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The life is experienced here and now. Now two things that are important to understand about this moment.

The first thing is that the mind has its own way of functions, and it likes to go on thinking and imagining things, out of the impressions and experiences of the past or simply dreaming about the future.

The second thing is, anything you wish to achieve with life, can only happen by working on it in the present moment.

When you remain lost with the thinking and imaginations of the mind, you lose the work that is possible in the present moment. When you lose the work that is possible in the present moment, you simply delay your success or accomplishments.

No matter what you imagine or think in the moment, but the only thing that will manifest in the physical reality are the ones, that have been acted upon. Unless you act in the present moment, you just cannot meet your dreams into a reality.

When you experience life here and now, you keep your thinking process aside and connects with the life happening in the present moment.

Peace in the Present Moment

You cannot do things in the present moment, that doesn’t lead you to your dreams or desires. But at the same time, if you remain caught up with the thinking and imaginative process of the mind, you simply lose the track of life.

The mind likes to live in the stories, and if you somehow believe in the stories of the mind, you separate yourself from the eternal process of life, that is happening at this moment.

The present moment has all the answers for your query, but if you look for the solutions in the mind, you will simply repeat the process from the past. Fresh experiences of life are only possible in the moment.

In the moment, you don’t think to act from the past, but you allow the life to unfold out of spontaneity. You simply accept the present moment whole-heartedly and give everything that you have in the moment.

No matter what you have done in the past, or howsoever bigger dreams you have for your life, it can only be achieved by serving the present moment.

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This doesn’t mean you will not deviate from your path, but for that, you need to understand the nature of your mind.

When you understand the nature of your mind, you will realize that the mind can only provide you the experiences from the past. When you look for the future, you can only see from the past.

It’s only when you can put your mind aside and connect with the reality of the moment, you allow yourself to open for the fresh experiences of life.

You have a circle of twenty-four hours in a day, that repeats itself. You can only give everything to life in these twenty-four hours of the day.

If you connect with the present flow of life, you connect with the circle of twenty-four hours. You don’t try to see life beyond the circle of twenty-four hours, but see what is possible from your end, with these circle of life.

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All the fear and anxiety of life arises from the past and the future. The present moment is the only moment that is full of possibilities. But you can make most out of the present moment, only when you are absolutely present in the moment.

Two things have to be clear with you. Your path and the destination. Your path has to be limited to the circle of twenty-four hours, and these daily circle of life should include everything that takes you towards your destination.

As you limit your presence to the daily circle of life, your every action of the day will come out of heightened awareness. With the presence in the moment, you will see more and when you see more and you will have better clarity about how to go about the task at hand.

Your life improves with the daily actions and your daily actions can only be improved with your presence in the moment.

When you perceive life in the moment, either you look through the perception of your mind or you can directly look at life at the moment.

When you consciously put your attention in the moment, you can read the thoughts and imaginations of your mind. If you can read your mind with the outward attention, then you can put aside, what’s going on in your mind and focus on the task at hand.

If you don’t know the nature of your mind, then it becomes easier for your mind to drive your attention either in the past or the future.

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There are different tools that can serve you to understand the nature of your mind and experience life beyond it.

Now, this doesn’t mean when you experience the present reality your mind doesn’t think thoughts or imagine things, but when you understand that the present moment is more powerful, authentic and real than the thinking and imagination of your mind, than you can consciously put aside the thoughts and the imagination of your mind and connect with the present moment.

The process of life is not limited to the body and mind but you have more to explore inside that can give you the true reality of life. The natural process of life can be realized within if you can spend time to observe your inner reality and move deep into it.

The experience of here and now is the direct experience from the mind. Usually, the mind is filled with different experiences and impressions of life and people savor these experiences and impressions within and likes to indulge themselves into the same experiences, while the life in the moment is absolutely open up to provide you the fresh experience every moment.

Meditation and physical exercise are different tools that can connect you with the present moment. Mind you when I say, “you” connect with the present moment, that means it’s not “you” but your mind directly experience the present moment.

“I”, “Me” or “You” is no more than a symbolic expression for an individual identity when it comes to the language. When you experience your mind from within, you realize that, no person as “you” exists in the mind.

Declutter Your Mind

The “you” is only formed because of the stored experiences and impressions of the mind. At the base of the mind, all the ideas of “you” and your experiences and impressions gets vanished and all you experience at the base of the mind is the pure state of mind. The life’s experience in the present moment can only come out of this pure state of mind.

With the physical exercise, you can notice the different movements of your inner world. That will help you to connect with the inner world and will bring you closer to the pure state of mind.

The same applies to the practice of meditation. In meditation too, you can observe your breath, that can connect you with the inner sensation and further the sensation can take you into the deeper reality, which will result into your improved awareness in the moment. The art to observe your inner world can serve you to directly connect with the pure state of mind.

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