The Entire Cosmos (Universe) is in You



The universe is the term to which everyone is familiar with, while the cosmos is the order or the law, followed in the formation and operation of the universe. The cosmos and universe can be used separately, but in recent times the term is mostly used together. The cosmic universe or the cosmos of the universe.

When it comes to the cosmos of the universe, universe or the cosmos of life that exists inside of us can never be understood with the mind. No matter what information, you collect, in relation to the cosmic universe or the life that you experience outside, your understanding towards it, always remain limited.

It is only because the source to know the cosmic universe or the outside life is mind, and mind itself is limited by its configuration, that doesn’t allow you to understand and comprehend any part of life with the whole or complete perspective. Unless you reach to the source of mind, you cannot reach to the source of either the cosmic universe or the life that happens inside of you.

The way you see the universe, through the senses, the similar cosmos also exists in you. When you understand and realize the inner cosmos, the cosmos of the universe too get absolutely clear to you.

The Universe comes out of the empty space, and this truth can be realized when you experience the same empty space in you.

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The black-hole that scientists get hard to understand, is the same space, through which you transcend the no-mind state, and enter into the higher world of energy and vibrations.

“To understand the ocean, you don’t have to study the entire ocean, but the drop of it, is enough to realize the truth behind it. In a similar way, when you realize your highest potential, you realize the truth behind the universe and its cosmic order.”

The Essence of Self-Realization: The Wisdom of Paramhansa Yogananda

You are part of the same empty space and the universe. You are the drop and the universe is the ocean. Understand yourself deep down inside, to understand the universe and the cosmos of the universe.

The vibrations from the empty space are behind in the creation of the universe and cosmos of the universe. Everything that’s created on this earth, comes from the energy and sensation of the same vibrational force of that empty space.

Everything on this earth has the energy and sensation. The vibration is nothing but the energy and sensation. When the energy is stagnant, it becomes the vibrations, and when it’s moving, it takes the form of energy.

Everything that can be captured in the form, comes out of energy and sensation, be it the movable or immovable object. If the energy and sensation are too low, the object takes an immovable form, while if the energy and sensation are higher, it develops the moving capacity into an object.

The time we experience life with our limited perception of the mind, we only see the point of our perception.

To have a clear view of life, we have to go through the internal process, that allows us to drop the mind and rise above it, to experience the world through the heightened awareness.

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“As the energy level of your mind, heart and body increases, you develop the capacity to perceive the natural order of the universe. When you understand the patterns of life, only fools mess with it. The wisdom asks you to align each and every step, with life’s natural order.”

You are ready to lose yourself, to align yourself with the natural process of life.

The sages in the East have developed several methods, that allows you to transcend the space of the mind, that limits you to the time and space so that you experience the life through the third dimension. The natural order of life becomes clear with the third dimension. To view life with the third dimension is to perceive life, through the pineal gland.

“Through the senses, you may seem that you are looking things outside, but actually you look at the outside life, with the perception that you hold inside.”

The Perception Deception

Say for e.g., you walk in a mall, with a friend. You encounter one of your school friends, with whom you were in good terms, but for some reasons, the friend who walked with you in the mall had some conflicts.

Now when you see that friend, you see with the perception you carry for that friend into your mind, while the friend next to you, see the same friend with his own perception.

You still haven’t come face to face with your friend, but have you seen the person with the eyes, or you have simply seen the perception, that you have carried all the way from the past.

When you perceive life through the third dimension, i.e. your pineal gland, you see the friend just like, any other person who walked down the mall, and certainly the perception with the third eye, will be able to perceive, his energy and aura in the moment, but no way, you will see him through your past experiences of life.

To understand life, you have to understand the mind, as understanding is the only way to detach oneself from everything, that happens at the level of mind.

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The natural habit of the individual identity, ‘I” is to cling to everything that belongs to oneself. With the understanding of one’s own mind, it becomes easier to participate in the thing, but remain detached with it.

“The part of the mind, i.e. “I” which out of its natural habit, likes to cling to the thing, also is the transcendent personality, that can observe, analyze, evaluate and understand all the different aspects of mind, and can rise above it.”

When the “I” that’s an individual personality, is open to life, it explores one’s own self, and not afraid to look beyond oneself. If there is something that exists, beyond oneself, he is ready to drop himself completely, to experience the higher world.

The gateway to enter into the higher world is through the no-mind state. With no-mind state, you enter into the world of energy and vibrations, and from this space, you get the absolute clarity, of the order of the inner as well as outside world.

In the no-mind state, an individual personality “I” still considers itself, to be a part of the body, mind, and heart. But once it experiences the pure energy and vibrations of the higher world, it detaches itself from oneself and observes once own internal functions of mind, heart, and body, to get a clear understanding of the internal process of life.

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The breath that flows in and out, is part of the pure energy, that you experience beyond mind. The purest form of energy keeps you attached to the physical body when it’s locked at the bottom of the spine. People those who have experienced the out-of-body experience, experienced the unlocking of inner energy when the subtle body leaves the physical body to travel outside.

There is a state called samadhi, in the east, where the inner energy or kundalini energy gets unlocked and moves to the top head region. The energy remains locked at the bottom of the spine, when awakens, gives you an experience of heightened awareness, along with the experience of bliss and wisdom.

The only thing between you ( Empty Space of pure consciousness ) and outside life is pure energy and energy ( created by thoughts, emotions, and intake in the form of food and sunlight ).

When you live at the level of mind and senses, the energy comes out of the thought process, feelings, emotions and the food intake, while you rise above the mind, you experience the purest form of energy, which is the natural source of the functions of mind, heart, and body. Breathe too is part of the purest form of energy. The process of breath ends when the spiritual energy gets unlocked.

The life inside you, and the universe begins with the empty space, and the pure energy and sensation get developed out of it. The pure energy further develops the mind, heart, and body, to experience the outside world. The cosmos of the inner life exists on a micro-level and resembles the life, of the Universe at macro-level.

The Bhagavad Gita (Easwaran’s Classics of Indian Spirituality)


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