The Cause of Suffering in Life


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Do pain and suffering comes from outside, or every individual is responsible for his suffering in life?

If the pain and suffering come from outside then you cannot do anything about it, and you have to live with it. If that is life than the life is not worth striving for, as it’s full of pain and suffering, but that’s not the truth of life.

The truth is something else that we all have to seek. It’s only the seeker looks within. Rest of us, remain caught up in the chaos of the outside world.

When you look inside, the only reason you find for your pain and suffering is you. Your mind and heart are filled with your daily experiences and impressions of life. The same experiences and impressions turn into thought patterns, as well as your feelings and emotions.

It’s an individual person who chooses his own pain and suffering from life, either consciously or unconsciously. When you believe what exists in the outside world is the only reality, then you consider it to be the ultimate truth, and your life simply revolves around that truth.

But if you become the seeker of life and look for the truth, whichever ways seems possible to you, then different dimensions of life start to open up for you.

Life can be well spent in understanding our self and making our understanding better towards life, or we can spend our whole life judging others and making a correction with the outside world.

All our pain and suffering comes from outside and is limited to the outside world.

As our Physical senses are directed outside and anything that is experienced by the physical senses gets captured in the mind, we naturally fill ourselves with everything that goes in our daily life. We are never conscious enough, with what are the experiences and impressions, we are allowing within us, and what are the things that need to be discarded in life.

If we bring a little attention to the choice and decisions of our everyday life and become aware of our daily life, half of our pain and suffering simply drops from our life. When we become conscious with every choice we make, our whole attention of the mind shifts in our life, rather wandering on the things of the outside world.

Our mind makes more noise, when it wanders in the outside world, and when it gets an opportunity to judge the life of the outside world. But when the same mind, is directed to oneself, you notice that all of a sudden, the mind become less judgmental and sympathetic towards one’s own perspective towards life.

The process of life that works in the universe, the same process of life works in the humans. So more and more the person moves inward to know himself, the more truth of the outside reality is revealed to him.

We assume, we know everyone around us, but the truth is, unless we realize who we are from inside, it’s impossible to understand anyone else around us.

We live our whole life in assumption. It’s hard to even admit that we are ignorant. Even the things that we don’t have any clue about, we don’t hesitate to boost our knowledge even on those subjects.

With life, you just cannot carry your falsehood. Unless you admit, your ignorance about life, you just cannot proceed further, on the path of wisdom. Deep down inside, you know that you have no clue about life.

The first thing that’s required to understand the process of life, is to pull your attention from the outside world and bring it back to yourself. Your life should not revolve around the outside world in your mind, but the center point has to be the truth beyond the self-identity.

The true self-identity is not the one which is developed out of the experiences and impressions of the outside life, but the individual self is the one that has been realized, by searching and seeking the core of the mind.

The mind has different layers that need to overcome. Your daily life forms a repetitive circle in you and develops an identity out of it. If you don’t consciously take your attention inward, your life simply revolves in a circle that has been formed out of your daily living.

It’s only the attention on oneself that allow you to have a break-through with life. You break the circle of life that you develop over the time, with the daily experiences of life.

All the pain and suffering is limited to the daily circle of life, that is taking round not only outside but also inside.

Once you break the circle of life inside, you break the chain of pain and suffering in you. It’s only then, you experience the real wisdom of life that flows from within.

Wisdom is not your thinking or imagination or information that you gather in the outside world, but wisdom is a direct experience of life. Wisdom is seeing into life. Wisdom is to know the natural process of life by directly connecting with it.

The natural process of life cannot be known in terms of information, but you have to experience it and live inside out.

It’s only when you become one with the natural process of life from within, for the first time, you understand the process of life.

When you rise above your daily suffering of life, you look at life from the fresh perspective. Life is full of wisdom and bliss at every moment, but when your mind gets caught up in the outside reality, you start making assumptions about life, only by experiencing the outside reality.

If your mind tells you that, the outside reality is the only truth of life than the trouble starts with life. The outside reality is only the surface reality, while the truth exists deep down inside.

Even if you spend your whole life understanding life, by living and experiencing the outside reality, all your understanding will be limited to the assumption and projection of reality.

Take a pause with life, look at the repetitive circle that you live day after day in the outside world. Once you get familiar with the outside circle, take the attention of the mind inward and look at the same circle inside.

Just simply look at the repetitive circle of life. Spend time in observing and understanding the circle of life that is going both inside and outside. More and more you understand the repetitive circle of life, more you will experience that, it loses its grip over you.

Nobody has time to look at his own life, but everyone has time to blame life for its pain and suffering. The whole process of life is to get to the truth of life and be one with it.

The point is how many of us are willing to strive for the truth and get to the depth of our pain and suffering to rise above it?

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