Stay present at the Moment & see the Life Unfold (Short Note)


Life unfolds at the present moment. Our situations and events of life make us run. It feels like life is running out of our hands. When you consciously stay present at the moment, you see the unfoldment of life.

Life unfolds on its own. You stay present at the moment and see different movements of life.

The mind likes to dwell in the past as well as the future, and also knows how to take a round of imagination. When you are absolutely engaged in life, you associate yourself with everything of the mind. You cannot experience yourself separate from the mind.

When you stay present at the moment, you notice the movements of your mind. You observe the unfoldment of life both inside as well as outside. You don’t force life rather you allow the life to happen.

When you flow with the natural flow of life, you remain one with the process of life. You go through the process of trial and error or success and failure when you remain limited to your mind. When you follow the ways of life, you rise above the process of success and failure and connect with the life at the moment.

The magic of life can be experienced at the moment. At the moment you can observe the finest and minute details of life. At the moment, life speaks to you. When you stay present at the moment, you can listen to life.

Life talks to you and shows you the signs to move forward if you remain attentive to life. The ways of the life are always straight.

When you stay present at the moment, you can figure out the right time for everything.

Life appears complex from the surface, but when you connect with the self at a deeper level, you experience the simplicity of life. Life is simple.

When we are in pain or suffering or experiencing the problem at the moment, we want to get out of it, as quickly as possible. But the process of life is such that it unfolds at its own pace. The time will always move at its own pace.

The time we learn to become one with the life of the moment, the doors of heaven open for us. Heaven exists at the moment. The only condition to experience the heaven is to go through the hell. You cannot experience the bliss without going through pain and suffering in your life. The path of suffering has to be covered.

You have to feel your pain to completely to rise above it. If you understand these fundamental rules of life, you will never be bothered by any situations of your life.

Staying present at the moment connects you with the wisdom of life. Life is not only about chasing things, but when you hold yourself at the moment, you see the same life from a different perspective. You come across the truth of life, which has nothing to do with the things of your mind.

Connect with the life of the moment and it will connect you with the natural ways of life. Then you won’t need the effort to get through life, rather you will connect with the effortless path that will take you to the other shore.

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