The Journey to Self-Realization

The Journey to Self-Realization

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Truth is skin deep. It’s not on the surface, but it’s available to those, who are ready to look beyond the physical appearance. Truth is not in the body, but truth enters into the body and can consciously move out of the body.

You are the consciousness, that can experience the truth and live with it. You are not the limited edition with the body, brain, and heart, but you are much grander in experience, beyond the physical identity of the mind.

The journey of the self-realization is to bring you closer to the truth of life, that exists within. Truth is inside and all the outside path of life is to direct you inward, to connect with the truth. The life is a journey, because truth doesn’t happen in a day, but each day little light reflects on you.

You have to live that little truth so that further light can be bestowed. Light is consciousness, that gives you the understanding of the natural process of life, that takes place within. The light of consciousness has nothing to do with the functions of the mind.

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Truth is also an experience. Each day you receive the little truth of life and you come closer to the natural process of life.

The truth is available to you so that you can live that truth. The more you live the truth, the more you become the truth. Experience is always for the moment while living an experience sometimes takes a lifetime.

Each day you receive the light on the spiritual path and you have to live and relive the light, till further light is bestowed upon you. Yes, life is a miracle, but the miracle is not somewhere outside, but it’s happening within you. You are asleep to the miracle that’s taking place in you.

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The more you chase life outside, the more you get separated from the reality of life. The truth or reality of life is an experience.

Look at your life, are you experiencing life in this moment, or simply repeating the same process. Spiritual experience is always fresh. It rejuvenates your entire being. A single experience is enough for the lifetime, and if you are aware enough of your life, you can have the experience twice a day.

The experience takes us forward with life. When you have an experience, you sit on the experience to view the world. The innermost experience becomes the benchmark to experience life.

“If you learn to observe the experiences of your day-to-day life, than your concern remain less to, whats happening outside, and more on what you are experiencing inside.”

The Gift of Being Yourself: The Sacred Call to Self-Discovery (Spiritual Journey)

The innermost experience changes your perspective towards life. You don’t view life, as what happening outside, but you see life, out of your individual experience.

The spiritual experience on the path gives you a glimpse of the natural process of life. It shows the inner functions of life.

Self-realization is a key to life. If you don’t have the key you struggle in different ways with life, but once you have the key, all you have to do is unlock the door, and move inside.

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Self-realization gives you an access, beyond mind. You perceive life, without the interference of mind. You understand the natural principles of life. All the situation, people, and experience of life appears to you with absolute clarity.

You see the naked truth of life. You look into people, situation and experience, not only as it, appears in the present moment, but also his past, and what will turn out of it, in the future. This helps you to make a right choice, as per the consequences or effect out of the cause, you are looking for, in the future.

The life begins and ends with the source and the self-realization is to realize the source of life, within. Pure consciousness is the source of life. It’s the highest truth of life.

Pure consciousness beyond the mind, is not an empty space, but the space that vibrates at a higher frequency. All the juice of life flows through this empty space.

The Empty Boat: Encounters with Nothingness

The life takes place outside, not because of the brain, heart, and body but you have the spirit, that functions through the brain, heart and body and it cannot think over or evaluated, but can only be experienced, just like breath, sensations, thoughts, feelings, and emotions in the body.

The spirit holds different experiences and impressions of life, and more experience the spirit, more it gets attached to the body. The journey towards self-realization, allows you to drop the experiences and impressions of the past, and detach the spirit from the physical body.

Once the pure consciousness, realized in the body, all the efforts of spirit lies in becoming one with the consciousness.

The ultimate purpose of spirit is to merge into the pure consciousness. Even after the self-realization, your daily life creates daily impressions and experiences of life, but the spirit with the consciousness sheds all the impressions and experiences of life, and gets closer, on becoming one with pure consciousness.

Each day, spirit experience the truth within, that brings itself, closer to the consciousness. Life is possible directly with the consciousness. With life what matters is an experience, but we are simply lost in repeating the same process of life.

Move on the path of self-realization, where you come closer to the truth, each day, and as you come closer to the truth, you begin to drop all the unnecessary experiences and impressions of life, that acts as an obstacle, on the path of self-realization.

The Essence of Self-Realization: The Wisdom of Paramhansa Yogananda

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