The Adverse Situations are Opportunities for a New Life

Adverse Situations

The situations that appear to be adverse, are actually the doorway to new life. It only seems to be adverse situations, but when you look into the opportunity in them, you can receive the solutions for many other problems of life.

The situations exist to release you from your past. When you perceive life from a narrow perspective, you miss to comprehend life from the perspective of a whole, but if you ease a little, and try to broaden your perspective, you can trace many opportunities from the same situation.

You grow by facing different situations of life. Some life situations exist to teach you a lesson, while others come to take you forward with life. If you are open with life, you flow with life, but if you have a closed mindset then you can get caught up, even in the passing thought of your mind.

This is life, and life puts you into different situations so that you can rise above the situations of life and bring the best out of yourself.

The different situations of your life come out of your past actions. It’s just that when a different situation combines themselves into one and come in front of you, it seems like a challenge.

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Say for e.g., you have few personal bills to pay for the household, and you are running short of money. For some reasons, if all the expenses come all at once for you to pay, you get tensed in the situation.

One thing that could be learned out of the situation is, that nothing comes into our lives, that we have not created or we have not acted upon.

Second thing, when we move to figure out the solution for such problems, we push our limits and thus our limits expand into such situations. This is what life wants out of us. It wants us to grow and expand from within.

Next time, when you face the same situation, then it doesn’t seem like a problem, as we have already faced it, and life tests us with bigger problems.

Anything you come across in the present moment comes out of your past. There is no way its possible for you to come across the situation, that appears from nowhere.

When you face new problems in your life, you never worried about it, as you know it’s not from your past. Such situations are easier to face, as your mind gets into the present moment and becomes more active to face such situations.

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The situations only seem like an adverse one’s, when it pops out of your past. When you know, you are facing your own errors in the present moment, then it gets your moral down and you feel disappointed with life.

Whenever you come across the life’s situation, don’t try to avoid it or run away from it, but takes complete responsibility of it. Don’t jump to the conclusion, but take step by step path to move forward with life. Allow the solution to emerge from within, and if something inspires you to act, then take action without hesitation.

Life has a strange way to unfold. Anything that exists on this earth, comes out of an action, but the action only derives its fruits if it’s aligned with your inner world.

People have a tendency to look for the solutions for the multiple problems, all at once. You have to understand that when the problems didn’t appear in a moment, how do you expect the solution for all the problems all at once. Allow the things to unfold on its own.

Yes, if you can hold yourself in the present moment, life brings the solution to you, and remember if the solution is from the life itself then it will be a permanent solution. If you look for the temporary solution, again you will get back into the same problem.

Your life has a pattern. The way you live your daily life holds a pattern. If you can understand the patterns of your life, you can connect with it, and grow and improve upon it.

Mindfulness for Beginners

You start to understand, how your life takes place and more than that, you notice the repetitive process with your life.

Just by bringing little awareness to life, your life starts to transcend on a higher level. Once you rise high with your inner energy level, your body, mind, and heart too expand and this allows you to observe your own life, with better clarity.

Life is made up of multiple events, and each and every event is connected to the other. If you think to do good in one event and miss performing in the other event, then you hold the impression with the further events of life.

You cannot miss any aspects of your life. Every moment of your life is equally important and every person who comes to you is a link to the further events of your life. The way you behave with one carries the impressions on others.

When you are in a moment, and into your mind it’s hard to have a clear perception of the situation or a person. The best way to have a clear look at life is to have a time out from the situation and look at the situation with the silent mind, to pick the best out of it. Then you have the best solution out of the situation.

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The new life comes out of your fresh response in the moment. If your actions have a completely new perspective towards life, and in no point, you agree to repeat the process of life, then you come across the new path and create absolutely new life for yourself.

You create life every day with your actions and comes out of your response to the situations and people. If you are clear in your head with what you wish to have in your life, or if your intent is to rise high with life, no matter what the life brings to you than with your determination, you can always figure out the path for yourself.

All the problems of your life carry the solution with your higher self, that lies within you. Your actions come out of your thoughts, emotions, and energy. When your energy level rises higher from within, you come across your higher self that can face the same situation of your life, with the best response.

You can elevate yourself with the body, mind, and heart. The energy of the physical body can be raised with proper diet and exercise.

If you follow the routine of daily exercise, you take the process of evolution in your hands, and you grow and evolve with life. When you grow with life, you look at the same situation of your life with better perspective.

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Try it for yourself. If you think you are caught up in a problem or a situation, exercise for sixty minutes, and then sit in a silent place and think about the same situation or problem. See what you experience.

Even if you sit with yourself for sixty minutes and meditate over the problem, you can still have the solution for the problem.

The challenge is to have trust in yourself and patience with life. Once you have the solution, you also receive the power to act upon it. Don’t hesitate, but act with courage.

The mind of a human is such that wherever you place your first step, further steps starts to get created into your mind. But before you take your steps, you need to know where you are heading towards with life.

Don’t move in the direction, that you don’t want to be a part of your life, and for some reason if you have to, than come out of it, as soon as possible by making new choices  and decisions with your life.

Using the Law of Attraction

Denying to the problems of life, you allow it to grow in a big milestone. If you look into the problem, as soon as it arises and goes for its solution than you don’t allow the problem to turn into something, that gets out of your control.

Any situation that you face in life, is the complexity of your own mind. If you can see the situation with clarity, you can see the past, present, and future of the situation.

When you know from the place, the situation has arisen, then it’s easier to get to its solution. The future comes out of the past, so if you can figure out the cause of the situation you can further act in a way, where you can have a similar effect for the situation, in the form of a solution.

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The total acceptance towards life with understanding can make you free from all the troubles of your life. The problems come and go, but when you understand the process of life, you know how to get to the solution of it.

Never repeat the process of life, but always look for the new response. When you give the same response to the situation, you create the same problem for the future but if you learn to tackle the situation with a fresh response, you get to the permanent solution for your problems.

With life, you always come across something or the other, but with the understanding, your acceptance level towards the situations towards your life increases, and you create more fun with your life, rather developing mental stress or illness out of it. Always look at life from the perspective, that brings more inner joy to you, and you can never go wrong with your life.

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