The life is Effortless, with the Natural order


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The natural order of life begins with the vibrations or empty space. The self-realization, to which the buddha called emptiness or nothingness. It’s the space of the higher vibrations or soul, that holds the life together.

The life is not only the physical body, but it initiates from within, from the space of higher vibrations and moves down to the sensation and pure energy form, to which the most used term is kundalini energy. The sensation and kundalini energy are part of the subtle body.

All the experiences of inner, as well as outside life, gets stored in the subtle part of the body. The truth behind reincarnation lies in the subtle body. When the person dies, it carries the impressions and experiences of his past life,  in the subtle body and the fresh birth depends on the experiences and impressions of his past life.

The life is a continuous process, and unless you realize the subtle part of the body, which is possible, once you awaken your inner source of energy, the truth from the higher dimension of life, is not possible. The experience of wisdom and bliss is possible, once you realize the inner source of life, and become one with it.

The subtle body with its sensation and inner energy, forms the physical structure of the body, including the mind and heart. The physical body is accumulated part of the subtle body. The subtle body is the primary force of life, while the physical body is the secondary one.

The physical body works as an instrument, for the expression of the subtle body. The subtle body fulfills its desire’s of the past, through the physical body. The breathe too is part of the kundalini energy, and the time you awaken the inner source of energy, the breath merge with the inner energy and becomes one with it. The process of breathe is possible, only when the inner energy lies, in a dormant state.

The mind, heart, and body extract energy from the spiritual energy on a daily basis, and the quality of mind, heart, and body, further makes use of this energy, for its creative expression. Creativity is not only an art or an invention, but whatever you create by making the use of mind, heart and body include creativity. Your life itself is a creative expression in different forms.

The daily activities or schedule of life comes out of the thought process of the mind.

“It seems like your life is based on needs and desire’s, but in reality, your daily activities of life comes out of the much deeper beliefs, experiences, and impressions, that you hold from the past.”

Very little part of life, comes out of your needs or desire’s, while a large part of life depends on upon your past belief system.

The quality of the thought process decides your daily activities of life. The thought process of the mind comes out of your past experiences and impressions of life.

“The process of evolution with the mind, heart and body have come long way, that its hard for the mind, to figure out its own roots. The roots of life, lies within you.”

The efforts of life come from your daily schedule, and the outcome or the result of life comes from your daily efforts. The life follows an order, and more you connect with yourself, at the level of mind, heart, and body, the closer you get to the natural order of life.

The process of evolution can be accelerated by working on the mind, heart, and body. It’s not necessary that everyone can relate to the subtle part of the body, but everyone can relate to the physical reality of life.

The path of enlightenment moves backward. The understanding towards the natural process of life and the path towards wisdom and bliss is possible if you begin the journey of life backward.

The life comes out of vibrations. From vibrations to pure energy and sensation of the subtle world, and later the mind, heart, body, and breathe at the physical level. The physical as well as subtle world experience’s cause and effect of life.

The effect may not be observed, but the cause or action with life can always be observed, evaluated, and checked. To begin the path of enlightenment, the process can be initiated by observing one’s action.

Most of the people spend their life, on judging and evaluating and dreaming the life of others. They are never into themselves, and this keeps them away from the understanding towards life and creates their own authentic life.

When you observe your actions, you simply bring awareness to life. The awareness of actions, allows you to plan ahead with life and encourage you to make the most conscious choice and decisions with your life. Life is all about choice and decisions. Every choice and the decision have the power to change your path for the future.

“You may not write your destiny with one choice or decision, but you simply can alter the path, that can lead you for the better future.”

Once you are aware of the daily activities of life, it becomes easier for you to connect with the mind, heart, and body.

“The mind, heart, and body are a linked between the outside life and the inner world, while the breathe is the invisible thread that connects both the physical as well as meta-physical world.”

Each day you receive pure energy from the inner source, that you can utilize to express yourself, into the world. When the mind, heart, and body are already filled with the past life’s impressions and experiences, it’s hard to feel a pure energy and make something out of it.

All the past impressions from the body, mind, and heart can be cleared, if you consciously work on yourself. Any form of physical exercise, for a specified time, serves as a cleansing process for your body, heart, and mind.

Meditation and breathing technique too serves you to clear the air from inside. Once you purify the internal process, you allow the pure energy to flow through your system, and this develops better perception towards life. With the better perception, you see the things clearly outside and make the choices and decisions with life, i.e. closer to the natural order.

The failure in life is only when you fail to understand life or don’t make any conscious effort to understand life. Nothing on this earth happens without effort. The life only becomes effortless, once you connect with the natural order of life, out of your understanding.

When you connect with the body, heart, and mind, and live inside out, you create the space inside, to connect with the deeper world of energy and vibrations. The natural order and the process of life are understood when you realize life beyond mind.

Meditation is a powerful tool, to silence the mind and experience the no-thought state. When you experience the no-thought state, you get closer to experience the life beyond the no-mind state.

The experience of kundalini awakening lies beyond the no-mind state. When the inner source of energy awakens, you experience the powerful force of energy inside. This energy allows you to experience the higher reality of life and opens completely new dimension of life.

The new perception towards life gets developed through the awakening of inner power. This inner power releases you from the bondage of body, mind, and heart and your identification from the body consciousness shifts to the soul consciousness.

When you understand the nature of things and its process with the higher dimension, you simply don’t judge or analyze life, but rather accept or embrace the natural process of life, with people, situation, events, or different experiences of life.

Even human follows the natural process of evolution, from inside, and with the higher dimension of life, if you can see the past, present and future state of every human, it simply brings understanding and compassion towards every soul. The understanding of the nature of the things, from its very roots, allows you to bring compassion for life.

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  1. Happiness needs no cause. It needs no action. It needs no effort. When it comes, it won’t knock your door. That is the happiness. That is the life we should live. 🙂

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