The Experience of the state of Pure Consciousness


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Pure consciousness is the state of mind. The state of mind, where you are free from all the mind activities.

The nature of the mind is to think thoughts, imagine things, accumulate experiences, and impressions and create a circle of thoughts out of it.

Although the mind functions with its thoughts process, you have the state of pure consciousness, which is beneath the functions of the mind.

The functions of the mind such as thinking, imagination, visualization, dreaming, forming desires, creating the perception, forming perspective, only remains at the surface. 

When you simply observe life and take your attention inward, slowly you slip back beneath the normal functions of your mind, to experience the state, which is absolutely pure in its nature.

The state of consciousness is a pure state of mind. You don’t find yourself thinking thoughts nor observing the dreams and desires rather you experience the silent space of the mind.

In meditation or different forms of yoga, we make efforts to take our attention inward. Once you reach the no-mind state, nothing remains for you to do anything, rather you completely surrender yourself to the moment.

You yourself cannot go beyond to experience the ultimate truth. All the ego or sense of self, has to be dropped, before you experience the state of pure consciousness.

Consciousness: Unveiling the Mysteries of the Mind

With the experience of pure consciousness, you realize that your efforts are limited. You cannot achieve everything with the effort. You have to adapt the path of surrender.

If you choose to move beyond this life, you have to reach the state of formlessness and effortlessness. Anything with the mind needs efforts and when you are done with the efforts, you have to surrender yourself, to allow the experience to happen.

The experience of consciousness is full of bliss, and when you come down from this state, all the mysteries of the mind and life are revealed.

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Your life on the existence comes out of your mind. When you understand your mind, you understand the life on earth, as life is manifested in the subtle form in your mind.

With the understanding of the mind, you understand life and the process of life. When you understand the process of life, you don’t fight with it, but you align every yourself with it.

All the pain and suffering of life is due to resistance. Wisdom teaches you to accept life out of understanding. There is a process out of which life takes place and the process happens within your mind.

The life of the mind starts with the impressions and experiences of life. The mind accumulates impressions and experiences from the outside world through the senses.

The impressions and experiences further create thoughts and emotions and these thoughts and emotions turn into energy, which results in your response or action in the outside world.

Life doesn’t come out of the only action, but your thoughts, emotions, and energy equally contribute to creating your life. All the life situations, people, and experiences of life depend on what you carry inside.

Your response to the situation or with people depends on your inner state. Your choice and decisions of life depend on the experiences of the past.

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Life has its own way to function. Time and space don’t matter for life. If you think the thought or feel something or act towards some project, the manifestation of it, depends not only on your action but also the time it takes for the existence to manifest your desires and bring it into your life.

You get what you ask for, but the time and space are not defined. It takes time depending on the desires, and if you are determined to fulfill your desire, life too serves you to fulfill your desire.

Each one is responsible for his own life on earth. The best thing about life is that you have a choice, power to make decision power and will to change the direction of your life, at any moment of time.

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There are three ways to go with life.

The first one is to live life with absolute attention to the outside life. The outside world attracts you, and you create your life out of what you see outside. All the physical beauty in the form of a human or an object holds its attraction.

When you live with outward attention, there is only one way that exists for you to fulfill your desires, i.e through physical effort. You live outside and you have no clue what’s happening in your inner world.

The second part of life is when you connect with your inner world. The world of energy, thoughts, and emotions. You live inside out. You don’t follow the outside life, but you follow your inner world.

When you live inside out, your interest remains in living life and not chasing life. You follow your heart, develop your talent, use your skill, and create life out of it.

Here you are more creatively satisfied with your life. You are near to your source, and you look for inner satisfaction and not outside accomplishment.

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The third part of life is when you understand the process of life after self-realization. Then it doesn’t matter either you live materialistic life or be more creative with your life, you always remain above it. None of the worlds remain more or less important to you and you live to serve the need of the moment.

The human strive for two things, meaning and happiness. The people who are engaged in the material world look for happiness while the people who follow their hearts look for meaning.

There is no higher experience other than the experience of pure consciousness. You fill yourself with the highest wisdom and bliss of life.

“When you figure out with life that, there is nothing to figure out, you reach to the state of ultimate experience. But this has to come out of your personal experience.

The Book of Secrets

With the experience of pure consciousness, you realize that life comes out of the process, and the natural process is all about the evolution of the body, mind & heart.

The body, mind, and heart evolve with the experiences of life, and with the time you move deeper into your experience. When you intend to rise higher than the life of the mind, you realize the higher self in you.

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All the complications with life happen out of beliefs, impressions, and past experiences of life. It’s good to learn and grow from the experiences of the past, but if your actions are the same as it was in the past than you don’t create anything fresh with your life. You don’t innovate or be creative with your life, rather you simply repeat the same process of life.

Pure consciousness teaches you to be more present at the moment and act out of spontaneity. To change your future, you have to make conscious choices and decisions at the moment.

With the choices and decisions in the present moment, you create a better future for the self, and life out of pure consciousness teaches you to get detached from all your actions whether it’s of the past, present, or future.

From Unconsciousness to Consciousness

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  1. “In this [second] part of life, you are more connected to life. You follow your heart, develop your talent, use your skill and create life out of it. Here you are more creatively satisfied with your life. You are near to your source, and you look for inner satisfaction and not outside accomplishment.”
    ~ I think this second stage of life best describes where I am at the present time. During the past few years, as a semi-reclusive novelist and blogger, I’ve become more connected with life and people than ever before. I look forward to the day when I can be freed from the pain of a world in crisis and experience the bliss of pure consciousness.
    ~ Thank you for sharing.

  2. Last week I hardly remember what happened. I had no thoughts what’s so ever. I was in complete bliss. Each and everyday of that week I woke up with pure concsiousness. Then the following week I woke up from a full day of sleep and I went back to unwanted thoughts and I don’t know why I transition back to the old me. Will I ever experience pure awareness again and why did it leave me? Thanks

    • Hi Adam,

      Bliss and experience of pure consciousness, is a state of mind, where you completely lose your personal identity, or the image that the mind developed over the time.

      In the experience of pure consciousness, you tend to rise above your personal identity, but when you get back at the level of mind, your personal identity, comes back to life, and further the process of thoughts continues to flow.

      If you accidentally hit the state of pure consciousness, than its hard to find the way, on its own, but you have followed a step, by step process, than you can move back to the same experience, by following the same path.

      Sometimes, at the level of mind, when we reach to the no-mind state, where no thought, feelings, emotions or sense of personal identity remains, we feel that we experience the bliss or the state of pure consciousness.

      Adam, you can not only experience the pure consciousness within you, but you are the pure consciousness, that means, you don’t have to move there, but you are it. So, its not that, you will ever experience it again, but you can become one with it, and go on with the outside life.

      As of now, I don’t know, what kind of practice you follow, and do you follow any spiritual path or it just happened to you?

      To answer your query, certainly you can experience the pure state of consciousness, that too with absolute awareness in the moment.

      Second thing, its normal to come back to life, and to your mind, because its a process of life.

      How one can describe his experience, if he doesn’t come back to his mind, and only remain aesthetic all the time, into his experience.

      Bring more awareness to your daily life, and remain more conscious with all the different experiences of life, be it spiritual or physical. Only than the mind, will understand what’s going on inside of you, and you can move back to the same experience, with more awareness, if you stay aware at the time of experience.



  3. “Understanding ” pure consciousness and “Experiencing” pure consciousness is it different? How we know that we are really experiencing pure consciousness and not just understanding?

    • Yes. Real understanding of pure consciousness can only come out of its experience. Its only when you experience consciousness in you, you start developing understanding of it.

      You understand what is consciousness, and its role in your life.

      Consciousness is nothing but the whole mind. We all live with the fragmented mind, and thus miss to see the whole truth. With consciousness you experience the truth of the moment.

      To understand the consciousness, you have to experience it within. Meditation is a wonderful tool to experience the consciousness within and with it develop the understanding of it.

  4. I totally disagree with what yo say; “Pure consciousness is the state of mind. The state of mind, where you are free from all the mind activities.” Mind has nothing to do with pure consciousness.

    The Self is pure consciousness. Your true self is the purest of pure. It is the witness. Even if you are not aware of the Self, it will not lose its identity. But when identification of the Self happens with the body and mind then the self is in a state of delusion, and this false identification and delusion makes you suffer.
    Self is Sakshi, Pure Witness. However, you need to be aware of this. To be truly happy, you need to experience the Self. Then you come to understand that you are pure consciousness, the witness. It is only through Brahmngyan, pure knowledge that you come to know about your own true Self.

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