Take a Journey towards the Source



Before you start reading this blog, I will request you to look for the quiet place, so that you can experience with me, the journey towards the soul. It will be a small ride for you, towards your soul.

If you are a meditator, the experience will be enthralling and if you are not, the new door of life will be opened for you.

I don’t want you to read this blog in a break-up. Go along with the blog, till the end. The blog is in continuation, till the last word.

If you think, you don’t have time now, come back later. The soul ain’t fun. It’s a serious affair. It’s only fun when you experience it for yourself. Let start a ride.

Inner Journey begins with the Breathe.

The inner journey of life begins with the breath. When the mind wonders in the outside world, its hard to understand, is there anything exists inside, other than what you see in the outside world.

The life’s mystery resides in you, and the breath is the invisible thread that can take you to that inner world. As you dive deeper, you travel from  gross to subtle world. Breathe too is invisible and thus serve’s to take you to your inner world.

Each one holds the different reality of life, both in the physical as well as the subtle world. Your outer reality comes from your inner world. It’s like the physical impression gets formed from the subtle impression. As you move deeper, the higher mystery of life is revealed to you. When you live in the physical world, it’s easier to pass a judgment, or form an impression of others, but when you come face to face with your inner reality, you drop many of  your illusions with life.

The outer reality is the past that has already been formed from our subtle world, and if you consider it as a benchmark to create your future, you create the similar future, of your past.

When you close your eyes and move towards your inner journey, breathe serve’s you to get in touch with your inner world.

When you observe your breath, slowly your attention is shifted inward. If you try for the first time, it may seem impossible to keep the pace with the breath, but if you stay little longer with the breath, you can enter into a different world.

Put your attention on the breath, slowly you can observe its moment of moving in and out. After some time, when your attention gets hooked up in the movement of breath, you will be directed to the sex center, from where you can observe all the attractions, you have experienced in your life.

You may come across the subtle attractions, that you might not be familiar with. The path of an inner journey is of acceptance and surrender. Don’t reject the subtle thoughts, but with acceptance and total surrender in that moment, direct the energy upward.

Don’t loose your attention from the breath. You will be thrown back to the outside life if you lose your attention.

The attention on breath holds the power to take you to the higher world.

When you come across the sex center, all your innermost desire’s for the opposite sex comes to the surface. At this center, the energy flows at a rapid pace. This is the space, where you show the least resistance, and accept yourself with the sense of surrender. Keep your higher purpose in mind.

Only with the acceptance and total surrender, you allow the breath to move upward. If you resist, even with the weirdest thought, you may hook to that thought, and can get lost. Only with the acceptance, you can prolong the journey upward.

As you rise higher, you come across your physical world. Hereby, you observe different situations and experience from your past, the thoughts you carry for different people, the fear, and insecurity of life, obstacles you have already faced or you think might come in the future.

As you rise higher you leave the world behind and get in your innermost circle. This is the world of love and emotional attachment. Everyone on earth carries his innermost circle of almost twenty-five people. Every person things good at least about his own circle, and this makes every human the better person, at least in his perception.

In reality, people hide part of their personalities, but when they look into themselves, they come face to face with their true nature.

All your different emotions come to its surface when you land into your emotional world in meditation. You cannot ignore something, as not part of you when you look inside. This is the place, where you cannot escape from the reality. All you can do is accept and wherever it’s possible, you try to bring the change to it.

Many times people deny the truth, as they are afraid to face for themselves, but when they look into their inner reality, they somehow gather the courage to look at the truth and accept the reality. Once you have the courage to face your truth, you accept others with their faults and give them the space to grow and flourish with their faults.

Once you have seen your inner reality, you cannot deny its presence in the outside world, and then you don’t resist with life but accept it as part of you. If you accept the present life whole-heartedly, it becomes easier for you to move in the direction to make the things better.

With the attention on the breath, the deeper mystery of life reveals itself. You come across your subtle reality, in the form of thoughts and images.

You resist with life, only when you don’t know the cause of it. When you see the sequence of events happening in your life, you can figure out the cause of every event, and thus the acceptance of life happens by itself.

Life is a series of events. The happening of one event leads to another. It’s a thread that follows an order. If you don’t like the thread, you have to break the sequence of the thread and connect it with the suitable one that goes with your idea of life.

The purest form of life’s energy is locked at the bottom of the spine, that allows the movement of breath moving in and out.

When the mind is focused and breathe too gets hold on to an empty space of the mind, slowly the life’s energy rise upward, clearing all the negative energy from the sex center to the stomach center to the center of your forehead.

Once the life’s energy clears all the negative energy, the subtle body that resides below the physical body gets unlocked and out-of-body experience is noted to the mind. The mind experiences the subtle thread other than the physical body, that he has never been aware of and never assumed, it could ever exist in the physical body.

The same experience gets noted at the time of death, but in meditation, the mind is very much in a conscious state and registers the conscious death in deep meditation.

After the experience of the subtle thread, the only experience that remains for the mind is to experience, the source of the subtle thread.

The source of the subtle thread is beyond the mind, body and emotions and no impression or experience of life get registered to the source. The source is an empty space, out of which the subtle thread or life energy enter in the body. When the subtle thread moves back to its origin, for the first time, the source of life is realized. The source is an empty space, where neither the experience nor the one who experience, remains and everything becomes one.

When the subtle thread comes out of the source, the subtle thread is experience separately in the body. The mind too is part of the same subtle thread and comes from the same source. When the attention of the mind is taken inward, the subtle thread is realized in the body. But to realize the source of the subtle thread, the mind too have to get merged into the source. Thus, the only experience remains at the ultimate, while the mind and the subtle thread dissolves into the source.

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