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soul consciousness

The soul is the realization of oneself, beyond body, heart, and mind, and consciousness is the presence at this very moment. Stay in soul consciousness all the time. Many are familiar with the words, soul, and consciousness, but the soul and consciousness are not mere words, but an experience.

You have to experience it, within and then stay with it, all the time. The mind raises many queries, that how I will survive, or how the daily life, will take place if I stay in soul consciousness.

I must say, these, when you can really look into your daily life, you will realize that, you accomplish very little, but when the mind constantly thinks all the time, you feel that you have worked really hard.

People work hard into their mind, but in reality, they don’t see any result out of it. You go on repeating the circle, without moving forward, and still, get tired at the end of the day. This doesn’t mean, after a day’s hard work, you will achieve a great feat. No, you don’t receive anything unless you move beyond your present state of mind.

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Life grows and evolves with the state of mind. Your understanding towards the outside world shows your growth and evolution of the inner world.

Soul consciousness is an experience, and to stay with the experience all the time, the primary condition, is you have to experience it, for yourself.

More than that, before you look for some existential experience, the mind, heart and body, should know, that there is some more worthwhile, than what you think, feel and act, exists in you, and then only you can make an effort, to look for something bigger than yourself, inside.

The experience of soul consciousness happens, when you are ready to drop yourself.

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Who are you?

You are the spirit, made up of different thoughts, feelings, sensation, experience, and impressions, and when you initiate the process, of dropping everything behind in the present moment, both of the past and the experience of the present moment, you come closer in connection with your spirit.

Before you experience the soul consciousness, you have to realize the spirit. You have to get familiar with everything, that goes inside your body. Life inside, is not only made up of, what you eat, but it takes a whole lot of subtle stuff, that creates your both the inside as well as outside life.

Before you reach to an end, the process needs to be initiated and to initiate the process, you have to direct the attention of the mind inside, rather outside.

How is the experience of soul consciousness different from the usual experience of the mind?

With soul consciousness, you experience life at this moment. You are simply reading these words, at this moment, and not creating anything out of it. you are simply experiencing life, at this moment, by going through this words. This is an experience of soul consciousness.

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Whatever is going into your mind, you are not bothered about it, because the picture that your mind shows you, is either of the past or the future, which has no relevance, to this moment of your life.

Why you have to be bothered by anything, which has no relevance to this moment.

If you are really reading these words, without getting bothered by your mind, and remember, the mind will follow its activity, and you cannot stop your mind, but with soul consciousness, you are detached from the mind and can see the thought process of the mind.

The nature of the mind holds the power to take you into the past or into the future, or it may also create a story out of, what you are reading right now.

It may also tell you, how you have to live, from this moment in the future, but you should not listen, to any of those stories and simply experience life, in this moment.

A thought comes to you and that’s fine, and you go on doing your work and stay present to your thoughts and work at hand.

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When the different feeling comes, you simply remain witness to your feelings, and slow down the process with the work in hand, but doesn’t lose your attention with the work in hand, and get entangled with the thoughts and feelings.

Otherwise, again you will get lost and until some situation, person, event, or some experience into your life, again reminds you to remain aware about your true nature, you will remain lost, in the illusory world of your mind.

With the mind, once the situation, events or experience takes place, you remain lost in it, even after the experience, and go on thinking about it, and even while doing work on hand, you go on dreaming and desiring different things into your mind, and even your future depends, upon the constant thoughts, and feelings, that you create out of the momentary experience.

The experience may be good or not so good in the moment, but your constant thoughts and feelings about the experience, decides your future experience out of it, and then you stretched something, out of the illusion of your own mind.

It’s not necessary that something that takes place in this moment, exactly the same way, it will repeat in the next experience.

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If the experience is good, in the moment, doesn’t guarantee the similar experience next time, and if the experience is bad once, doesn’t necessarily be bad, the next time.

At the same time, if you are unaware of the story of your mind, then it may happen that, you may get lost in it, and your future may be decided, out of the single most experiences of life.

When you live with the story of your mind and choose and decides your experience out of it, you simply create an illusory world within your mind, and the illusory world is always different from the reality of life, and thus, you can never come close to the experience of reality.

Soul consciousness allows you to experience the moment, and you decide and choose your life, in this moment, no matter what happened in the past. The most beautiful thing about this moment is that you don’t have to be bothered about the future.

When you are detached from the illusion, of your mind, you are not worried, what’s coming in the future, but your concern remains to experience the life of the moment.

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With the soul consciousness, you stay away from the chaos of the mind, and feelings and emotions of the heart. The process of soul consciousness, seems slow, but you don’t overlap things, but always remain creative and innovative to every moment of your life.

When you repeat the circle of life, you simply repeat yourself. Only when you are open to life and remain more aware of the moment, you bring freshness to life.

The soul consciousness allows you to look deep into the situation and events of your life. You look into the past, present, and future of everything, and take a decision in the moment, accordingly.

When you allow the mind to wander, it creates the ring of circle, into the mind, which leads to chaos. With the soul consciousness, you remain aware of the mind. Your attention remains on the mind. You don’t get lost, into the illusory world of your mind, but when the mind takes you to the illusory world, you go with him but stay awake.

When you are aware at the moment, the mind begins to slowly leads you to the source.

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The continuous thought process creates the circle of the ring into your mind. This circle is hard to break. You have to untie the circle, and the only way to untie the circle is to remain aware. When you are aware, the mind doesn’t create more rings, but the reverse process begins with the awareness.

To stay awake means to remain aware all the time, about the movements of the mind. The further process of the heart, sensation, and body takes place, once enough energy is gathered by the thought process of the mind. If you can remain aware of the mind, all the time, you don’t allow unnecessary things penetrate onto you, and you also drop the things, that doesn’t serve the purpose, with your life.

Everything has its importance at a right time. There is a time to learn and there is a time to earn and there is also a time to relax and have fun. The natural process of life can be understood, when you have enough control over your mind, heart, and body.

If your life, comes out of the illusory world of the mind, then you can never remain control of yourself, but your mind, heart, and body decide the fate of your life. You always remain helpless to life.

You can only gain control over life, with the power of awareness. With the power of awareness, you untie many knots, which is not possible, to untie through thoughts, feelings, and actions.

To think, feel and act, is an outside process, while to stay aware and observe the movement of thinking, feeling and action is a process to move inward.

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