Surrender to the Life’s Situation, is to Surrender, to the Existence.


We all carry a notion, that we are the sole owner of our life, and we are the ones, responsible for everything in our life. It’s certainly true, but you have to understand it, in a subtle way, how it’s an existential truth, in everyone’s life.

Life on the existence is bigger than you. Each moment that comes to you, is bigger than who you are, as an individual identity, and the situation, events or experience of life, is a part of the whole.

When the situation comes to you, and you think to dominate the situation or try to empower the situation, you try to empower the existence, and that takes you against the natural process of life.

The true wisdom tells you to surrender to the moment, or situation of life and when you surrender, immediately you begin to understand, what the situation, people, event or life as whole demands from you, in those moments.

When you surrender in the moment to people, situation, or events of life, you don’t literally surrender to them, but you surrender to life, as a whole.

When you get in conflict with anything or resist any part of life, you certainly stand against life. This shows that the life in the form of situation, events or as an experience wants something else, and you as an individual identity wants to resist life, as a whole.

In such situations, life takes place, out of its natural process, and you as an individual personality, pay the price for it. Either you grow and evolve in the moment or you lose in the moment. It all depends upon, either you are one with life or you stand against life.

Surrender and acceptance to the life situation, no matter what, allows you to rise above the situation, and takes you, higher with life.

“The wisdom and understanding can only happen in the state of surrender and acceptance.”

Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao

The wisdom always knows, how to pave the path for himself. Allow the river to pass through any mountains, and it will know, how to flow through the mountains.

The only thing, that you have to understand, is the moment, and if you’re successful in those moments, there is no-thing, of this world, can pull you down.

Remember the understanding to the life’s situation or different events of life, doesn’t jump up at the moment, but it slowly develops with time, if you make a serious effort towards it.

Efforts don’t mean physical, but you make a conscious choice to stay present in the moment. You try to understand different situations and events of life. You evaluate, analyze and contemplate your daily life, from a different perspective.

At the moment, the mind can only hold one perspective towards life. If you allow the moment to pass and think about the same thing, some other time of the day, your inner energy change, and you can have better perspective, about the same situation.”

There is no beauty other than experiencing life moment by moment. The life itself is so beautiful that you don’t need anything else for inner fulfillment.

“The mind gets lost in desire’s, while the wisdom knows how to pick the essential.”

Original Wisdom: Stories of an Ancient Way of Knowing

When the mind, thinks to control the life’s situation or events, it’s just like creating a desire to swim in a pool, which is exactly the size of your physical body. You cannot swim into a pool, exactly of your size or smaller than yours. That’s how mind likes to live life. Only to the point, where he can go. Nothing of the beyond, while the life is, of the beyond.

You cannot live life, with a mindset to control everything, because life is bigger than you, and every situation, people, and event of your life, represents the existence. This is the magic of life.

Life cannot be understood, by force, but it only can be understood by surrender and acceptance. You need little awareness to have a balanced state of mind, in the moment.

The individual identity of a person is different from mind, heart, and body. It has a power of choice to direct his life, in the desired direction.

There is a natural process going on, both on the outside, as well as inner world and we all, are part of both the process. The outside process of life is very well understood, when we try to understand the inner process, as all the situations and events of life, appears from inside.

When we observe life, both on the outside as well as the inner world, we understand the patterns of our mind, heart, and body. When we understand the patterns, we see the difference between the patterns of our mind, heart, and body and the life that takes place outside.

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The difference can be seen, by not actively participating in each event of your life, but allowing the life to happen, both in the inside as well as outside world, and simply remain witness to both the life.

The individual identity of an average man considers, every experience or impressions of the outside life, as a part of his own, and he doesn’t have any idea, of whats going on, in his inner life.

The individual identity is a mere spectator to both the inner as well as outside experience, and its role is to describe, both the experiences of the inner as well as outside world. If you get lost into to the description, of the spectator, you will never come face to face with life.

The situation or events of life can appear out of different probabilities, but your response can always remain close to nature if you are aware at the moment.

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If you don’t carry your idea of life, you can understand what life really wants from you, in the moment. The idea of an individual always remains narrow towards life. Life is not, that you see outside, but much more than you can ever imagine.

The single mind is not capable to understand the entire truth, and so one should look for the ways, to move beyond mind, to experience the natural reality of life, both inside as well as in the outside world.

Your openness towards life can help you to become one with life. If life wants you to be sad at the moment, you become sad with life, without resistance, and if life wants you to stay happy, you stay happy at the moment.

The only thing, that has to remember is to remain aware in those moments. Only then, you can detach yourself from both the happiness and sadness, to experience something, which is beyond.

Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender

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