The Complex Web of the Spirit.


You are not just the body, but the spirit and soul too reside in the body. The making of the body is possible, with the help of the spirit, and the existence of spirit is possible through the soul. The soul is the purest vibrations, that allows the spirit to create energy, which serves the functions of mind, heart, and body.

The spirit is made up of a complex web, that can only be experienced through the eyes of the soul. All the experiences, impressions, feelings, and emotions and all different types of sensation get stored in the complex web of the spirit.

Many times, we assume that life in the outside world, is complex, but in reality, the complexity of life appears, because of the complex web of the spirit. The spirit is so tied to the body, that little thing holds the power to create pain or suffering and it also stands true for the joy and happiness.

The spirit is made up of two simple threads, but when these threads, begins to tie around the body, it creates the complex web for any human mind to escape.

“To make oneself free from the complex web of the spirit, its necessary to realize the soul within the body. The soul is the seer in the body. The way we use air from the vacuum to clear the dirt from the house, in a similar way complex web of the spirit, begins to untie when you observe it, through the eyes of the soul.”

When you begin to observe life, both in the inside as well as outside world, you initiate the process of untying yourself, from life. Life can never be understood, in its natural form, unless you realize the soul.

There are so many experiences and impressions, that has been stored in our system, that it’s hard to understand, one’s own life and figure out the way to get out of it, on its own.

The process of breath takes place within the body, because of the spirit. The breath is the subtle thread that ties, the spirit to the physical body.

All the music of life and the body takes place on two threads of the spirit from breath to sensation and from feelings and emotions to the thoughts, ideas, and imagination of the mind. Two threads of the spirit are responsible for extracting energy for the functions of mind, heart, and body.

You cannot begin the process of untying the thread of the spirit unless you have the first-hand experience for yourself. You can only live life, out of your own understanding and no other person’s understanding can serve you, in your life, unless it becomes the part of your understanding, out of an experience.

All the ideas, imagination, thoughts, perception, perspective, feelings, emotions and sensation that develops looking into the outside situation, people or events of life, its only because of the complex web of the spirit, that you carry inside.

You cannot see life in its natural form unless you have realized the soul, which is beyond the spirit. Once the web of the spirit gets untied completely, even once, you realize the soul within the body. This experience is called an enlightenment or awakening.

The enlightenment or awakening is not an end to life, but again and again, the thread of the spirit creates the web, as it comes in contact with different experiences and impressions. The only advantage you have after the realization of the soul is that you don’t get deceived by the perception created by the web of the spirit and with the third eye, you see the things in its natural form.

Gravity is that we all understand. The complex web of the spirit is the gravity, that keeps us attached to the body and allow us to create different dreams and desire’s and the life remains moving.

Gravity pull keeps you down, while the soul is the higher vibrations, that can help you to unlock the complex web of the spirit, and the spirit can be free forever, from the complexities of life.

You can experiment with your life. Observe the thought patterns of your mind, and pick the most dominant thought and stay with it. Don’t do anything, but only remember that dominant thought.

If you can stay with it, for a while, you will see that complex web will throw all the similar experiences and impressions, you have into your system, and from those dominant thoughts, the complex web is capable of creating the entire future, into your mind.

This is how the mind creates life. All the dreams that you see, is the permutation and combination of different experiences and impressions from the past.

Say for e.g., if you are scared of dogs and if you see a dream at night, it might be possible that you will wake up in fear, but that dog will be replaced by the school teacher, or parents or your colleague or some friend.

Content remain the same, characters change in dreams, out of permutation and combination of the accumulated experiences and impressions from the past. If you have fear, fear is the content, if it’s love, love remain as a content in your dreams. If you have some desire, desire becomes the content, and all the other things change according to the content, be it people, situation, events or place.

You have to be very careful not only with the experiences, but also the impressions you accumulate throughout the day. For the blind man, experience only matters, but the people those who have eyes, they accumulated impressions, every moment of their life.

If the impressions of what you see with your eyes are not good, no sooner it will take over your entire life. All the pain and suffering of your life is because of the accumulated experiences and impressions from the past.

If you become little conscious in the moment, and try to make choice with all the impressions and experiences with your life, you can change all the pain and suffering, into joy and happiness, and not only that, you can also drop, any pain or suffering, that may above to come in future.

With the conscious choice, in the moment, you can change the experiences and impressions of the present moment, that lead to the better experiences for the future, but also there are certain techniques, that can allow you to erase the past experiences and impressions from your life, and you can simply rise above it.

To replace the experiences and impressions, knowledge, information and fresh experiences and impressions are enough, but if you wish to rise above, from the past experience, you have to follow certain technique that allows you to work on your body, heart, and mind.

Any form of physical exercise, aerobics, yoga, pranayama, different breathing techniques, any form of dance or meditation with a little awareness and attention in the moment, can serve you to wash away the past impressions and experiences, from the complex web of the spirit.

To wash off the karma from the past, is the same, like washing off the impressions and experiences from the web of the spirit. Unless you see, yourself beyond the physical self, it’s not possible to look into the natural principles of life, and experience life, in its natural form.

Your interest should be more in understanding the inner world, rather attain the things of the outside world. With the understanding of the inner world, you develop the understanding towards the outside world, and once you understand the process of life, it becomes easier to fulfill any desire of life.

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