The Experience of the Ultimate Truth

The experience of the ultimate truth

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The state of Enlightenment is to experience the spirit in the body. The experience of the spirit or life energy is an experience beyond the no-mind state.

With the realization of the spirit, you experience that, there are something more lies in the body other than what you understand as the brain, heart, and body.

Life is not limited to the physical appearance, or the thoughts, imaginations or experience or impressions of the mind, but there is more exists in the body, that controls life from within.

The state of enlightenment is the first step towards the source. The source is not identified with the state of enlightenment, but the curiosity arises to search for the deeper truth. With the inward attention, you cannot do much but you simply remain an observer of the inner life.

The inner life happens, and you try to understand everything that is happening inside. You notice the different movement of the life energy.

You notice the mind without any thoughts, or images, or experiences of impressions of life. The mind becomes absolutely empty, and in the emptiness of the mind, reflects the life energy.

The state of enlightenment confirms you from within, that something more exists inside. The inner world is for real, and it’s not some hocus-pocus kind of thing.

When the attention of the mind is in the external world, it goes on filling itself, with whatever comes its way. It never bothers to even choose what is right or what is good for you, but it simply fills you up with everything.

When the same attention of the mind is directed inward, it sees all the garbage that he has accumulated over the time and begin to release himself from everything. With the inward attention, slowly you begin to drop everything that is not useful either in the external or internal life.

In the external world, not everything that exists is there to serve your purpose of life, and in the same way, everything that exists within is also accumulated with the unconscious mind. Thus, you have more of the waste inside, rather than the experiences of life, that strengthens you from inside or takes you forward with life.

The life is lived by the mind in the external world, and with the same mind, you realize the ultimate truth of life. The mind is only one, but it all depends on for what purpose you make use of it. When the mind remains engaged in the external reality, it goes on filling itself with the experiences and impressions of life.

With the experiences and impressions of the mind, you only see the world through the same experiences and impressions of the mind. The perception of the mind is formed out of the experiences and impressions of the past. The experiences and impressions of the mind form a circle in you.

To realize the truth of life, you have to take your attention beyond the experiences and impressions of the mind.

To connect with the inner world, the process starts with the breath. The attention on the breath is the easiest way to take your attention inward. When the mind is directed inward, it looks into his desires of life.

When the attention is directed inward, you notice things, that you never even realized exists in you, or maybe part of you. You just cannot get rid of the thing, that you don’t even know. With the inward attention, you realize your acquired beliefs and habits with life.

The mind forms two rings inside. One ring covers your belief system, your daily habits and everything that you have acquired from the outside world. The second ring that your mind has is its nature.

Now, the second ring is more or less similar in every person. In the second ring, you have the lust, fear, insecurity, dreams, desires, feelings, emotions common in every human. When your attention rises beyond these two rings, you experience the no-mind state.

It’s only the attention of the mind, that helps you to understand every aspect of your mind, and takes you into the deeper reality beyond mind.

Remember life do exists beyond mind, and the life beyond mind reflects on the mind when your mind becomes absolutely empty.

The life energy or the spirit is locked at the bottom of the spine, that can never be recognized from outside but can only be unlocked from inside. It’s only your attention in the external world, that keeps the life energy engaged in such a way, that you cannot experience the life beyond mind.

The time you resolve to direct your attention inward and stay with it, in real time, you unlock the spiritual energy, which remains locked at the base of the spine. The perception of external reality is formed by the life energy. It’s the life energy that works through the mind.

The spirit and mind are one. The source of the spirit and the mind is the soul. The soul is a sacred space in the brain, from which the spirit and the mind enter the body, and when the spirit and the mind get detached from the physical body and move into the source, that’s when you experience the ultimate truth of life.

The realization of the source in you, is the ultimate experience of life. After the realization of the source, no experience remains for the mind to experience.

The ultimate experience of life happens when the mind and the life energy itself merge into the source and thus, nothing remains inside the body to experience life and there is no way to move beyond the ultimate experience of life, i.e. source.

The source is an end and beginning of life. The life begins with the source and it also ends with the realization of the source and becoming one with it.

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