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First of all, I would like to wish a very happy new year to all our readers and heartfelt thank you for being a part of our life and motivate and inspire us to keep us going.

We couldn’t have moved forward unless we have received all the love and support from you all. May this year bring all the love and light in everyone’s life.

What I have learned over the time with life is that life is limited to this very day and this very moment. If you can hold your mind to this moment, life reveals the future path that can be easily followed.

If you live this day with your absolute presence, life itself comes to your rescue and shows you the path for the future.

The point is how to make most out of this day?

The first thing I would like to share is to start your day with meditation.

Nothing can serve you better than meditation when it comes to life.

The simple practice of meditating first thing in the morning helps you to get insight into your life.

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You don’t have to have great visions for life, but all you need is that one step that you can see and walk upon to take your life forward.

By the practice of meditation, you never have to worry, with what to do with your life, but you always have the clarity about the next step that you have to take in your life. The practice of meditation opens the door for the future.

You see your future first hand before you walk into it. Once your mind can see into the future, it becomes easier to move into the future.

Meditation can help you to look into your past, present, and future. Make it a daily habit of practicing meditation first thing in the morning.

Next, after meditation, the habit that you have to imbibe in your life is physical exercise.

Let me clarify one thing for you all, that mind is different and brain and body are different. You have to exercise every day for your physical brain and body to make most out of it.

Physical exercise helps you to churn the fresh energy from the body. Meditation is an exercise for the mind, while physical exercise is an exercise for your brain and body. You have to treat them separately to make most out of it.

You cannot take your physical body for granted because it’s only the body that keeps you going throughout the day.

If you really want to enjoy life to its fullest, add physical exercise in your daily schedule.

After Meditation and physical exercise, next thing that has to be a must on your daily chart is having breakfast every morning before you start your day.

Now having the breakfast in the morning seems normal, but let me tell you many people skip their breakfast in the morning including myself.

It took me some time to get into the habit of having a breakfast every morning, as it was normal to skip the breakfast unless I knew the real importance of it in my life.

Let me tell you it’s an energy booster for your body and mind.

You have an insight for the day. You have prepared your body with the exercise, and now you need the energy to manifest your imagination into reality.

Remember the body can only move with the energy and the breakfast is the real kick for your body and mind to keep rolling.

After the breakfast, it’s time to focus on your work or craft.

Now, all I want to share with you is no matter what kind of work you do, make sure you spend time with it each day.

What I mean here is, work on your craft each day so that every day you grow and improve with it.

The world has been lost in the notion of 5 days of work and 2 days holiday or 6 days of work and 1 day holiday, but let me tell you, if you just can spend 1 hour at your work every day, you will never have work related stress, tension, anxiety, pressure or whatever problems that you hear in respect of work.

Staying connected with your work on everyday basis keeps your mind open and active. It doesn’t matter how many hours you spend at your work, but even if you give some time to your work on everyday basis, you activate your mind towards your work.

So even the time, when you are not working, still your mind can think and create fresh ideas for your work or craft.

What’s important with your craft is, you add something to it each day to make it better.

Next thing on your chart has to be the personal life.

You meditate, exercise, energize, work on your craft, and do everything for yourself, and now it’s time to give to your family.

The time for the family should not be restricted to weekdays or weekends but it has to be a part of your everyday life. You have to make sure to spend time with your family and develop the bonding with them with each passing day.

Life is short. You will never even realize when the time pass by, and you missed the time that you could have spend with your mother, father, children, spouse, your brothers, sisters or the people in your circle that mattered the most.

So no matter how busy you are with your life (and let me tell you, everyone is absolutely free except being busy in their mind) make sure to spend some time with your family each day, so that at the end of your life, you can allow the life to pass by without any regrets.

The thing that can keep you going with life is a daily inspiration.

You need daily inspiration to keep you motivated and inspired so that you can give your more than 100 percent to life.

You know there is a fine line between feeling hopeful and feeling hopeless in the moment. Anyone can move from feeling hopeful to feeling hopeless at any moment in his life. If you don’t have something to keep you inspired and motivated each day, then you may cross this line at any moment in your life.

Look for something that keeps you inspired and motivated each day and keeps you going with life.

See, I am trying to share these things with you, that not only will help you to succeed but if you rightly follow this advice into your daily life, you can no way fail in your life.

You Can Heal Your Life

To take your daily life to another level you have to have a mentor, master, or guru in your life.

Your mentor is a reflection of your future life. See, our mind understands things in the form of images. You need living life to guide you through the process of life.

The life of a mentor, master or guru helps you to understand the process of life. From the life of the master, you can understand what footprints you would like to leave, once you are gone forever.

You need some master, mentor, or guru, to whom you can look up to. You don’t have to follow each and every step of your mentor, but when you get inspired by someone else’s life, you get the clarity about what you want out of your life.

So the guru or master doesn’t teach you something but it helps you to connect with your true authentic self.

If you aspire to become like someone, then all you see in them is the reflection of your perfect being. It’s important to have a person in everyone’s life, to whom he can look up to.

The last advice without which no purpose of life can ever be fulfilled and that is to realize the source of life in you.

No matter what you do with your life, one desire that has to be constantly burning in you and that is the desire to know the source.

The source or god whatever you name it. Either you do meditation, exercise, work, manage your personal life, or do everything to fill yourself up with life, but everything becomes useless, without the realization of a source.

It’s only the source or God in you that adds meaning to everything that you do with your life.

If you hold the desire to know the source of life, then even you don’t follow any of the above advice, your purpose of life will naturally get fulfilled, but at the same time, even if you follow all of the above advice, and achieve all the desires of this world, but don’t realize the source of life in you, your life will still remain empty from within.

To realize the source is to realize the roots of life. The roots or the seed of life is in you. You don’t have to look anywhere else for the truth, but the absolute truth exists in you.

At the end, all I can pray is you get what you want out of life and you realize the source of life in you.

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