The difference between media, channels, and inspiration


The medium presents itself as the interpreter of intangible spirits, most often the dead, for the benefit of the living world, incarnated beings who have not yet fallen asleep who have not developed their spiritual abilities. To note, the spirits are not related to energy as source of life.

In fact, he is a spiritualist, a creature that uses inanimate support materials (turntables, ouija boards, playing cards, tarot knives, crystal balls, coffee powders, tea leaves, etc.) or who enjoys trans which, very often, is only a nuisance personality, a kind of psychic dissociation, close to schizophrenia. In general, he receives his information from fun, mischievous or malicious entities that take their information from the brain or subconscious people.

So, a little credible, this public entertainer does not hold traditional spiritual training. By the way, a medium who needs to dress up in strange costumes, to take a hierarchical attitude, to make the whole courtesy around him, to use symbolic props or to use various supports is not really needed. But he shows himself to be more entertaining than dangerous, even though he can make people who are easily deceived in illusion or who are weak in dependence.

The channels

Channels are creatures which, intentionally, offer themselves as vehicles of intangible entities, seem to be eager to teach humanity about spiritual path, spiritual questions or metaphysical subjects, thanks to a body’s temporary dwelling or fusion the spiritual of two entities, which are temporary possessions by supernatural powers. Sometimes these creatures develop this ability suddenly as soon as possible, for example as a result of painful or exhausted experiences, which initially adds to their curiosity and confusion.

Incarnate beings

Anyone who understands the previous definition will realize that, in three cases of incarnate beings who claim to issue revelations from the higher realms of Divine Consciousness; there is only one that is truly authentic. That it is legal to do so with a view to promoting the common good and the evolution of humanity. This is the proven privilege of Spiritual Instructors, thus mandated by the cosmic Hierarchy itself and approved by the Absolute.

To better understand the problem of following the mode of communication with the invisible plane than others, it is necessary to understand the origin of the various practices lost in memory of Time, but who know repetition in the last century. In fact, it began with the New Age revolution, which was intended to weaken various traditional religions and to discredit original spirituality, with a view to forming a new world order, which seems to be launched in the New Age. but, ruled by the Shadow Forces, in a kind of Satanism with white faces, but pretending to oppose it, to cover up their deep intentions to rule the world, to conquer and dominate humans, already qualified in Greece, in ancient times, as “cattle gods, namely “false gods”, evil aliens, reptilians.

It is Helena Petrovna Blavatsky who reveals to the West the existence of the Tradition of initiation, which is connected with the invisible Sources and the invisible Hierarchy of Teachers, which ensures the formation of a spiritual superior to the religions, by publishing her book. Book The Secret Doctrine, which founded the “Theosophical Society”, in 1875, with American colonel Henry Steel Olcott, who at the same time created a stir in the religious community, but as a feeling of liberation among the nations, initiated a new way to lead the search spiritual and achieve Enlightenment. Connecting with online psychics is suggested for anyone willing to know more.

New Age movement

For its part, the New Age movement began with the Theosophist Alice LaTrobe Bateman, known as Alice Ann Bailey (because of her marriage to Foster Bailey), pushed theosophical revelations further and accelerated the decline of so-called traditional religion.

For “channeling,” which mainly rages on the North American continent, but which is now sweeping away like a destructive powerful background wave in the world, representing words that refer to English spiritual transmission, similar to the old spiritualism session, a communication between humans and entities belonging other dimensions, usually to astral. This word clearly belongs to denatured “New Age” literature, which is based on skilled occult manipulation techniques, which are intended to condition the masses of certain appropriate thinking forces.

It must be known that for several years, under the Cosmic Consciousness, a hierarchy of evil and corrupt spirits had been formed, with artists and parasites who were thirsty for negative energy, the result of emotions or lusts, which they never said, but who communicated with humans very talented, seemingly special messages, embroidering love, peace, spiritual light, but who, without their knowledge, are erratic messages that only serve the interests of this humanitarian enemy.

Because this is the nature of channeling, the means of communication between human beings and entities possessed by subtle dimensions, the first serves as a medium to receive the second message, in an almost unchanged consciousness or in complete trance state, this second case becomes more dangerous.

The invisible communication technique

So, for several years now, this invisible communication technique has attracted more people, filled the room where these practices took place, also made countless numbers of practitioners, because, how ridiculous it was. giving a course that will develop in a short period of time in a faculty or gift of channeling, to establish proper contact and be protected by this disembodied entity, the very devil, who pretends to be a prestigious spiritual entity, seizes the Brotherhood’s name and authentic initiates, while they do nothing but harass humanity, in their search for prey that tends to produce a strong flow of energy to their advantage.

For others, this is the reason why they are mainly handled through media improvisation, without traditional training, besides being naive, gullible and uneducated, easy to be fooled, tend to only see fire, to teach them, to convince them, ways that it is said to be perfect for protecting themselves, by connecting themselves to the highest fields of cosmic consciousness, but which in fact only appears in the brighter astral layers, which makes them dangerous to the public and blind people who guide the blind.

To mislead people, the minds of the dead are sometimes hard and guilty, sometimes flattering the ego, continuing to convey the repeated syrup message, almost unmodified, and promising a quick victory in a troubled world today, thanks to the coming of the coming Era of Paradise. Thus they pose a threat to the mental health of the people they parasitize, by extracting their vitality and by exposing them, through their dependence, to mental disorders that are difficult to reverse. Everyone who wants to be free from this “vicious situation” needs to improve his/her clairvoyance. Here is the clairvoyance definition.

These entities with strange names, borrowed from world legendary heroes, but sometimes never identified in legitimate Traditions, which are even more confusing with aspects of novelty, also pose a threat to other human members they have. manipulate, divide and give false information, under the guise of spiritual truth, while there are many spiritual theories as transmitters, claiming to provide incarnate spiritual seekers, in their search for truth, a teaching that acts only because he listens or reads it, even if he just catch it mentally.

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