Take a Shift from Mind-Body Consciousness to Soul-Consciousness

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The mind is many, the soul is one. Here, the soul is an empty space that is experienced beyond the mind and life energy (spirit) in deep spiritual experience. The mind is one, but you hold many “I” in your mind, that separates you from the eternal flow of life.

Take a shift from mind-body consciousness to soul consciousness.The natural shift in life happens inside.

Its the attention of the mind that shifts from outside to inward life. The outside life is, that which you all are familiar with, but there is something more to life, then the external reality. The external reality is a physical reality of life, but the source of physical reality can be found out inside.

Body-mind consciousness adds limitations to life. You don’t experience life beyond the surface reality of the mind, but perceive and experience life limited to the exposure of the mind.

With the mind, the truth is not possible. The mind lives with the formation of experiences and impressions of life. The past experiences and impressions are restructured in different ways to create your present and future out of it.

Just with an intention to experience life beyond the surface layer of the mind, the new world begins to open up for you. The life evolves and transcends on a higher side.

The life beyond the mind is possible to anyone. The mind likes to live with the thoughts and images, while the real life happens in the moment. The realization of the soul connects you with this moment. The time and space exist in the mind. You only experience time and space with the sensation. The realization of the soul, allows you to experience life beyond the sensory perceptions of mind.

Transcending from the body-mind-consciousness to soul consciousness is to transcend from many to one. The experience with the mind is many, while with the soul consciousness, you experience the life as a whole one unit.

Soul without Shame

Till the time, the mind realized the sacred space of the soul, it likes to indulge in every aspect of life, without knowing its importance of it. Once the mind realized the sacred space of the soul, it stabilized itself into the soul. The mind comes from the sacred space of the soul.

The sacred space of soul, spirit, and the mind is one. The spirit and the mind come from the sacred space into the physical body to experience life. As the mind and spirit enter into the physical body, the sensation in the body is registered, and here develops the sense of “I”. The sense of identity exists only because of the sensation.

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When the spirit gets detached in the out-of-body experience, you also lose the sensation with it. In the out-of-body experience, you cannot hold the sense of “I” and thus when you get back, in the body, you realize the existential truth of “I” in the body and mind.

The constant thinking about the past and future holds you to the mind. The feelings and emotions too become the hindrance for you to experience the true reality of life. If you strictly hold on to what you know with life, you can never really experience the truth of life. The truth of life happens when you surrender yourself to the moment. Understanding of life develops when your energy moves to a higher plane, and to move on a higher plane, you need to learn to lose your own ideas in regards to life.

With the soul consciousness, it’s easier to keep distance with the mind, and body. You remain in the body but as an observer. You participate in life, but at the same time, you can also observe everything that goes around you.

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When you move around a new place, you don’t try to judge things but remain open to life. You simply observe life. Your eyes become fresh again. More and more you feel familiar with life, you lose the charm of life.

With the soul consciousness, you can experience every moment of life as a sense of wonder. When you live with the soul consciousness gradually you detached yourself with the mind, and the body, and you create space inside to observe both your inside as well as outside world.

It’s useful to make the good use of your mind and emotions and take care of your health, but when the mind and emotions overpower you, that means you have forgotten your true identity. Soul consciousness is your true self. The body and the mind is an instrument for the soul to experience life. If you forget your real identity, you get caught up in the complex circle of the mind.

To direct the mind inward, you need a little practice. In the initial stage you need support of your breath. The inflow and outflow of the breath, will help you to take your attention inward.

Inward Bound: A Journey from Sense to Soul

The mind is habituated to the external reality and thus, it requires a little practice from your side, to direct the attention of the mind inward, till it becomes your natural way of living.

The natural process of life is from inside out. Once you know how to manifest life inside out, then you can also leave the inner world, and search for the higher self beyond mind. To realize the sacred space of soul, you have to move beyond the normal functions of the mind. The nature of mind is such that, it can keep you entangled in itself for many lives. Unless you consciously choose to move beyond the web of the mind, no way it’s possible for you to rise above the complex circle of the mind.

Life is real. Every moment that is happening here and now is real. You cannot fake with life. You have to have a real experience, to get to the truth of life. The mind cannot surrender itself unless it realizes the higher truth within. The real experience is a proof for the mind. The mind can only accept its source. The mind can only surrender to its source. The soul is the source of the mind.

The experience of the soul gives you complete control over your mind, body, and emotions. The soul is the source of life.

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All the chaos of life exist with the mind while suffering happens with heart, but the realization of the soul takes you above all the functions of mind and heart.

The mind has a habit of repeating the same thing again and again. With the mind, you simply repeat the process of life. Even in the physical world, the same process is repeated over and over again and thus even after several years, you notice a little change in life.

It takes time for the personal identity to digest the process of realization. Your whole life falls apart at the time of realization. You don’t find any base in the mind to hold yourself. With the realization, a new journey begins for the mind with the soul.

There are different ways to transcend your consciousness from mind to no-mind state, but the best method is a practice of meditation and self-contemplation.

Meditation can help you to get on the path of soul consciousness, and as your understanding grows with life, your mind itself will serve you as a guide to take you to the state of self-realization.

The Unbound Soul

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