Strive for Greatness


Just Imagine, these people, were just remained an ordinary man, like us, & wouldn’t have made an effort to strive for others.   

Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Muhammad Ali, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ, Prophet Muhammad, Nelson Mandela.

What if these people, have chosen to live the ordinary life, & wouldn’t have striven to mark their presence in the world. We would have certainly missed something on this earth.

We don’t know what we are capable of, unless we give our life for some bigger cause. We all feel the same way, that how this big world, can be changed by our little efforts.

Nobody knows, how a little efforts turns to be a revolution, on this earth. When we move to bring the extra ordinary change on this earth, we develop a power that works through us, to accomplish the unimaginable on this earth.

Just imagine, after enlightenment, Gautama Buddha, would have chosen to be like another monk, & would have kept silent. He already had what he needed. Then we would have missed something huge on this earth.

We don’t know how the things will turn out, unless we start acting on it. But looking at the life of the great souls, i certainly feel that, if i have something that can portray itself, so huge, & if i am not available to the existence, than i am doing disservice to the world.

Muhammad Ali could have never become such an athlete, if the fight was not for his people. He didn’t fight to win the match, but he fought for the purpose, bigger than himself.

Mother Teresa would have played just another nun, nobody would have bothered on this earth, but what she did, by being in service to others, and she raised the standard of the compassion & kindness, into the heart of people.

“Mother Teresa, organization’ all across the world, is the only foundation, who accept, everybody, who comes from the street, for the treatment. They nurse them, take care of them, & if the person holds a family, they tell them. It’s a wonderful organization, built by a wonderful woman.

If she would have thought, what difference, she can make into the life of others, by serving just one soul, at a time, but still she insisted to do so.

Mahatma Gandhi has stood for the freedom, of the nation. When we read his life, it was not necessary for him to take a stand, for the nation, & should have struggle so hard, & went through all the pain & suffering, for the freedom. But he chose to do so, as for him that was the right thing, his heart, told him to do so.

We all have the same heart that beat within us, who wants to do something big. We all have a part of divine, who wish to expand in the cosmic plane, & nobody can deny this fact.

But only few people choose to stand up for something, what they believe. I will tell you, to do, what you think & feel is right, & don’t wait to see the result, in few days of your life.

Strive hard, & commit yourself to something bigger, than yourself.

Nobody comes with a purpose on this earth, but while we choose to walk, for something more than our self, a bigger purpose, gets drawn into our life.

Take that first step, & the path will be designed for you. It happens with everyone, & even you will be given the path.

Don’t be scared to make it big, because you never know, you could be the next Tom Cruise or Will Smith, Albert Einstein, or Sachin Tendulkar, Roger Federer, or Picasso. You may be the next sensation. But if you don’t choose to play big, the world will surely miss, that drop in an ocean.

Please don’t underestimate any part of you, because no soul, on this earth is less special than other. It’s just that few, choose to play small, with their life, and we have many few on this earth.

Dare to walk into the abyss, & into the valleys of darkness, a new path, will be drawn for you, that will lead you to the greatness.

We all humans are born with our own fears & insecurity. But everything has to be lived in the moment, & the one who is willing to pay the price for it, is always blessed with the opportunities, in life, to take him to the next level.

The only reason, we keep our life small, is because we have pre-conceived notion about our self, & our capabilities. We always find the leader, in somebody else, & never figure out the same possibility within us.

“It’s lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting challenges, and I believed in myself.” ― Muhammad Ali

We all talk about God, & pray to him, & tell our self, all the time, that he is everything. But deep down inside, we don’t trust him, & we try to do all the things that are possible, to save our self & to create security for our self on this earth.

The one, who trust himself, & his lord, will not live for security, but he will go for his passion, & for his heart, & he will strive to increase his faith towards God.

“Therefore, don’t worry for tomorrow, as tomorrow, will take care of itself.” Mathew

“If you put your whole trust in Allah, as you ought, He most certainly will satisfy your needs, as He satisfies those of the birds. They come out hungry in the morning, but return full to their nests.” (Tirmidhi)

We all born with a purpose, & the purpose will be revealed to us, if we create a capacity to receive it. If we choose to take the ownership of our life, & stand for our self, than no power can stop us to become, what we are destined to be, on this earth.

“Don’t follow the outside wind, it includes many lies. Follow the inside wind of your heart. It will be your true guide.”

Start creating a space for yourself. Take that first step into the abyss. Go for the unknown. Leave security, as life is only about experience. Develop more faith in your abilities, & on your God. Trust the existence. Follow your heart.

Serve others, live your heart. Make your small acts count. Be True to yourself. Live to satisfy your heart, & you will satisfy the world around you.

Be more honest with your expression. If you are fake from inside, & try to be good outside, you do no good to anybody. Bring the honest expression, & then move out to express yourself.

I was looking through my father’s notes to himself and came across something I thought I would share with you: “reject external form that failed to express internal reality.” He always spoke & wrote of honest self-expression & Self-Actualization (being oneself) NOT self-image actualization (being what we think others will like). My father worked so hard to achieve honest self-expression, no matter the opinion of others. It is not easy to do, but it is something we can strive for! – Shannon (Bruce Lee’s Daughter).

 The highest wisdom of life.

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