The God and Life in the Present Moment

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The present moment is this very moment when you are reading this sentence. Even while reading the sentence, you will not be entirely focused in this moment, and your mind will be thinking thoughts. You might be in a hurry to finish your reading and move to some other work.

The present moment cannot be grasped by the mind. The present moment is beyond mind. This can only be known out of an experience. Read the paragraph again, and see how before you complete the paragraph, your mind will take you, to some other world.

The God and life happen at a present moment. The life means the process of growth and improvement, and God means the experience of the higher self, i.e. beyond mind.

When the thoughts of the mind slow down, we can have a glimpse of a present moment, but as the mind starts its thinking process, again we are directed to the memories of life.

Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao

The Present Moment Awareness.

Life is all about awareness. In any given situation, we choose the thoughts that best suits the moment. The present moment awareness can be developed with a regular practice. I suggest all the readers develop their own practice to be in the present moment while experimenting with life. Few of my practices to be in the present moment, have been shared here, while you too can develop your own.

I try to observe 24 hours of my life closely. Observe the changes that take place inside the body throughout the day. I follow the same schedule for 7 days a week so that it gets easier to note the changes in life. This keeps me alert for the day. I follow life without resistance, and thus, it becomes easier to remain present in the moment.

The Life Circle.

With the awareness towards life, we understand the circle of life. The life circle repeats. The day follows the night and vice versa.

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Every morning we follow the same routine. Life advances on earth with understanding. When we grow and improve our lives, we contribute to making life on earth better.

When we evolve, we understand things better and we become more responsive towards life, and the same truth applies to the philosophy of karmic theory. With the better understanding and awareness, we correct our past actions and make better choices with the future.

For Personal Growth & Improvement in Life.

To live prosperous and joyful life is a dream for everyone, but it doesn’t come on its own. It has to be created with the continuous effort. The real work is needed from inside, and later the same work reflects outside in the outside world.

The person growth depends on his intent towards life. What kind of images and pictures, one carry for himself in his mind, later develops into emotions, that pushes forward the person intention forward into this world.

We need to know, what we want out of life and have a clear idea into our mind, of how the life will take shape in the future. This allows the narrative identity of the mind to take actions accordingly. The mind forgets things too easily. If we have a clear image in the mind, we can carry it all the time, and thus the image of the future pushes us forward towards the life of our intention.

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The mind forgets things too easily. If we have a clear image for the mind, we can see it all the time, in our mind and this image of the future pushes us forward towards the life of our intention.

With the Personal Experiences and Experiments with Life.

Life comes out of personal experiences and experiments of life. The mind registers all the personal experience and the experiments of life, whether of success or failure.

With the success, we accelerate the process and register the better and improved growth for the future, and with the failure, we learn to approach life in a new and better way, by dropping the errors of the past. All the growth and development of life depends on the experiences and experiments of life.

By Developing Awareness to Life.

The ultimate purpose of every human is to understand God and life on earth. It can be understood with the awareness. Awareness is the perspective from which we look at life. The mind does form the thoughts, but the thoughts come out of the attitude, we carry towards life.

The joyful person looks at all the things that lead to joy, while the person with laid-back attitude, only see the downfall in every situation of life. Awareness is understanding towards life.

Awareness in the moment allows us to change the perception of life. The more clear the awareness, the better we perceive the world.

Turning Confusion into Clarity

Practice more often to be in the moment. The mind requires the practice of an athlete. It requires all the brain cells to be transformed, and directed into this moment, and requires lots of work. The mind is at peace in the morning and evening time. This is the best time to understand and reflect on life.

Certain techniques such as any form of physical exercise on a daily basis, pranayama or breathing technique, or open or closed eye meditation can be useful to develop the awareness. Life is lived inside out and not outside in, and thus, it’s necessary to spend time to develop oneself inside, so that we can express best of our self, to the world.

The Moment is Now

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