The Experience of Pure Consciousness, in your Every-day Life

The Experience of Pure Consciousness, in your Every-day Life

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Pure consciousness is to be ever-present at this moment. The awareness is of the mind, while the pure consciousness is without any manipulation of the mind. With pure consciousness, you experience life every moment in its original form and respond to it accordingly.

With pure consciousness, you live with higher intelligence. As you live more and more with the pure consciousness, your life starts to lift at a higher level, and the things that don’t serve in your life gets drop out of your life.

The experience of pure consciousness is above the mind. When the mind is without any thought or in the no-mind state, the spiritual energy within you takes you higher to experience the pure consciousness state. The part of the mind, which identifies itself with the body, mind, and heart drops its identity of an individual self and gets one with pure consciousness.

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Pure consciousness is part of the existence, and with the pure consciousness, the mind doesn’t bifurcate with its own beliefs but allows you to experience the world in its original form. The problem is not in the nature of the things, but when you perceive the things out of your own belief system.

Your belief system doesn’t appear from one life, but it follows the life of the past. With pure consciousness, you leave all the belief systems of your mind behind and look at the world with an absolutely fresh perspective.

When you come to existence, life already exists, and when you leave the world, life will still exist. You come in between the time and space. The average lifespan of a human is, say seventy-five years. You play your role for these seventy-five years and leave existence. In this period, you understand life, and grow and evolve with it.

“You come to life with your mind, & with the process of evolution, you realize your spirit and soul within the body. You move from physical awareness to subtle, and from subtle awareness to pure consciousness.”

The Nature of Consciousness

Life happens moment by moment, day by day, month by month, and year by year. If the present moment is hard to grasp for the mind, you can switch your attention to the day, month, or year.

The life after twenty-four hours repeats the circle. If you can bring your mind to the twenty-four hours of the day, you can read your own life and see your future at this moment.

Your life comes out of your actions in the present moment, and you transcend your action or grow and evolve with your action if you are aware and attentive about your daily schedule of life.

With pure consciousness, you live beyond the time and space. Only the time and space binds the mind. When you move beyond time and space, you jump into the present moment consciousness.

In pure consciousness, you have nothing to focus upon or no-thing to be aware of. Awareness is of the mind, and the mind can be aware of the objective or subjective world.

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With pure consciousness when you proceed with your day, your mind is fully present in itself and you move on with different situations of your life. You follow your routine and give your best to it. Not with an intention to get something out of it, but to complete the circle of life.

When you already carry your daily schedule of life, Moreover, it suffices your daily requirements. With pure consciousness, you don’t do anything special, but you follow the same routine.

With pure consciousness, your attention remains at the moment and you give everything to the moment. You feel blissful every moment with pure consciousness, and you inclined to give more than you receive from life.

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The time and space, bound you with the limitations of life.

With pure consciousness, you connect with the abundance. The abundance of life is not to have a million dollars in your bank account, but the inner balance to have anything, whenever you wish to have at any time of your life.

When your understanding grows with life, your eyes don’t look for the silly things, but your wants and desires of life too change with it. You perceive life with the bigger dimension and you look for a sense of fulfillment at every step.

Your heart is in gratitude for every moment of your life, and as your awareness grows about the natural process of life, which happens moment by moment, you only expect things in life, which comes out of the natural process. You become more inclined to allow things to happen than use your physical efforts with every action.

Life evolves from awareness to consciousness. Awareness can be of two types. Physical awareness and subtle awareness.

When you are aware of the physical reality of life, all your thoughts, emotions, and energy is directed to accumulate more of those things from outside. It also asks for more physical efforts to acquire material things with lesser intelligence.

When you grow and evolve with life, your awareness shifts from the physical to the subtle world of thoughts, emotions, and energy. Then you are less concerned with the physical world, but you spend more of your efforts to bring out, what’s going on inside of you? It’s a shift from outside awareness to inside awareness.

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There is another shift that takes place from awareness of the physical world and subtle world to the awareness of the higher world.

As your awareness shifts to the higher world, no part of the physical or subtle world remains and when you complete the internal process, you experience the pure consciousness within the self.

You can grow and evolve with life every day. When you are aware of your life’s events, slowly your attention shifts inward. As your awareness grows, your energy too grows with it, and you can hold your attention longer time, with both of your inner as well as the outside world.

Your job is to hold onto your awareness of your part of life and play your role as best possible. The natural process of life, itself serves the human to grow and evolve. Growth and evolution are an understanding of life, whereby your body, mind, and heart expand its capacity to experience life.

The understanding of life comes moment by moment. Don’t be rigid with life. As you grow and evolve, you develop a better perspective to view life. The solution to any problem of life resides in your personal growth and development.

“As Albert Einstein rightly quoted, you cannot solve the problem, which has been created at the same I.Q level. You have to rise above it.”

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You transcend your life, when you act and learn out of your experience, and repeat the process of life with better actions, for the better experience in the future. This is how you evolve with your body, mind, and heart.

You may not understand the awareness or consciousness, but you can always understand what you do each day with your life. It doesn’t matter what you wish to have out of your life, but it all depends on your daily action plan towards life.

If you bring little awareness, to what’s going on with your life, the process of improvement with life starts by itself. Then the speed of the process depends on your hand. You can accelerate the process or you can choose to walk with it.

But you should feel the growth in your life. If you are not feeling the growth from within, then it’s time to bring a little awareness to your daily life.

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Life comes out of your body, mind, and heart, either you look for material accomplishments or subtle fulfillment. With awareness of life, you also become aware of your own self.

When your awareness remains to the outside life your growth with life remains slow, but when the same awareness shifts to yourself, you quickly grow with the process of life.

Your job is to hold onto your attention to what’s going on into your life, and intention to get better with it. This intention and attention will create the life’s path for you, that can take you from the level of awareness to pure consciousness.

Being Aware of Being Aware

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