Take Actions out of Reasoning, and Develop Understanding out of it


This post was most recently updated on February 17th, 2018

Love is above all, but love happens when you are ready to lose yourself completely, leaving no trace behind. Then the transcendence of your ego happens.

Another way to transcend your ego is with proper reasoning and understanding towards life. There is no need for the person to understand the life of everyone around him, but all he needs to understand is his everyday actions.

What you do entire day, comes out of your needs, your dreams, desires, your beliefs and experiences of your life. The day you are living right now, is the accumulation of everything that happens to you, in your past.

This day is the total accumulation of your past, and if you choose to be precise, this moment reflects your entire life. The life is the state of your mind, and in this moment the state of mind you carry depicts your entire life.

To be aware of one’s own life, it’s very important to know, what actions you take throughout the day, and where your actions lead you with your life.

You cannot spend your entire life, solving one problem of your life. You have to rise above yourself and include all the aspects of life.

This day reflects your entire life. When you make a choice with every action of your life, out of thorough reasoning and then after action you gain experience out of it, you connect with your actions with reasoning and understanding.

Before you take any action, your mind gets caught up in thousand and one thoughts. Before action, if you clear your mind and then out of an experience, you make the necessary changes with it, if required, and this way you confirm the action for yourself.

Every day you repeat the process of life, but if the repetition comes out of reasoning and understanding, you open the gateway for learning, growth, and improvement.

When you make a choice with every action of your day, you take life in your hands. You don’t accept the day or life as it is, but you experiment with your life, with every action, learn from it, get the perfection out of it, and get it into your daily routine.

The life is merely a repetition, and there is no real progress with it unless you have the awareness towards your path. When you take control of your daily life, you realize that nothing in life happens by chance, and you are solely responsible for everything that comes to you in your life.

When you create your life’s path out of reasoning and understanding, you don’t have to think about your actions any further, and with the time your life gets one with the law of nature.

Your mind and heart create all the obstacles in life if you go on living life without understanding. You have to explain everything to your mind and heart or to yourself, why you do something in your life and what’s the benefit out of it.

When you can convince your mind and heart, about your life’s path, you never face obstacles with your life, and even if something comes on your path, the mind itself provides you the solution to it.

To connect with your higher self, and with god is to connect with the mind. When you connect with the mind, you start to notice the activities of your own mind, and how he makes you think, in a different situation about the things that doesn’t hold any relevance to the situation.

Many times in our professional life, we make a mess because we have an issue with our personal life, and sometimes when professional life is not going good, we take the grudge in our personal relationships.

We are never able to figure out, but the truth is at different moments of life, the mind takes us in a different world. When you are with your friends, there is no thought required of your family, and when you are at office, and you still think about your home, then the same mind can also carry the mess of your personal life at workplace.

Be careful with your mind, and see how it deviates you from where you are in the present moment. To take actions out of reasoning and developing understanding out-of-it, serves you to clear your mind for the future.

When the mind is silent and peaceful, you can take more out of it. Then even if you come across any problem in your life, with the silent mind, you can have the solution for it.

Your daily actions with reasoning and understanding, helps you to learn, grow and evolve with life. You improve upon your every action. You see the things, that you have been passed over hundred times, but miss to pick it into your life.

When you grow, you don’t follow the same schedule, but as your understanding grows, your daily schedule too transcends with it.

Don’t live for the change, but live to transcend life. Transcend is to grow. When people don’t like one thing, they switch to another. This change in life, cannot bring you anywhere, but when you transcend your life for the better, you grow with life.

To transcend means to grow your capacity from within, to face life. When you grow with life, you look for the bigger challenges of life.

The average man faces the problems in his life, while the man with the understanding, not only rise above his problems but simultaneously look for the different challenges of life.

He moves into the life to face the life, while the ignorant mind tends to run away from life. You have to make a choice with your life, what kind of life you choose to live with.

Are you ready to push yourself, to have the better understanding towards life, or you wish to simply repeat the process of life, the choice is yours.

Look at the world around you. Your world needs the person, who know himself and stand up for himself. They want someone, whom they can look up to and gather courage for him to face their life.

Can you be that person in your life, who change the path, not out of boredom or for the sake of change but transcends every action of his life out of choice, reasoning, and understanding?

The person who don’t live out of chance or luck, but holds complete control over his life, by having control over himself. People listens to you, what you say when it comes out of your living and not merely empty words.

People who makes difference into the life of others, are not the one’s who interferes in the life of others, but these are the people who completely focused on their life’s path, and develop their path, out of understanding.

They knew this truth of life, that anything that needs to be done then it has to be done with themselves, and not with anybody else. As they expand, everything gets better around him with time.

The great souls never spend time thinking on others, or on the things that don’t serve the purpose in their life. They are more concern with what they know, and how they can get better with their life.

They are more interested in living their own truth and grow with it every day. They realize this truth of life that to connect with life, it’s necessary to be present with life every day.

When you walk step by step with life, only then you come closer to life. The life follows the process, and as your understanding grows with life, your life’s action too gets inclined with the process of life.

Then you don’t have to move out to get the happiness from the world, but your life itself filled you up with such joy, bliss, and wisdom that you cannot afford to keep it with yourself, but yourself move out to share with the world.

Imagine the life, when you don’t need anything out of it, and the only purpose that is left for you, in this world is to give and share. When everyone thinks to give, no pocket remains empty and every pocket gets filled with joy and bliss.

Take an initiative with your life. Look into your life and bring the necessary changes with it. Add something that lifts your life every day. Be more creative and innovative at your workplace.

Meet people with more love. This will help you to open up your heart towards your world. Learn more. You can have the solution for all the problems of your life. Try to push yourself to reach to all the aspects of life.

Don’t run away from life, but embrace it with an open heart. Life is an open platform, and nothing is predefined. You have the choice and will-power to create your own future, out of understanding and love.

Add love and understanding to everything you do, and the process of life itself will fill you up with all that you need out of life.

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