The Life beyond the Personal Identity of the Mind

Personal identity

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Life evolves with the identity of the mind. As your understanding grows with life, you stop identifying yourself with the illusory stuff and look for the higher truth whether it’s inside or in the outside world.

The personal identity of a human starts with the body. The very first thing with which the person identifies itself is with the body. The physical body becomes the center point of the identity.

Your identity of the mind grows with the physical body. The physical body appears outside but the similar subtle body also exists in your mind. You see and experience life keeping the physical identity in the mind.

All the memories of your life are circled around the identity of the mind. You recognize yourself as the identity of the mind. All the memories with the identity become the part of you.

Here I want you to understand that life is possible beyond the personal identity of the mind. You still exist even by dropping the identity of your mind and all the memories associated with it. It’s a state of awakening where all the identity of the mind gets dropped and the inside, as well as outside life, becomes one.

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The personal identity grows in the mind.

As the child grows, the first thing he relates itself is with his or her body. This physical body no matter how it develops becomes his first identification in his mind. He starts recognizing himself as a body. Now, for him, everything grows around the physical appearance that he holds in his mind.

As his understanding grows, and he starts connecting with the thoughts and feelings, he gets familiar with the other aspect of the body, i.e. mind. The process of transcendence takes place slowly within the body. As the understanding grows in the human, the identification shifts from the physical to subtle i.e. mind.

As you get familiar with the subtle aspect of life or closely study the subtle identity of the mind, you understand the formation of it, in the mind. Our daily life repeats itself and it’s the identity of the mind that allows us to follow the same process of life over and over again.

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When you notice the absurdity of the same repetitive process, you become aware of the repetition of life that goes on and on, on a daily basis. The awareness in the moment allows you to look deeper into the same repetitive process of life and it becomes easier to get detached from it and look for the deeper truth of life.

When your awareness grows in the moment, you don’t repeat the same process of life; rather you break the patterns of life and live your life with more awareness.

The mind holds the personal identity surrounded by the memories of the lifetime. This doesn’t allow you to experience the truth of the self.

When you consciously search for “Who you are” inside your mind all the illusory stuff gets dropped and you don’t find any of your personal identity in your mind. All you see is an empty space in your mind.

The Perfect You

This empty space of the mind is the true reality and no identity of an individual exists in the mind when you consciously start searching for it.

Till the time, you haven’t experienced the empty space of the mind, you relate yourself to the identity and the memories of the mind that you have gathered over the time.

The personal identity that you carry around all the time will not be available when you consciously search for it within the self. The only thing you will encounter in you is an emptiness of the mind.

With the emptiness of the mind, you realize the formation of the personal identity and different memories that you gathered around it.

The truth is not realized with the emptiness of the mind but you encounter a completely new reality that you have never experienced before.

You see the world with the personal identity of the mind and when no identity remains in the mind, you experience the world directly with the mind. You see life as it is without any filter.

When you get acquainted with the emptiness of the mind, you come across one more subtle body, i.e. spirit that continuously works through the body and mind.

Cultivating the Empty Field

The movement of the Kundalini energy is rapid and it works for the nourishment of the whole body.

Remember the mind is different and the brain is different in the body. The mind and the brain are two different bodies. The brain is a physical part of the body, just like the heart and stomach, while the mind is the subtle body that exists within the body. You experience the sensation, thoughts, feelings, imagination, all within the mind and because of the mind in the body.

For the first time, when the mind encounters the Kundalini energy all it does is observes the Kundalini energy and its movement in the body.

With the realization of the Kundalini energy, all your identification with the body and mind gets dropped and you associate yourself with the higher life that exists in the body.

The Kundalini energy is not the highest experience of life, and the mind keeps a close eye on the movement of Kundalini energy to experience the higher truth if at all it exists in the body.

When the mind spends enough time with the movement of the Kundalini energy, it experiences the source of the Kundalini energy as well as the mind.

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In the deep meditation, the Kundalini energy slips backward getting detached from the physical body, moving back to its source. The mind too follows all the movement of the Kundalini energy, and what it realizes is, the point comes when the mind too follows the Kundalini energy to its source.

The source of the Kundalini energy and the mind is one and the same, and this truth is realized when both the Kundalini energy and the mind moves to the source.

At this moment neither the seer nor the experiencer remains, but what remains is an ultimate experience. This is the ultimate experience where the Kundalini energy and the mind becomes one with its source.

All this magic happens within the body. The mind becomes the witness till the point when it can follow the tail of the Kundalini energy, but when the mind too gets pulled with the force towards the source, nobody remains to experience but all that remains is an experience.

All that matters with life is an experience, because at the end, all that remains is an experience, and everything else moves into the source and become one with the source.

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