How to Surrender to Life?

How to Surrender to Life?

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It’s been said, several times, that you have to trust life. You have to accept what comes your way, and you have to surrender to life when nothing seems possible to life. The quality of surrender is mostly acknowledged with life, spirituality, religion, and god.

With life, you can only surrender and accept life, if you have nothing left to give, or you have given everything to life. With mind, if you have something left in it, you cannot surrender to life, or accept life in its totality, but that one thought, or idea or desire keep haunting you, till the end.

You have to absolutely empty yourself, either by efforts or by understanding, but unless you empty yourself from inside, with your efforts, you cannot surrender or accept life.

The mind always carries a unique idea with himself. He always believes that he can either achieve everything in life, or he is absolutely useless with life.

With mind, you cannot lie in the middle. Either you are at the extreme or you are simply not moving forward, but with the mind, you can never get to the stage of balance. The balance is only possible when you rise above the state of mind, which is possible with surrender and acceptance.

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The mind develops an individual identity over the time, and this individual identity likes to achieve everything on its own. No matter what, this individual identity, cannot see any other person higher than himself, even God.

This is the truth of life, and cannot be understood unless you bring it alive into your experience. You cannot understand something unless, it becomes the part of your experience, and experience can only happen if you are ready to experiment with life.

In the moment, surrender or acceptance with life is not possible. The act of surrender and acceptance is not something you do, but it happens. No effort is required. No understanding is required. The time you feel you are done with yourself, you surrender.

Now you know, nothing is possible. You did, what was possible from your end. You have tried all the alternative path. Now, with your efforts, you cannot move forward. You have used, all your tricks and all your intelligence. Now, the only way that is left, is the way of surrender and acceptance. Remember when you surrender, acceptance happens on its own. It goes hand in hand.

If you accept, surrender happens on its own. If you surrender, acceptance happens on its own. One thing that needs to be understood is it cannot be planned. It happens on its own. All you do is create an intent, and the act happens on its own.

The Surrender Experiment

If you try to do, on your own, then it doesn’t last long, and you get back to your old habits. The surrender and acceptance to life happen, when you are done with your personal identity and when you are done, with your efforts, and intelligence. Now nothing is possible from your end. In those moments you surrender and accept what exists, in this moment.

This is the moment, where understanding comes in. You cannot do anything to be wiser. Wisdom is not something that can be borrowed, but it happens. It happens on its own. Life is something that happens on its own.

But the condition is, you have to give everything to life. I will not ask you to drop your intelligence and accept life as it is because I know, it will not happen. It cannot happen with anyone. It’s simply against the natural process of life.

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It’s not possible for the mind, to hold for a moment, unless it’s tired, with himself. The mind has to feel, that he cannot proceed further. You don’t need to know about God or life, but more and more, you begin to give to life and empty yourself, the stage comes, where life begins to talk to you, in a strange way.

The reason, I call it strange, because the mind can never identify itself with the ways of life. The mind needs everything in place, and when life talks to you, it only gives you a first-hand experience. Now, when you experience something for the first time, how it can be in order.

With life, mind is always confused. It doesn’t know, what to do with life. It only knows, how to calculate things and only understand the aspect of life, which comes into his logic and reasoning. Beyond that mind loses its capacity to understand life.

Life is all about experience. You only grow and evolve, by experimenting and exploring life and getting experience out of it. All the expansion in life happens out of experience. Its the experience that creates a new path in life.

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Pick anything from your life. It comes out of your experience. Your daily life depends upon your experience. Now, if you have limited exposure to life, your experience too remains limited, and it reflects on your daily living.

When you create or innovate with life, you come out of your mind, and the process of self-realization happens, when you slip back, beyond your mind. When you understand the backhand process, behind the mind, that’s what the process of spirituality or process of evolution, is all about.

If your dreams and desires of life, push you outside, then you can follow the procedure of experimenting, exploring, experiencing and later on expanding it, all over your life, and if you are looking for the higher truth, you have to go through the same process of experimenting, exploring, experiencing and later expanding the experience to know the higher truth of life.

Mind is good for the expansion. The imaginative part of the mind allows you to expand with life and later thought process and logical part of mind, can assist you, to place your expansion in order.

Your daily life is all about the experience, that you had from the past. If your awareness is low, you don’t look for the fresh experience, because fresh experience asks you to experiment and explore with life, but you simply repeat what you have already experienced from the past.

This separates you from the conscious process of evolution, whereby, consciously making choices and decisions with life, you grow and evolve with life. More the mind, heart and body grow and evolve, more it comes closer to the natural process of life.

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So, either you are experiencing life in the moment, or you are expanding life, that you have already experienced in the past. It’s hard to get away from the mind, as it’s a part of our system, but certainly, if we choose to know, whats going inside, of our mind, the same mind can assist us, in the process of life.

The life becomes the repetitive cycle when you don’t experiment or explore with your daily living and simply go on repeating the same old experiences of life. People wait for the life to bring the change to them.

Life is happening inside of you, and life knows it, only you don’t know. So, life is not going to do anything for you, unless you resolve yourself to bring life from within.

What is life?

Life is energy in different forms. If you don’t have the energy in the moment, you have to figure out the ways, that allows you to fill you up with all the necessary energy. It also depends upon you, what you do with the daily energy, that you receive from life.

Yes, life each day fills you up, with the life’s energy and it all depends on you, what you do with it. You can waste the energy, to repeat the same life cycle or you can utilize the energy to experiment or explore with life so that you have something fresh to expand with your life.

Your life is an expansion of your experiences from the past.

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How do you expand your experience?

Say, you have visited one place, in the past, that you have liked and enjoyed the most, or you have met a person, in your life, that made you laugh and became the medium, to bring love out of you, then your mind will, again and again, recollect the experiences from the past and asks you to get back to the same experience.

Now, when your mind asks you to get back to the same experience, you will visit the same place and you will like to meet the person, who made you feel good. More you meet, more your experience will expand and more you will be interested in those experiences.

But, how long you can stay interested in the same experience, and the time comes when the same experience becomes the repetitive process unless you know, how to look for the fresh experience or take your relationship to the next level.

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Many think that wealth comes out of calculation, but they are wrong. You create wealth out of experience, and out of experimenting with professional decisions, and exploring different opportunities with life.

Remember the same rule applies to everything. You experiment or explore. You get experience out of it. Remember it can go either way when you experiment, but learning is always possible at the moment. If the experiment is successful, you proceed further, if the experiment is not successful, you learn and try to be better next time.

Whats next? you expand your experience, with life. Your personal or professional life is nothing more than the experiences from the past. If you stop exploring or experimenting with life, you simply stop the process of growth.

If lots of thinking, feeling, emotions, dreams or desires are happening inside of you, then you cannot relax with life. Relaxation happens when you let your world go, and allow the life to happen on its own.

How to Relax

You can relax when you are done with your giving. Each one can decide for himself, what’s good for him. The wisdom of life can never happen, by sabotaging or resisting with life. It can only happen, when you are ready to give everything that you have, to the point, where nothing left inside of you, to give.

Don’t try to fool yourself, by just sitting and thinking, you are emptying your mind, it can never happen. Whatever goes inside of you, has to come outside, in one or the other form. With life, everything comes from within, but for that, you have to clean and clear the dust.

How can you accept the moment, when you already have lot many things, already going on, within. If I will tell you to sit for a moment, your thoughts, or feelings will make you stand and run away.

With life, everything comes from within, but for that, you have to clean and clear the dust from inside. How can you accept the life at the moment, when you already have lot many things going on inside. If I will tell you to sit for a moment, your thoughts, or feelings will make you stand and run away.

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Even the person that seems like, sitting in a silence, never sit in a silence, but something or the other always goes within him. Put him in a closed room, and ask him to observe his thought, and you will hear his cry, scream and shouting from the roof.

Don’t create unrealistic expectations around life. Give whatever you have and try all the ways possible, that you think, can work out, with your understanding. Don’t leave anything from your side. When you begin to utilize yourself completely with your body, mind, and heart, slowly you will experience the flowering of life, from within.

The life will respond, in the equal amount of your giving. Life doesn’t happen, with a bang, but everything has to go through its process before it reaches to its ultimate. Trust the process, and do whatever possible from your end. When you are done with life, the process of life begins through you.

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