The Experience of Consciousness, is an End, to all the Experiences of Life



Life is a series of events, situations, impressions, and experience, and as soon as one situation ends, the other situation takes over, but there is no end to it. The experience of consciousness is an end to all the experiences of life. It’s an ultimate. It’s a peak, beyond which there is no experience lies.

The life begins and ends with consciousness. Consciousness is a state of the mind, that vibrates at a higher frequency. It’s an experience and no way reduce to scientific experiment or any theoretical explanation.

You are not just, the body, heart, mind, sensation and breathe, that can be experienced with the mind, but the body, heart, and mind too have its source inside, that allows the process of life, to take place inside of you.

“If you simply put your attention to the breath and sensation, you don’t need anything else to experience life within you.”

Scientists go mad in finding the source of life, but if they put themselves into an experience and try to figure out the source of breath, and sensation within the body, they don’t need any other proof, for the existence of spirit and soul in the body.

The spirit and soul are just the names, but if you look at its subtle impact in the body, then spirit is the moving energy and the subtle thread, that works through the body, heart, and mind to allow the functions of life to take place. The sensation, breathe and energy is part of the spirit or subtle body.

The spirit is basically the sensational thread, and as soon as it gets into the physical body, the function of breathe starts to take place. The process of breathe is only possible, till the spirit is attached to the body. As soon as the spirit or sensation leaves the body, the breathe too leaves with it.

The soul is pure empty space of vibrations within the mind, and the spirit gains all its energy from that pure space of vibrations. All the out-of-body experience or near death experience is nothing, but the spirit that gets detach itself from the body, for some time and gets itself into the pure space of vibrations.

Before death, there is no way, the spirit or subtle body can leave the physical body and if anybody claims it, then it’s only the illusion of his mind. In the state of samadhi, the spirit gets one with the soul, that means he resides in the pure space of vibrations.

You don’t have a place to go anywhere, except on this earth. As soon as the spirit leaves the body, it finds another place or rebirth happens off the spirit. Unless the suitable environment is not developed for the spirit, it doesn’t leave the body. It stays in the body. It’s very rare, that the person leaves the body and doesn’t get another body, and it’s very rare, because nature always takes care, that one finds a suitable birthplace as per his karmic impressions, into his spirit.

It’s only when you leave the body, out of accident or untimely death, that too very rare, it takes time for you, to find the new body, as per your karmic impressions.

The spirit is the one, that holds an identity, because of its impressions, but the soul has no identity and thus all the soul that resides in each of one us, is free from all the karmic impressions and stays in the body, in the form of the observer.

It simply observes all the functions of the spirit. Remember observer, has nothing to do, with what happens in your mind, heart and what actions you take, but anything you do with your body, heart, and mind, it gets recorded into the spirit in the form of impressions and only the impressions gets carried forward from one birth to another.

Impressions are not in the form of thoughts, images or emotions, but impressions of the spirit, when gets in contact with the physical body, heart, and mind, it gets alive in the form of images, thoughts, feelings, emotions and later turns into an action.

The spirit doesn’t hold image or thoughts, or feelings or emotions, but the thoughts and images and feelings and emotions are possible, only because of the physical body, heart, and brain.

The brain is designed in a way, whereby, when the spirit comes in contact with the particular part of the brain, it forms the images into the mind, depending on the impressions, that carried away by the spirit from his previous birth. The process of the brain starts with the image of the mind. The process of thoughts, and logic, and evaluation later comes into the picture.

The heart is directly connected with the functions of the mind, and thus anything that happens into the mind, it begins to trigger different feelings and emotions into the heart, and the sensation moves to the body, and the actions come out of it.

“If you would like to have the experience, for yourself, all you need to do, is to begin to understand the sensation and slowly you will realize the inner functions of body, heart and brain and the same function will lead you to the realization of spirit and soul into the body.”

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