The Experiences of life can teach you, that no Masters can



The master is the one, that shows you the way. When you are confused on the path, the master shows you the next step to move forward. When the master is outside, he can only serve you out of his experiences of life.

When it comes to life, every person’s experience is bound to be different from other. It’s not necessary that others experience will certainly serve you on your path. Each individual’s path is designed according to his or her nature.

You have to understand your own nature and look for the experiences that take you forward with life. It’s your own experiences on your path of life is the real masters that take you forward with life. You see the next step out of personal experience.

Be it the sage or the common man, there is one way to understand life, i.e. through experience. The sage doesn’t become sage from the birth, but he himself goes through experiences of life, to realize the wisdom of life. The life doesn’t happen to people, but you have to go through the process to understand life. You just cannot understand anything, unless you have experienced it for yourself. You have to walk for yourself.

The borrowed experience cannot allow you to know the process of life. You may know the end result. You may have all the information about the experience, but unless you have experienced with your mind, heart, and body, it can never become yours.

The life can deceive you if you walk on others path. You cannot be deceived by life, on your path. On your path, life remains clear to you. It’s only while following others path, you add chaos to your life. Other’s path includes the dreams, and desires of others.

Life is a repetitive process, and many things are repeated many times in a day. When you look for the experiences, with your day to day life, you connect with the daily process of life. Life happens moment by moment. The more you separate yourself from the present moment, more you separate yourself from life.

The life lessons are learned from experimenting with the daily experiences of life. Your life is happening every day. No issue if you miss this day. Life always gives you second chance, in the form of fresh day. But you cannot miss life, day after day. You have to stay aware with each day of your life. When you are aware of your daily living, your understanding grows towards life.

Both the success and failure enhances the experience for the future and gives you clarity with life.

Either focus on the right side of life or know what is not right for you on your life’s path. Both can serve you to move forward with life.”

There are two ways to experience life. Either you hold yourself in the moment, and observe the life situations, events and people that come to you. Observe everything that comes to you, keenly. These will allow you to look into the deeper aspects of life.

The another way to experience life is to make choices and decisions with every action. Every act of your life should come out of your conscious choice. This way, life will not happen to you, but you will make a choice with every action that you take with life.

When you make a choice every moment, you just cannot blame anyone else except yourself. All the responsibilities of life come to your shoulder. You just cannot run away from life but you move deeper and deeper into life by making choices and decisions every moment.

You may have the outside experience of life, but there is something more to life, i.e. the inner experience. The source of outside experience exists inside.

When you take your attention inward, to experience your inner world, you come across the familiar and not so familiar impressions of the inner world, that you have accumulated over the time.

Once you understand, how the inner impressions form your outside world, you start to live inside out, so that you can bring the necessary shift, in the outside world. The real shift in life comes from inner transcendence.

The understanding towards life happens out of different experiences of life. The person who observes life closely, go through every event of the day and see what happen to him and what could have been the cause of it.

Anything that happens to you in your life is the effect, be it the people, situation or the experiences of your life. The cause of which lies in you. When you get to the cause of it, you can relate your past life impressions for the effect.

When you are not aware about what you carry inside, its impossible to see life with absolute clarity.

It’s only when you connect with your inner world of thoughts, images, emotions and past impressions, you get clarity about the different events and situations that you experience in your life.

When you experiment with life, to create a better life and look for the experiences with everyday life, than no situation of outside world or your inner world can overpower you, but you take complete control of your life.

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