The Journey from Personal Identity to True Self


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We all are on the pilgrimage. Our life journey starts with the name and physical body. We grow and develop with the name and the identity we carry for our self, into our mind. This blog is about how “I” is developed by the mind and creates its narrative identity and goes through the paths of life, to realize the self, which is beyond mind. The mind is in the self and the self is not in the mind.

Some are born to explore their life, to reach to the highest truth of life, while others follow the natural process of evolution, and grows eventually with space and time.

The journey from ego to the self is the journey with space and time to the journey, i.e. beyond space and time, i.e. eternity. All the shifts in life happen in the mind. No other person can ever know, what happened to you inside, and your life can switch from time to no-time state.

Life is all about experience, and all the experiences of life get registered inside the mind to develop the narrative identity. The journey from “I” to the self is to recognize the self, from within and merge the “I” into the self and experience the life beyond enlightenment.

“I” Narrative identity of the Mind.

We all have this “I” within us, that grows and evolve within time and space, with the experiences of life. All the experiences in life, serves the person, in one or the other way. When the situation gets tough, we get the chance to overcome the situation, and make our own identity stronger than before. We make or break our image.

It’s always good to stand for oneself, if we are on the right side of life, as it develops self-confidence, and boost the personal image from inside.

People try to build their personality from outside, for others to see, but that doesn’t last long, as a true character is only developed inside.

Journey to the Boundless

The image that we carry for our self-takes us through life. We all live for an idea. Some choose to have material success in life, some like to express themselves with one or the other medium of expression, some wants to be famous and have the glory, and others look for the truth in life.

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With the idea of the self and life comes an intention. If the intention is pure and i.e. for the benefit of all, the personal image of the mind gets a boost, and it moves out in the world, fearlessly to accomplish his dreams and desire of life.

Dreams and desires are nothing more than thoughts of the mind, filled with feelings and emotions. It should be known to the person, that anytime one can change his thoughts and feelings if he is not comfortable with his or her own.

The best way to nurture the “I” within is to understand, what we want from life, and with all the might, move towards our goal, so that we can grow and evolve with life. When we achieve success, with the real efforts the growth happens outside as well as inside.

Intuition is the language of the Soul.

Our narrative identity only grows in its full potential, if we follow our heart. Intuition is the language of the soul. It’s a knock on the inner door, from the soul. We have heard many times to follow the intuition. The “I” develops with a faster pace, by following the intuition of the heart.

Life knocks at the door, every now and then, but very few choose to listen, and most of them avoid, by staying into the trap of their own idea about life.

When we live in the mind, we do the same thing and follow the same schedule, and think the same thoughts, but when we start listening to the heart, we are taken to the places, that helps the mind and emotions to explore.

We all have a schedule in life. We all plan our life in advance, but life always has something different, out of the schedule to offer us all the time. Sometimes from the middle of the path, we are taken away to some different destinations altogether. These all are the signs of life. Observe the signs (Omens) in Life

To listen and understand the heart, it’s necessary to believe that life talks to us. Sometimes through people, situations and sometimes with deeper inner feelings or thoughts. Life will come to you if you relentlessly follow the life’s path and look for the opportunities in life. Never avoid the heart, if the feelings are strong, and follow it till the end.


Soul-realization is the highest human experience. It’s an experience of the whole beyond mind. With the self, we can see our own mind. Soul-realization gives us the clarity about the process of life. It reveals the truth of life.

Life Beyond Enlightenment.

The process of enlightenment is moving from ordinary state to extraordinary state to again moving back to the ordinary state.

When the process starts, the person is ordinary. As he evolves with the process and reaches its peak, it becomes extraordinary within his experience. Again once the highest peak is attained, he becomes ordinary, but this time, the ordinary has a different fragrance with life.

It feels like, he has a golden touch. Whatever he touches turns into gold. That feeling is different. The process is unique. The person has to die from inside, before realizing the soul within. Without death, the realization is not possible. It only happens after death. Death & Retreat is, One and the same.

Without the realization of the subtle body, the truth of life cannot be realized. This is the only mystery, that solves all other mysteries of life.

The Chakra Book: Energy and Healing Power of the Subtle Body

Life is not a mystery, but how the life chooses the people, who deserve to be enlightened. This is the mystery of life. Beyond enlightenment, there is no query remains for the mind. Mind itself gets solved, and still if there are some queries, i.e. still unanswered, is irrelevant, and not necessary to be answered by the existence. Realizing the soul is to stabilize yourself at the highest possible frequency and experience yourself as energy and vibrations. Experience it, rather using your mind to comprehend it.

The Essence of Self-Realization: The Wisdom of Paramhansa Yogananda

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