Surrender to the Natural Process of Life


When you take some time for yourself and observe life that is happening inside, you will notice that the inner world follows a process.

Its the process that allows you to churn the energy inside your body, and its the process that gives rise to your thinking and imagination of your mind. The process of life that happens inside, allows you to experience the sensation, as well as the movement of your breath, and its the inner process that compels the physical body to take action.

When you realize the inner process and surrender to it, you can also understand the process out of which the outside life works.

The life follows a process both in your inner as well as outside world and the time you surrender to the process of life, you not only develop the understanding of life, but you also see the life that is happening outside with utmost clarity.

When you yourself become the driver of life, you cannot drive too long, and no sooner will get caught up in the chaos of life. The time you live with the sense of surrender, no matter what happens in your life, you will always find the way to move forward. To live with the state of surrender is to stay open to life. When you are open to life from inside, life always shows you the way to move forward.

When you live with your own idea of life, you like the things to happen your way. You try to adjust the life as a whole according to your way, which is impossible. When we understand the process of life, we simply surrender ourselves to life and allow the life as a whole to take control.

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Even in the outside world, everything comes out of a process. Life follows a step by step method. When we live with our own ideas of life, we want everything in the outside world to happen our way. We don’t try to understand the process of life, rather we simply remain attached to the result we are looking for, out of the situation.

Whatever you want out of life, can only come out of following the process. Every desire needs guided steps in a particular direction to manifests it into a reality.

When it comes to the inner world, there is a specific process out of which the life unfold. When you surrender yourself to that process, your understanding grows in the outside world.

When it comes to the outside world, again everything has been created out of the process and follows the process. So anything you choose to manifest in the physical reality, first of all, understand the process out of which the things get manifested and then simply align yourself with that process and you will achieve the desired result.

When you surrender yourself from inside, you move closer to the source of life. At the same time, when you understand the process of life that forms the physical reality out of the subtle world, you create life of your choice.

The biggest obstacle you face on the path of surrender is your own mind. Your mind assumes he already knows everything about life. When it comes to the inner world, it remains dependent on the thinking and imagination, while in the outside world, it remains attached to the path that has been created in the mind.

The life happens much beyond the surface level of the mind. All your thinking and imagination happens at a surface level, while the actual life takes place beyond the mind at the level of energy.

Even in the outside world, the mind remains attached to the desires as well as the path that leads to the desire. The desires are not the problem, but if you hold onto your own path to get to the desire, you simply separate yourself from all the other path’s, that can take you to your desire.

When you get attached to your path, the attachment itself makes you blind and it becomes difficult to see the path ahead to reach to your desires.

When you hold onto your desire but stay open to all the different path’s that takes you to your desire, you simply flow with the natural process of life to reach to your desire.

When it comes to life as a whole, our understanding is naive. Unless we drop our ideas of the mind and surrender to life it becomes an impossible task to receive absolute clarity of life.

Many consider an act of surrender to be a sign of weakness. But Surrender is the only way you can develop understanding of life and also receive clarity of life.

The ego always stands in between you and the truth of life. It’s only the identity of the mind that separates you from the eternal process of life. Once your identity gets drop, you become one with the eternal process of life that is ever flowing in the moment.

All the solution of life comes with a clarity. The time you hold your own idea of life, you remain far away from the actual truth. You receive the clarity only when you drop the ideas of your mind and directly look into life that is happening in the moment.

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It’s the moment that gives you the clarity of life. You receive the solution in the moment. The solution to your problem doesn’t come with the thinking or imagination. The solution to your problem strikes in the form of inspiration. The striking of the inspiration is just like striking of the lightning in the sky. It strikes and disappears.

So, the best way to experience the truth of life, and live your life with proper understanding is the way of surrender. It’s only by surrendering to life you can experience life beyond the personal self.

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