or spirit or soul, whatever you name it, constantly move along with the life that is happening outside.

The time you realize the moving life energy inside, it becomes easier to get along with the life that is constantly happening outside.

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The best way to flow with the natural process of life is to stay open and surrender to the ways of life. When you surrender, you don’t lose control over life rather along with staying surrender to the ways of life, you stay aware at the moment. You don’t lose your awareness in the moment, rather you only give away your rigidity in the moment.

Many times we get into the situation, where we feel stuck in life. At times we get into the clash with our closed ones, that doesn’t allow us to move forward. We remain caught up in the past situation’s while the life flows continuously all the time. The only way to continuously grow in life is to have a wisdom of moving forward.

If you know, how to move along with the process of life, you can achieve anything in your life with effortless ease. The natural flow of life allows the things to manifest on its own. When you utilize the force to get the things done in the moment, you may achieve one or the other thing of the moment, but in the long run, you lose the race of life.

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Keeping pace with the moving life keeps you separate from the attachments of life. All the pain and suffering and chaos and confusion arises because of the attachments in life. When you get attached to the things of the moment, you start perceiving life from the biased perspective. You have to be the detached observer of life, to receive the absolute clarity of the moment.

The mind has a usual habit of living life out of assumptions or on the basis of the past. But when it comes to the life of the moment, it’s always fresh. It has no affiliation with the past or the future, rather it always remains fresh in the moment.

The natural ways of life are completely different from the ways of the mind. The mind only knows how to live out of the past or assume the things into the future. The mind never focuses on the life of the moment.

To be with the ever-flowing life of the moment, you have to bring your mind to the moment.

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When the mind is continuously flowing into the past as well as into the future, you too flow with it. The life is flowing separately at the moment, and you remain caught up in the illusory life created by your mind.

To flow with the life in the moment, you have to come out of your mind, and experience life in the moment. You have to grow your awareness in the moment. When your mind is occupied with the things of the outside world or the things of the mind, you remain away from the life that is happening at the moment. It’s only when you consciously stay aware of your mind, your awareness grows in the moment.

Your role in life is to stay aware at the moment, and the ever-flowing life is sufficient enough to take you to your course. Most of our lives are spent in wrestling with life, that simply puts us away from the wisdom of life.

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You can only make most out of life by becoming one with it. The life is all about understanding. The more you understand life, the more you get closer to it.

The process of life that works as a whole, the similar life also flows in you. When you connect with the inner flow of life, you also understand the flow of life that works outside.

In the universe, the life moves in the form of energy. You have to connect with the inner moving energy to understand the process of life. Life is subtle and amidst of all the physical activities, it’s always the subtle world that allows the process of life possible.

You have to dive deep into your subtle world, to understand the process of life and it’s only your understanding of life, that will allow you to become one with life.

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