Take time to build your life

Take your time to build your life

Every morning, I have different tasks lined up to complete. It seems like life is in a hurry. Somehow I want to accomplish everything all at once, and then relaxed for whole life. Somewhere down the line, I realize it’s an unrealistic approach, but still I wanted to believe this truth and follow all the time.

I know different ways exists, but it gets hard for the mind to digest. I have always in my life looking for different ways to go about life. This 9 to 5 thing was difficult for me to digest.

I know I can take my own time to build my life. There is no need to hurry. To understand this fact, you have to come face to face with the reality of life.

Whats the reality or where do you find the reality?

The reality is in this moment. There is no bigger reality than this moment. If you connect with the life in the moment, you will receive clarity of your own life. You will realize where you are going wrong in your life.

The desires that you are running after, does it really matters in your life. The priorities in life shifts when you connect with the reality of the moment. Your perspective changes towards life.

Remember the struggle is not a real struggle, but it’s how you perceive your life in those moments. 

If you think you are struggling in life, you are struggling, and if you think, you are learning and growing and building your life, then you are actually doing that.

It all depends on your perspective.

What I want to suggest here is, you have limited amount of time in a day, then why don’t you consciously build your life, so that you can enjoy the life in the moment and also build the life of your dreams. When you go slow, you have a better view of life around you. You see more. You observe more. There are more opportunities present in the moment.

We wanted to do everything quickly as if life is running away from our hands.

These are the moments, where you can sit silently with the self, and observe life. This time is very important. These are the moments that can give you clarity in life.You get to the truth of life. Life is not going anywhere. It’s you who are running into your mind.

When you consciously take time out for yourself to observe life, you notice that even in the midst of all the chaos, you still have enough time.

Life is running nowhere. You are only running into your mind.

You have to be more conscious of your mind. Life is built in your mind. If you know, how to build life into your mind and then replicate into the outside world, you can take your own time to build your life.

The present moment has its power. When you connect with the life in the moment, life happens effortlessly. You build your dreams without any effort. You simply sail through life.

If you learn to flow with the process of life, you will notice that life happens effortlessly. You should learn to allow the life to happen. All you need is to choose the direction.

The process of life is all about the flow. You have to learn to observe the flow of life and simply sail through it. You don’t need force to build your life. With force you get broke sooner or later. But with the flow, you can always sail through life effortlessly.

The word patience is not a weakness, but the highest form of strength. When you adapt patience you gain strength to face any adverse situations in life.

When you have patience in the moment, you can see more in the moment. You have more options to choose from. You can make those right choices in your life.

Our lives revolve around our choices. We build our lives out of our choices. The more you practice patience in the moment; the better will be your choices in life.

There are two ways to go about life. One way is to chase life no matter what. The other way is to allow the life to happen on its own. There is this third-way. The third way is to find a balance in between action and in-action.

You wait for your turn for action, and when your time comes you give it all. Once you give it all, you don’t think about the past or the future, rather you enjoy the life in the moment.

Most of our lives, we dwell into the past or the future. We rarely experience the life in the moment. When you start experiencing life in the moment, you notice that life exists only in the moment. The past and the future is only the imagination of our mind. 

Even when you move out to build your life, you can only do it in the moment. You may follow your imagination but action is required in the moment. The more and more you embrace the life in the moment, the more you will enjoy the very process of life.

Life is beautiful with all its colors. Even when you go through the process of struggle, there is a certain kind of beauty exists in those struggle. Whenever you remember life, you never remember your milestones or your good days; rather all you remember is your struggle and how you overcome those struggles. It’s only your struggle that gives meaning to life. You only get shaped by your struggle.

No matter what life brings to you, if you can hold yourself in the moment, you can always change the direction of your life and build the life of your dreams your way.

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