Stay in the Soul-Consciousness, While Experiencing Physical Reality



Consciousness is the space of the mind, where no thoughts, imagination, experience or impressions remain. Consciousness is the base of the mind, while all the experiences, impressions, perception takes place on the surface of the mind.

The soul is an ultimate experience, where the mind along with the spirit tends to lose itself to become one with the soul. The soul is a term used for that space of the brain, where even mind couldn’t exist. At the highest spiritual experience, the experience of the soul takes place.

The experience of the physical reality happens in the mind. It’s the mind that experience the external reality. In soul-consciousness, the attention of the mind remains with the soul, while following the daily routines of life. In this way, the mind remains still in the soul-consciousness, without getting disturbed by different situations and events of life.

The life of the physical world exists in the mind. The soul is separate from the mind, and body. The understanding of physical structure is not clear to many. The process of life flows inside out. You have the life energy (spirit) that comes from the soul along with the mind into the body. The physical body has one main nerves system that comes in contact with the life energy. The life energy works with the main nerves of the physical body to carry out all the internal and external functions of life.

The internal functions include taking care of the physical body and everything that goes inside the body, while the external functions include, creating sense perception, drawing impressions, and experiences and getting actively involved with the physical body in the external world.

Each day you wake up and follow the process of life. You are aware, which process will lead to what result. Your action remains result-oriented. You never try to bother about the actual process of life, but you live with, what you understand with the mind.

The truth is, the mind never really understand the truth of life, but only live with the borrowed experiences and impressions from the external world.

The mind follows the life of the external world, while the natural process of life takes place, beyond the surface reality of the mind.

When your attention is outside, you cannot know your true identity, and thus at different times or in different situations, your identity gets change. Your idea about yourself depend on the situation, people, events, experience or impressions of life.

Unless you realize the soul or experience the base of the mind, i.e. pure consciousness, the true identity will always remain hidden from you.

The process of life or different situations, people, impressions or experience of life is to bring you closer to the realization of the soul. It doesn’t matter either you experience the joy or sorrow,  both the experience brings you closer to the soul.

It all happens in the Mind.

Before you experience the soul-consciousness you have to understand that, there are something more lies beneath the mind. Unless you look for life beyond the mind, you cannot experience soul-consciousness.

The soul is one, god is one and you are one. Before you experience the soul, you have to put your mind to one. You have to train your mind to focus on one. Your mind always carries the entire world inside you. When you take your attention inward, you experience the external world in you, in the form of sensation, thoughts, feelings, emotions, experiences, and impressions.

The mind is scattered in a different direction. Before you travel to the higher world, you have to gather your attention from a different direction and bring it back to yourself. It requires a good amount of practice to train your mind and put it in one place.

Before you reach to the experience of the soul, you have to pass on through the experience of body, heart, and mind. The journey to the soul-consciousness is from inward.

Understanding of the inner world, is the only way to understand the process of life.

The physical world is a material world, where different people’s, thoughts, imaginations, feelings, and emotions take a physical form. The subtle world is the place, where thoughts, imaginations, feelings and emotions and energy is created to manifest into a physical reality.

Two people may have the same dreams for life, but their path will always be different, as the thought process, images of the mind, feelings and emotions forms differently in everyone.

Physical reality is nothing more than an effect, while the actual cause of life is happening inside. Thus when you try to understand life on the basis of the physical reality, you always misunderstood life, as you only see the effect, but never try to see the cause behind it. The life as a whole can only be understood, by understanding both the internal and external reality. The internal world is the cause and the external world is the effect of it.

It’s a total waste to understand others unless you understand yourself completely and the best way to understand oneself is to take each step in the external world, following your inner world closely. Live life inside out. Make your inner world the priority. Follow your inner world.

When you act, before the action visualize yourself the way you are about to act. This connects you directly with the images of the mind. When you visualize something, you also know the consequences of it, so you don’t do something, that you don’t want to be a part of your life. You visualize and act on the things, that you choose to make it a part of life, in a longer or a shorter term. Slowly you understand your feelings and emotions about different people and situations.

When the sages asked you to slow down with your actions, it’s just because when you act slowly, your energy remains high; you feel good inside while you act, and your mind creates a good quality of thoughts about the situations and people.

The nature of the mind is such that it expands horizontally, while the process of evolution happens vertically at the back of the spine. You don’t grow with the expansion of the mind, but you grow vertically, with the life energy. As your life energy moves upward, you come closer to the process of life.

You grow vertically and not horizontally. All the experiences and impressions of the outside situation and with people is there to serve your vertical growth.

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