The Key to All the Problems of Life is inside


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What is a problem?

The situation that holds a solution, but in the moment, you simply feel you have been caught in it. There are minor problems and there are major problems, but to each and every problem of life, there is a solution.

The solution is not somewhere outside, but it’s in the way you perceive the problem. Problems exist in you, and so does the solution. The only work requires solving any problem of your life, is the real work on you.

The time you begin to adjust your perception, towards your problem, the same world becomes a heaven for you.

Life doesn’t follow any fix plans, and thus, you experience different expected and unexpected situations in your life. With some situations you are familiar, and with others, you don’t know why it exists. But this is the way of life.

The only thing that needs to be adjusted with life is your perspective. Remember nothing appears in anyone’s life without any reason, and it holds some reference in his past or the present moment. The future has its seeds in the present moment while your present moment is rooted in your past.

It may appear like, things happen all of a sudden, but that’s not the case. Life always follows a process. One thing leads to another. Your present comes out of the past and past comes out of the future. If you do nothing with your life, still something will come out of it, and if you are happy with what you receive in the present moment, you can go on living the same life, and if you think the change is required, then the subject and object of change has to be you, and not anything else.

It takes time for the things to manifest. Everything needs necessary time and energy for its manifestation.

The Frequency, Fulfill All Your Wishes By Manifesting With Vibrations

You attract life. You attract thoughts, feelings, and actions. You attract different situations, events, experiences, and impressions into your life. You have a continuous flow of energy inside of you, and that energy attracts similar energy into your life, in different forms.

Looking at the external reality, you may never grasp the life as a whole. Only when you connect with the internal reality, you understand how you form the impressions and experiences, thoughts and emotions into your internal reality.

Your perception of life is more or less based on the inner flowing energy. You never really see, the external reality, with its true nature, but you only see, according to the perception, you carry in your mind.

This perception depends on upon the inner flowing energy. Remember when you feel good inside, which means the flow of energy is high, and in those moments, you can forgive the unforgettable and when the flow of inner energy is lesser in the prepare moment, you can create chaos out of nothing.

Most of your life is covered with unconsciousness. Although with the mind you may justify thousand and one things, but when you really sit and observe your life, you will find nothing.

Try to describe your past few years, and see what can you find out? Do you have any worthwhile, that you have experience, in your last five, ten or fifteen years or life has simply passed by?

Till the time, you look for the chaos outside, life will always appear to be a problem.

The external reality always seems like a problem, because the external reality is nothing more than a projection of the subtle reality, of the people who live on this earth.

If you look for the life’s answers outside, then what else will you find?

Sometimes while sitting alone, you might think lots of negative thoughts, and you feel that your experiences of life are responsible for it, but that’s not the case.

It’s all because of the higher and lower flow of energy inside the body. Many times, it happens that we also think negative thoughts out of the positive experiences. Sometimes if you don’t find anything negative about the situation or person, then your mind knows, how to create jealousy out of it.

We have heard many times, that we need to make adjustments to life. Let me tell you, you don’t have to make any adjustments, other than what lies inside of you. Once you create perfect harmony inside and know yourself from inside out, no problems of life will remain bigger for you, and you will have all the solutions for the life’s problems from inside.

Life is always simple in the moment. It’s the idea of our mind that makes the moment big or small. Nothing happens with life all of a sudden, and it always takes lots of energy to build something.

If you think you have been stuck with the biggest problems of life, then you have to understand that, it took lots of your efforts to construct that problem.

Now, when you made lots of effort to make the problem bigger then it will also take the necessary time to wipe out that problem from your life. To know this truth, and hold yourself at, this time is what wisdom all about.

Remember solving the biggest problems of your life may take time, but once you understand the path towards the solution, peace touch your heart, and all remains for you, is to walk upon that path.

The effort is not much required outside, but in reality, the real effort is required to adjust our perception inside towards life. All the effort lies is making the things clear to the self. Once the things are clear inside than the path is easier to walk upon.

The mountain can never be too high if your feet are strong enough to climb, and the mind holds the will to do the task. The magic of life lies inside, and it has to bring out from within.

No matter what exists outside, if your inner energy is flowing high, you can achieve anything with life, and this is what you need to learn about life. To learn when it’s the right time to act, not looking at the external situation, but stay connected with the inner flowing energy. Knowing is to know when to act, and when to hold yourself back.

All the problems and challenges make life interesting. It makes the living worthwhile. If everything follows a straight order, we lose our interest out of life.

The One Year Uncommon Life Daily Challenge

Have you seen; many people simply get bored with life. Their problem is not that they have problems, but their problem is that they don’t have any problems. Without problems, without actions, without creation, without doing something worthwhile, without any goal or purpose, life simply remains boring.

You have to have problems and challenges with life so that you can grow. So that your understanding develops with life. More you grow, more you are prepared to face bigger challenges with life. Life supports us. Life belongs to us. It’s here for us.

Everything in the existence supports life. We all are part of each other. We all are connected at a deeper level. We all have the same source, and we all are united from within. We only are divided, when we think and feel we are individuals.

When you stand separate from others and life, many things that may not be even considered as a problem will be created by the mind. Many things with life are created by our own mind.

The mind works in both the ways. It works positive and negative and both are useful in its own ways. Both have its utility purpose. Positive and negative thoughts of the mind are just like negative and positive current. Life is not possible without both the current.

The power of life can only be generated by both the currents. All you need to take care is a proper balance of both. Once you know, how to keep the balance of both, you will not only understand the internal and external reality of life but the source of life too will be revealed to you.

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