The Act of Observing Gives you Clarity in life


The act of observing life is to see. Very few people know this truth that with the mind you can see life. The mind is not limited to the thinking or imagination, but the mind can also have an ability to see through life.

You receive the clarity when you develop an art of observing life. To observe life is an art. You can try it at this moment.

Just take five minutes for yourself. Stop doing everything only for five minutes, and for this five minutes, bring all your attention to this moment.

If you are reading this blog, then simply go on reading the blog.

When you see, you don’t think. When you think, you don’t see things. You have to understand the difference between thinking and seeing. The mind can only do one thing at a time.


The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down

It can either think or see, what is happening at the moment. If your mind is thinking and it appears to you, that you are also seeing things at the moment, then you are mistaken.

Whatever you have seen at the moment, will be disappeared from your mind. You will not remember anything that you have seen, because your mind was engaged in the thinking process.

You are already present at the moment. Just see everything around you for five minutes. You can set up an alarm for yourself. Give these five minutes to yourself. Simply observe life.

If a thought comes to your mind allow it to come. You keep your attention on seeing life. Just observe everything that is happening around you for just five minutes.

Try it.

After five minutes.

Have you tried?

It’s tough. It takes an effort from your body, mind, and soul to observe life. Just to observe life, you need to pull out all the energy from within. But if you can stay with the process of observing life, you receive absolute clarity of everything that is happening around you and within you.

You know that to take action requires an effort, but to observe life requires more effort.

You see life appears to be complicated outside, but that’s not the truth. The outside world appears to be complicated because of the inner confusion. When the things are not clear inside, you see the outside world with the same inner confusion. These create further complexities to your life.

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When you develop a habit of observing life, slowly you remove all the surface memories that keep on hovering into your mind. When you start receiving the clarity of life, your choice and decisions tend to change at the moment.

If you don’t live with the clarity of life, it’s always the outside force that drives your life, be it the religion, culture, society, your upbringing or your surrounding environment.

When you develop the inner clarity, you start seeing the truth. Your choice, decisions and your actions at the moment, tend to change once you start experiencing the truth.

With life, what matters is the absolute truth and not what we have created over the time in the outside world. The truth can only be seen when your mind is thoughtless in the moment. It’s the thoughtless state of mind that allows you to see the present situation with absolute clarity.

All our thinking, imagination, dreams and desires have its based in the memories. All our memories of the mind are accumulated from the outside experiences and impressions.

When the mind is occupied with the thoughts of the past, it becomes impossible to see the present situation with absolute clarity. If you cannot see the things of the moment, as it is, any choice or decision you make at the moment will depend on the experiences of the past.

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When you develop a habit of observing life, you become responsive to life. You respond to the moment. Your response remains limited to the moment. You don’t judge the present situation out of its past or the future, but you see the present situation as it is, and give the best response required to it at this moment.

It’s the clarity that allows you to rise above your past, and it’s only the clarity at the moment, that gives you the purpose for your future.

The people, who walk on the unknown path or do take action that appears miracles to others, can only make those things possible because they hold clarity in themselves. The core remains clear to them, while with other things they take calculative risk to achieve those miracles into their lives.

It’s your past, that takes you into this moment, and it’s this moment that will take you into the future. Life follows a process, and it’s your input that gives you output in this world. Your input too is measured in the form of quantity and quality.

If your input is based on the quantity, then your life will reflect more of the quantitative life, while if your output is based on the quality, your life will reflect the qualitative life. You can only expect what you have offered to life.

To view life from a higher perception, you have to rise above your thinking and imagination process and start experiencing life that is happening at the moment. You have to rely more on the present life rather than the life that has already happened in the past or maybe the life that you will experience somewhere in the future.

It’s your attention that gives you the clarity of life. Your mind should be perfectly placed in the moment.


Emotional Chaos to Clarity

It requires practice. Meditation is one such tool that can help you to connect with the life that is happening at the moment. Even physical exercise can help you to experience the life that is happening at this moment.

When you start observing life, you will realize that most of the time, you are living into the stories of your mind. Your mind is never really present in the moment, and this disconnects you from the very process of life.

To receive the clarity of life means to understand the very process of life. When you understand how the life unfolds, you drop the individual stories of your mind and become one with the very process of life that is happening at the moment.


Clarity: How To Get It, How To Keep It & How To Use It to Balance Your LIfe 

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