The Evolution of Prayer


The Evolution of prayer happens over the time. The human’s on any stage of evolution holds some spark of God inside of them, in the form of feelings and emotions.

When the person doesn’t have a clear understanding of God, he believes what has been told to him by the society, his parents or the religion. He never questions his own beliefs or seeks for the truth by himself. This is the tragedy of life.

With life, there are very few, who really look for the ways to connect to god. The reason is, everyone is habituated to think before they feel something in their heart. The mind of a person divides everything before he acts on something.

Prayer is altogether a different practice. Prayer needs a heart filled with feelings and emotions. You don’t have to pray to someone, but if you have your heart filled with feelings and emotions, prayer happens by itself.

The process of evolution happens on a collective level. In the 20th century, people are evolving with technology. In the 19th century, science was the dominant part of the process of evolution.

Previously religion was dominant when it comes to the process of evolution, and now we are at the stage, where everyone is looking for individuality. Individuality is part of the spiritual process, whereby, you figure out your own ways to connect to God.

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On a physical Level.

The prayer on this earth started with the statues of gods, as the human has looked for god, in their own image.

They worship god with all their devotion but never get into the reasoning with the existence of God. In the process of evolution, human understanding develops over the time with the experiences of life, and with the process of collective evolution.

Although the external life progressed immensely, internal reality remained the same for humans. Even in today’s time, people look for the god in the temple, mosque or church. Still, these places have not become the means to realize the god but merely remain an obligation on humans part to worship god.

At the same time, few chose their own path to develop from within, and understand the truth of life, and figure out the truth for themselves. There are few enlightened beings, who have figured out the path for themselves, and detached themselves from life.

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No one is much concerned to awaken the huge crowd, who is in a deep sleep of the material reality and doesn’t even interested in experiencing life beyond that.

The prayer evolves from the statue of god to the feelings and emotions of the heart if someone sincerely open his heart during his prayer. Prayer does evolve if you really move deep into your prayers.

Emotional Level.

The prayer comes from within. The prayers are the feelings and emotions of the heart. With the heart, you don’t pray but it happens. If you are following a road routine with your prayer, then you don’t grow with your prayers, rather you get stuck at one place.

Prayers have the capacity to take you towards the state of realization.

Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God

Heart and mind are differently connected with the higher self. You can directly realize the self with your prayers. Prayers demand total surrender. You just cannot keep yourself in prayer.

You might have noticed for yourself, that when you are overflowing with emotions, you tend to lose yourself completely in those moments. At the time of high-tide of emotions, you tend to flow away in the moments. That’s the power of feelings and emotions. At the same time the same feelings and emotions, are intended in one direction, it can serve you to take you the highest state of realization.

From the heart, the prayer moves to the intellectual level. Here you not only feel god, but you wanted to understand everything beforehand. You just don’t want to bow down to something, but you wanted to know him completely before you surrender yourself to it.

With the heart, you surrender before and don’t even bother to understand, as you trust your heart enough but with the mind, you want to understand, before you think to surrender.

Intellectual Level.

With the mind, you fill yourself with the knowledge of the subject or object to develop a better understanding of it. With the intellectual person prayer, doesn’t happen, unless his mind understands it completely. For the intellectual person, no hocus-pocus kind of thing exists, and everything he accepts has to get into the parameters of his mind.

As collective life has evolved on this earth, the understanding in relation to life has also been evolved. The intellectual mind has space, to understand life with all his logic and reasoning and then getting into the process of life.

An effort towards gaining knowledge about God and life and understanding life too is part of the process of prayer. With the understanding of life, your mind gets open for life. You explore more with life.

With the understanding of life, you don’t remain in the confinement of your mind and but you look for bigger, better and higher possibilities of life.

Life doesn’t end with the mind, and there is much more remain for the person to realize beyond the mind. The understanding of the mind is a key to move to the next level. It’s only with the understanding, you look for life beyond your present self. If with the mind you can understand everything, then the query arises about how does the mind gets all the understanding about life.

With the right query, you look into your own mind, to look for the understanding, that allows you to understand life.

With the Self.

The realization of self happens when you understand yourself at physical, emotional and mental level.

The Essence of Self-Realization

You experience life at these three levels. As your understanding grows with life, you understand life from a higher perspective.

At the physical level, you only understand life in a physical form, cannot see life beyond it. At the emotional level, you move a little deeper, and you begin to see feelings and emotions, involved in everything, that happens in life.

If your understanding gets elevated at the level of mind, you begin to understand every aspect of life, with utmost clarity. You not only experience life, from your individual perspective, but you understand the past, present, and future of every situation that you encounter.

The experience of the self is beyond the understanding of the physical, emotional and mental level. At the above three levels, life grows and evolve, but when it comes to the self, your life transcends.

You don’t transform but you transcend. With the realization of the self, it’s impossible to hold yourself. You have to drop all of your identity before you experience the self.

How to Evolve with the prayer.

The evolution of the prayer happens from physical to emotional to mental to the higher self. As your understanding evolves, you switch from one level to another. Either its physical, emotional or mental level, every level is sufficient enough to give you an experience of the source of life.

The only way to evolve with the prayer is to move deeper into it. The more you move into your prayer, more dust gets clear from inside to bring you closer to the self.

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