Strive in the Present, for the Future, by Serving your Past.


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Life is a purpose. The purpose is to get back to the source. Its the same like, when NASA moves to the Moon, and once reach to the Moon, and gets its work done, the purpose remains to get back to Earth. In a similar way, after experiencing life in different ways, the purpose remains to get back to the source.

Everything you do with life, knowingly or unknowingly brings you closer to the source of life. All the life situation that you face, is there for a reason, and comes out, of your own efforts.

Its not that something is happening outside, but its only your perception that you perceive life in different forms, with your daily situations of life.

Before you realize the natural process of life, you have to realize how life unfolds within you. Its necessary to know, one’s own nature, before you conclude the nature of life, as a whole.

The present is all you have, and the purpose of future lies, in becoming one with the source. As you grow and evolve with life, your spirit gets closer to its source. With the mind, it may seem hard to digest, but you have the spirit and source both within you, and as life unfolds, your spirit too unfolds to come closer to its source.

Well, the entire life although cannot be conclude with the mind, and thus, its always preferable to look at life, from the perspective, that gives you a glimpse beyond mind.

The serving with the past, happens in the present moment. All the situation, events and experiences of life, in the present moment, that sometimes appears all of a sudden, is nothing but the consequences of your past.

All the actions or the cause of your life has nothing to do with good or bad, but it simply appears as an effect, and if in the moment, you are not prepared to handle the past, it seems like a good or bad karma.

“It’s easier to resist life’s situation, when something appears all of a sudden, but with life there are no surprises, but the consequences of the past.”

Slowly and gradually you build a necessary energy for everything that comes into your life. Albert Einstein laws of relativity also applies to the subtle world. Its not only the gravity pull of the physical object that exists in the universe, but there is also a subtle pull, where the energy attracts the similar energy in different forms.

Life is not happening to you, but you attract life, the way you live from inside. Whatever you create outside remains as it is, when you leave this earth, and thus what really matters with life, is how you allow the life to unfold within you, out of understanding.

The very base for the evaluation of a particular life is wrong, if you are simply counting the physical or material aspects of life. The life takes place in the subtle world and that too exists inside of you, and not very far away into the sky. All your god and demons, including the heaven and hell is of your inner thing, and the time you begin to understand this inner truth of life, you begin to unfold your spirit inside, to come closer to the source.

Life is happening every moment and is, very much alive. You have to see, are you alive each moment of your life, or simply dragging with life.

The source is the purpose of life, and to attain a purpose needs a path. All the life lessons or wisdom from spirituality or religious teachings comes out of the path, that takes you to the ultimate source.

“You may not know the source of life, but your intention is enough, and the path will appear for you, that will lead you to the source.”

Life cannot be denied at any level, as life begins and ends with the source. No matter what you face in your daily situations, you have to accept them whole-heartedly, as it only appears out of your past, and unless you put an end to it, with your understanding in the present moment, you simply create further subtle or physical actions, that again creates a circle, for it, to appear in the future.

Life is a circle, but with the process of growth and evolution the circle of life too expands.

The circle of life becomes bigger and bigger with time, as you move away from the source, and the time you initiate the journey inward, you again get back to the process, where the circle of life begins to get smaller, as you accept the daily situations and events from the past, and put an end to it, by serving them with the higher understanding.

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